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Tineco PURE ONE S12 Smart Stick Vacuum Review

Tineco brings intuitive technology to the modern stick vac via the Pure One S12. With its two-battery design, the Pure One S12 stick vacuum is ideal for spacious homes. A bevy of attachments allows you to easily clean dirt, dust and debris up high, in corners and within crevices – Tool storage is available on the wall dock.

Tineco PURE ONE S12 Smart Stick Vacuum Review

An automatic mode for the triple-suction motor allows for a thorough clean, and headlights on the all-floor nozzle illuminate dark spaces. The brilliant LED display shows important operating information, including the battery runtime and current dust level. Pet owners and allergy sufferers will appreciate the three-part HEPA filter configuration and its self-cleaning pre-filter, and those on the go will benefit from Tineco’s smartphone app.

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LED Info Screen

You can’t help but notice the huge screen before any other feature. The large, round display on top of the stick vac’s body uses LED lighting and oversized numbers for squint-free visibility. You can view a numerical battery-level countdown and the cleanliness of the floor. The screen also displays suction and Wi-Fi indicators as well as brushroll and blockage alerts.

Tineco PURE ONE S12 Smart Stick Vacuum Cleaner

Dust-Sensing Suction

Intelligent suction sets the Pure One S12 apart from many other stick vacuums. This stick vac contains an iLoop sensor that detects the dust you can (and can’t) see and adjusts the suction accordingly. Depending on the level of dust it senses, the vacuum will change the suction speed to one of two speeds. On its strongest setting, the S12 generates a whopping 150 air watts’ worth of suction.

Tineco PURE ONE S12 Stick Vacuum

Suction Your Way

There are four ways to control the suction. If you want automatic variable suction, engage Auto mode by pressing a button. In Manual mode, you can use the touch slider to lower or raise the suction yourself. A trigger on the handle provides on-demand suction, and you can lock the trigger to make the suction continuous, saving your hands from fatigue.

Smartphone App

The Pure One S12 is compatible with the Tineco app on Androids and iPhones. Its clean interface shows how many dust particles the vacuum has suctioned per minute as well as the total number of dust particles collected. You can also check the filter life and get maintenance reminders.

Dual-Surface Floor Nozzle

You can safely vacuum carpets and bare floors with the dual-surface floor nozzle. The 6.6-pound stick vacuum’s floor head is equipped with a double-helix brushroll and running LED lights. The nozzle’s brushless DC motor reduces damaging friction, which means it’ll last year after year. A pair of wheels lends stability to the floor head, and a huge viewing window lets you see obstructions. Removing the brushroll is a quick, screwdriver-not-required process, making maintenance a breeze.

Tineco PURE ONE S12

Comprehensive Accessory Set

The mini power brush is ideal for removing hair from mattresses and upholstery. The flexible combo tool offers easy behind-furniture each. You also get a dual-purpose crevice-brush, a singular crevice tool and an angled soft brush. A click-and-lock mechanism prevents the accessories from sliding off while you vacuum, and you can use the 3.5-pound handheld with or without the pole to vacuum cobwebs and ceiling fans.

Two Batteries Included

With the inclusion of two batteries, Tineco ensures you won’t get shortchanged on runtime. The 2,500 mAh lithium-ion batteries provide up to 50 minutes of working time per battery for a total of 100 minutes. You can charge them in 3 to 4 hours separately or simultaneously on the wall-mounted charging dock/tool caddy.

Tineco PURE ONE S12 Review

Three Filtration Levels

Inside the 0.6-liter dust cup, there is a HEPA filtration canister. To access the filter, push down on the translucent cup’s lever and pull the unit from the bottom of the cup. Wipe down the mesh filter and rinse the HEPA media to maintain their efficiency. For pre-filter care, attach the self-cleaning accessory to the S12’s body, insert the pre-filter, turn on the vacuum and run the suction. In 1 minute, the pre-filter will have cleaned itself.

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Unique and Intelligent

A dust-sensor, a suction slider, two batteries, tons of accessories, handheld vacuuming, dual-battery charging, smartphone control. There are so many exciting features on the Pure One S12 that it’s hard to decide which one impresses us the most. If we had to pick, our favorite is the knock-your-socks-off LED info screen with the self-cleaning pre-filter too coming in at a close second.

Of course, we recognize that no vacuum cleaner is perfect. Two issues that could be improved upon are the tool caddy that only has room for three accessories and the difficulty you may encounter removing packed-in dirt between the cup and the filter. Otherwise, Tineco has thought of almost every feature you could want. When smart technology and stick vacuums collide, it’s a beautiful thing.

Tineco S12 Stick Vacuum

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