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JASHEN D18 Cordless Stick Vacuum Review

We all appreciate the importance of a clean home and getting the right vacuum cleaner for the job is on the top of our lists. The JASHEN D18 provides the power of a corded vacuum while also offering the convenience and maneuverability of a cordless stick vacuum.

JASHEN D18 Cordless Stick Vacuum Review

Cordless vacuum technology is on the rise as consumers are looking for the ideal stick vacuum that helps them clean with ease and multiple industry leaders are competing to deliver.

Below we’ll run through a comparative list of what to keep an eye out for when buying a cordless vacuum cleaner and what the JASHEN D18 can offer to you.

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JASHEN D18 vs V16 vs V18

Detachable lithium ion battery2000mAh Battery2500mAh Battery2500mAh Battery
RuntimeUp to 30 minutesUp to 40 minutesUp to 40 minutes
Dust sensorNoYesYes
Filter cleaning alertNoYesYes
Charger and StorageCharger and wall mountCharger and wall mountCharger and wall mount
Dustbin capacity0.5L0.5L0.5L
Soft rollerYesYesYes
Mini power brushNoYesYes
Crevice tool, 2-in-1 Dusting brushYesYesYes
PriceCheck priceCheck priceCheck price

What To Look For In A Cordless Vacuum Cleaner

A cordless vacuum is perfect for those looking for the balance between a heavy clean and a practical vacuum suitable for every job. If you’re looking for a vacuum that can complete every household task then here’s a list of things to look out for;

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One of the first aspects you want to inspect is the power offered by the cleaner, can it produce enough suction to give your home a spotless clean.

JASHEN D18 Cordless Stick Vacuum

The JASHEN D18 comes with 3 power modes, 4000pa for light housework and a quick clean or 7000pa for those stubborn stops and heavy dust. You can switch between the 3 power modes at the flick of a switch to save electricity.

The unit has a shortened air duct which helps prevent loss of suction power


Anyone not wanting their vacuum to die halfway through a clean, it’s important to make sure that your purchase has a high-quality battery allowing for both longer run-time and a faster recharge.

With the average run-time of a cordless vacuum lasting anywhere from 12-30 minutes, the JASHEN, with it’s 2000 mAh lithium-ion battery, lasts for an impressive 30 minutes which lets it compete with some of the most high-end vacuums.

  • 1. Tube
  • 2. Main Body
  • 3. LED Soft-roller power brush
  • 4. Hard Floor Brushroll
  • 5. Carpet Brushroll
  • 6. 2 in 1 Dusting Brush
  • 7. Crevice Nozzle
  • 8. Wall-mounted dock
  • 9. Adaptor
  • 10. Manual
  • 11. Screws

Equipped with a 2000 mAh lithium-ion battery


If you’re looking for a vacuum that’ll only be used for the floor and heavy dust/dirt cleaning then you may want to consider a corded stick vacuum for increased power and not having to worry about battery life.

For those who are in search of a vacuum that can be used for every cleaning job such as; cleaning the drapes, getting those hard to reach spots in the sofas or even the car, then a cordless vacuum can deliver!

To carry out these jobs you’ll want a lightweight vacuum as you’ll be handling it a lot during your clean, and weighing in at only 10.3 lbs the JASHEN D18 is towards the lighter end of available vacuums.

It’s especially light when you consider that you can disconnect the dust tank to create a handheld vacuum for those tights gaps i.e. reaching under your car seats.

JASHEN D18 Stick Vacuum

JASHEN D18 has 3 cleaning speeds, and the cleaning time is between 12 mins to 30 mins

The JASHEN D18 also has a motorized brush head with both hair and rubber strips making it ideal for smooth surfaces such as wooden floors and kitchen tiles as well as carpet.

The vacuum is quite light due to it only having a 500 ml dust tank, however, considering the battery life of most cordless vacuums, this is more than enough space for a good 30 minute clean.

Like most cordless vacuums, the JASHEN D18 is also bagless resulting in an easy cleaner as users can empty the dust tank into the trash and then wash the components in the sink.

The LED indicator shows how much battery power is left while in use, and shows the progression of charging when on the charger

Is The JASHEN D18 Right For You?

The JASHEN D18 Cordless Stick Vacuum is great for those who are looking for a versatile vacuum that can get a range of jobs done at the flick of a switch.

JASHEN D18 Stick Vacuum Review

Whilst it does have one of the better battery-lives when compared to competitors it still does only last for 30 minutes, so those looking to do a thorough clean all at once or those that have quite a large area to clean might want to consider a corded vacuum.

As far as performance goes, the JASHEN D18 can handle everyday tasks with ease on a single charge and the lightness of it is a real bonus for cleaning ceiling corner, the tops of drapes and even fans.

JASHEN D18 Cordless Vacuum Cleaner, Smart...
  • 23 Kpa Powerful Suction: JASHEN cordless vacuum cleaner with 23 Kpa hurricane suction...
  • 2000mAh Removable Battery: 6-cell top 2000mAh Li-ion batteries provide a loss-free...

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