Dust pans. Whether they have a rubber flap or a tapered end, dust pans are a royal pain. No matter how carefully and thoroughly you sweep, they always leave a thin, horizontal line of dirt and dust behind. To clean that up, you have to break out a wet sponge or a damp paper towel.

Best Stationary Vacuums Guide

Thankfully, the vacuum cleaner industry has come up with a more efficient way to get rid of the dirt and debris swept up by a broom. Stationary vacuums, also known as electric dust pans, are the perfect way to circumvent this problem and help streamline every busy and meticulous homeowner, store manager and office worker’s day.

Recommended Stationary Vacuums

EyeVac EyeVac EYE-VAC
15.4 x 9.6 x 20.1 in 13 x 7.5 x 20.5 in 9 x 13.5 x 21 in
11.2 pounds 15.21 pounds 15.6 pounds

Recommended Stationary Vacuums

5. EyeVac Pet Touchless Canister Vacuum Review

The EyeVac Pet Touchless stationary vacuum is perfect for high-traffic areas, asthma sufferers and pet owners. Its 1,400-watt motor produces powerful cyclonic suction, and its dual HEPA filtration system keeps allergens from recirculating through the air.

EyeVac Pet Touchless Canister Vacuum

You’ll appreciate how easy it is to use this white, free-standing stationary vacuum. Simply sweep dirt and debris toward the vacuum, and the EyeVac Pet takes care of the rest. At the vacuum’s base, there are infrared sensors that automatically turn on the EyeVac Pet’s suction, moving debris through the inlet. Alternatively, you can turn on the suction yourself by putting the control knob on the appropriate setting.

Its bagless canister can hold 6.5 quarts of debris, reducing the number of trips to the garbage can. To let you know when the canister is full, the vacuum’s status indicator will illuminate red. Emptying the canister is easy by simply tilting it outward, which also gives you access to the filter.

4. Sweepovac Built in Kitchen Vacuum Review

If you’re short on space in your kitchen, the Sweepovac stationary vacuum is a great choice. This is a built-in vacuum that’s made to fit within the kick plate of a cabinet. Sweepovac includes a cutout template to make the installation process easy and hassle-free.

Sweepovac Built in Kitchen Vacuum

With its silver-toned metal finish, this stationary vacuum is a sleek, modern addition to any contemporary kitchen. Since the vacuum only measures 1.24 feet wide, 0.38 feet tall and 1.52 deep, it can be inserted into all types of cabinets, even slim-profile ones.

To operate this handy helper, simply tap the switch with your foot. After 10 seconds, the suction automatically shuts off to save energy. When the bag becomes full, all you have to do is pull out the drawer to change it.

3. EYE-VAC EVPRO-PW Touchless Stationary Vacuum Review

The days of using a dustpan are over with this lightweight, compact stationary vacuum cleaner. It weighs a mere 14 pounds, allowing you to easily move it to any room at any time. Since it measures 13 inches by 21 inches by 8 inches, this Eye-Vac model doesn’t take up a lot of floor space.

EYE-VAC EVPRO-PW Touchless Stationary Vacuum

With its white body, this stationary vacuum is never an eyesore, blending into any type of decor. The vacuum also delivers amazingly strong suction thanks to its 1,400-watt motor, which ensures that dust and dirt aren’t left behind.

Using the Eye-Vac EVPRO-PW is a breeze. There is a dial on the side of the vacuum that lets you select manual suction or automatic suction. Plus, the bagless canister is designed to contain a lot of debris, holding 5.9 liters of dirt before you have to dump its contents.

2. Eye-Vac EVPRO Professional Touchless Stationary Vacuum Review

Its handsome black finish and powerful 1,400-watt motor make the Eye-Vac EVPRO an excellent fit for homes, small offices, and salons. Thanks to its dirt-separating cyclonic suction, you’ll never see a decline in performance due to clogs or motor damage.

Eye-Vac EVPRO Professional Touchless Stationary Vacuum

You can use this stationary vacuum in manual or automatic mode. To use it in manual mode, first turn the dial to the correct setting and press the activation switch with your foot. To use it in automatic mode, turn the dial to the appropriate position, and the vacuum’s three sensors kick the suction into gear when they detect dirt and debris. It’s just that easy to operate.

Eye-Vac EVPRO Demo Video

There are no cumbersome bags to change. Instead, all the large debris are kept in the stationary vacuum’s bagless, 4.8-liter container. When the indicator light glows, you’ll know it’s time to empty the container. To address fine particles, the vacuum contains a pre-motor filter and a HEPA exhaust filter.

1. EyeVac Home Touchless Stationary Vacuum Review

Available in white or black, the EyeVac Home is perfect for small and average-size homes yet powerful enough to remove any mess swept its way. Inside of this 9-pound, dome-shaped stationary vacuum, there is a 1,000-watt motor that generates efficient cyclonic suction.

EyeVac Home Touchless Stationary Vacuum

From the control panel on the back of the vacuum, you can choose manual or automatic activation mode. The panel also displays three indicator lights for manual mode, automatic mode, and a full canister. If you decide to run the EyeVac Home in automatic activation mode, its pair of infrared sensors will turn on the vacuum’s suction when it detects debris nearby.

The 3.8-liter bagless canister holds plenty of dirt, and it’s easy to empty it by simply pulling the front cover toward you. In addition to its sizable canister, this stationary vacuum cleaner contains a dual HEPA filtration system to keep as many allergens as possible out of the air.

Stationary Vacuum Buyer’s Guide

Stationary vacuums are the way to go if you’re tired of seeing those pesky dirt lines after you sweep. Like any other appliance, you have to do your homework before you open up your wallet. This buyer’s guide will help you decide what features you need in a stationary vacuum, so you can get the one that’s best suited for the demands of your home or business.


There are two basic styles of stationary vacuums – free-standing and built-in. Free-standing stationary vacuums remain upright on their own, and you can move them from one room to another. Built-in stationary vacuums are designed to be inserted your home’s cabinetry, and they cannot be relocated as easily.

With a free-standing stationary vacuum, you get the benefit of portability. On the other hand, a built-in stationary vacuum doesn’t command any floor space. Consider how much room you have to work within your kitchen or office when deciding between a free-standing and a built-in model.

Best Stationary Vacuums


Since stationary vacuum aren’t meant to clean carpets or handle other heavy-duty floor-cleaning tasks, their motors aren’t as powerful as those found in upright vacuums. However, you can’t skimp on the motor, especially when it comes to suctioning hair, large debris, and heavy particles.

Therefore, you should go with a stationary vacuum that has the strongest motor your money can buy, assuming it has most of the other features you want. Ideally, you should stick with a stationary vacuum that contains at least a 1,000-watt motor in order to get solid performance.


Whether you consider it to be more of a vacuum or more of a dustpan, a stationary vacuum uses suction to remove debris from the floor. This means you want reliable, powerful suction, which is largely determined by the vacuum’s motor.

However, the type of suction it generates also makes a difference. The gold-standard of suction is the cyclonic type because it prevents fine debris from damaging the motor and clogging the filters.

In terms of convenience, many models offer an automatic suction mode that’s operated by infrared sensors. Plus, most models automatically shut off the suction after a certain number of seconds.

Stationary Vacuums


The controls may differ, but all stationary vacuums are a cinch to operate. Some have dials while other have push buttons. There are also models that have a switch you tap with a foot. If you want extra convenience, look for a stationary vacuum that automatically turns on the suction.

Indicator lights are another plus as they help you keep track of what the vacuum is doing and what it needs. If the stationary vacuum offers multiple suction modes, an indicator light will help you confirm your setting selection. If it has an indicator light for the canister, you’ll instantly know the bin is full.


Again, you have several choices here. You can get a stationary vacuum with a bag or one with a canister. Either way, it’s best to get a vacuum with a large capacity – 3 liters at a minimum. You also want a dirt container that’s easy to access.

Of course, filters are important too. A stationary vacuum will at least have one filter whether it’s a standard filter or a HEPA filter. The vacuum may also have a pre-filter. To ensure that dust stays contained within the vacuum’s filtration filter, get a stationary vacuum with a HEPA filter or more than one filter.

Stationary Vacuum FAQs

As the name somewhat suggests, stationary vacuums produce suction like a vacuum cleaner yet remain stationary like a dust pan. With a stationary vacuum, you can sweep your floors as usual. When it’s time to finish up, you simply push the dirt and debris toward the vacuum.

Once the dirt is close enough to the vacuum’s inlet, all you have to do is turn on the vacuum. Then, the debris is swept away through the inlet and into the vacuum’s containment system. Many models are also equipped with infrared sensors, allowing them to automatically kick on the suction whenever the sensors detect nearby piles of dirt.

In comparison to using a standard dust pan, a stationary vacuum is like a dream. When you use a dust pan, you have to crouch or bend over. This is not the case with a stationary vacuum. You can sweep and collect dirt while standing upright, which keeps you from having aches and pains at the end of the day.

Dust pans are also difficult to keep up with as opposed to stationary vacuums. Unless the pan is made to snap onto a broomstick, it’s not unusual for people to misplace it. However, stationary vacuums are meant to stay in one place. Plus, there are no pesky lines of dirt that you have to address with a handheld vacuum or a wet cloth.

Whether it’s used in a home, office or store setting, a stationary vacuum benefits all kinds of people. The elderly and those who have mobility problems will appreciate how this appliance prevents back strain. Young children who are at that age where they like to help will love how easy it is to use.

Busy people can save time by using a stationary vacuum instead of a dust pan, and those who own pets will notice how a stationary vac keeps shed fur at a minimum. Stationary vacuums are well-adept at thoroughly cleaning a floor, which speaks to those who are neat freaks. Plus, these vacuums make a great gift for people who like owning the latest gadgets.

The answer to this question depends on the specific stationary vacuum model you buy. Like upright vacuum cleaners, some stationary vacuums have a bag while others have a container. The dirt-collection configuration you choose is simply a matter of personal preference.

A bagged stationary vacuum does not release as much dust as a bagless one. Although they’re cheap, you must purchase bags on a regular basis. On the other hand, a bagless stationary vacuum eliminates this necessary expense.

Just like their dirt-collection systems, stationary vacuums are similar to upright vacuums in terms of filtration. Some models have a standard filter, which is okay for homes without allergy sufferers or pets. Other models contain a HEPA filter that traps a lot more fine particles than a standard filter.

In deluxe models, you may see a pre-filter, an exhaust filter or both. A pre-filter captures the large particles that can clog the main filter while the exhaust filter catches the stray particles that get through the main filter.

There are even stationary vacuums that generate cyclonic suction. With cyclonic suction, fine particles are separated from large ones. The fine particles are trapped by the filter or filters, and the large particles fall into the vacuum’s dirt container.

The place where you put your stationary vacuum is determined by the style of the vacuum. Free-standing stationary vacuums are made to place on the floor of any room, and they look similar to a paper shredder or trash can. Built-in stationary vacuums are designed to be inserted into the kick plate of cabinet and require you to make a cutout in the kick plate in order to install them.

Recommended Stationary Vacuums

EyeVac EyeVac EYE-VAC
15.4 x 9.6 x 20.1 in 13 x 7.5 x 20.5 in 9 x 13.5 x 21 in
11.2 pounds 15.21 pounds 15.6 pounds

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