Powerful and multi-purpose. The Dibea D18Pro and Nequare cordless stick vacuums feature strong dual-speed suction and handheld convertibility. Each one comes with two interchangeable brushrolls, an array of detailing tools and a press-and-release trigger. Plus, their respective floor heads swivel for smooth maneuverability, and they can run for about a half-hour per charge.

Dibea D18Pro vs. NEQUARE Cordless Stick Vacuum Comparison


Suction, Brushroll, and Battery

Dibea D18Pro Cordless Stick Vacuum
Equipped with a brushless motor fan that rotates at a rate of 80,000, the D18Pro reaches a sound output of 75 decibels. The 250-watt stick vac produces 17,000 pascals of suction on its highest of two speeds. The vacuum also comes with a microfiber brushroll for hard floors and a double-helix version for carpets.

Depending on the suction setting you’ve chosen, the D18Pro can run from 20 to 30 minutes. It only takes 4 to 5 hours to recharge the stick vac’s 2,200-milliampere lithium-ion battery via the wall adapter. You can even charge the D18Pro while it hangs on the included wall hook.

NEQUARE vs. Dibea D18Pro Cordless Stick Vacuum Comparison


Nequare Cordless Stick Vacuum
With a durable permanent-magnet motor in place, the 200-watt Nequare cordless vacuum pumps out 18,000 pascals’ worth of suction on high speed. Although it spins at 100,000 rpm, the dual-speed stick vacuum only makes 62 decibels of sound. You can interchange the bristled brushroll for the carbon-filament roller brush to go from carpets to hard floors.

On high suction, you get 18 minutes of runtime, but low suction gives you 35 minutes of working time. The 2,200 mAh lithium-ion battery recharges in 3.5 to 4 hours. Instead of plugging in an adapter directly to the Nequare stick vac, the wall-based storage dock also acts as a charger.

Conclusion: Both stick vacuums offer two suction speeds and two types of brushrolls, allowing you to clean any surface imaginable. The Dibea D18Pro’s adapter-to-unit charger is super-simple to use, but the Nequare’s charge is built into its dock. The Nequare stick vac also lasts longer and recharges faster.

Accessories, Bin, and Filter

Dibea D18Pro Cordless Stick Vacuum
When you need to vacuum your couch or car interior, you can turn the Dibea D18Pro into a handheld vac. The D18Pro comes with a small motorized brush for upholstery and stair cleaning and a slide-up brush/crevice combo. Dibea also includes a long extension wand, a flexible hose and an angled dusting brush.

Dibea D18Pro


Air is vented out the top of the main unit to prevent debris from scattering. The translucent bin holds approximately 0.7 liters of dirt, and it opens from the bottom, keeping your hands clean. A metal mesh pre-filter and screen disc accompany the washable H10 filter, which is 85-percent efficient at trapping 0.3-micron particles.

Nequare Cordless Stick Vacuum
To help you tackle these chores, the stick vac comes with three tools to use in handheld mode. The mini power brush works great on upholstered furniture. Additionally, there’s a brush/crevice combo tool and a crevice nozzle that fits into tight spots. Nequare’s wall dock also has inserts for accessory storage.

Vents on the side of the vacuum direct the expelled air away from the surface you’re cleaning. The rinsable filter is rated as a true-HEPA media, which means it captures 99.97 percent of allergens as small as 0.3 microns. A pre-filter also rests inside the top-opening 0.8-liter dirt bin.

Conclusion: With the Dibea, you get an angled brush and a flexible hose, neither of which come with the Nequare stick. Even though the Nequare has a much more efficient filter and a slightly larger dirt capacity, the D18Pro’s bin opens from the bottom for a streamlined clean-out process.



Dibea D18 vs. Dibea D18Pro: Stick Vacuum Comparison

Handle, Maneuverability and Size

Dibea D18Pro Cordless Stick Vacuum
The navy blue D18Pro is accented with metallic gray features, creating an aesthetically pleasing appearance. Since you can fully wrap your hand around the handle, the D18Pro is comfortable to hold. Plus, you don’t need to squeeze the trigger the entire time you’re vacuuming. Dibea warranties the D18Pro for the industry-standard time of 1 year.

At a mere 4.95 pounds, the D18Pro feels featherlight while you glide it along the floor. A pair of wheels help you steer while the vacuum swivels around corners and obstacles. The stick vac lays flat so that you can clean under your furniture, and four running headlights illuminate dark areas.

Nequare Cordless Stick Vacuum
Nequare’s color choices of electric blue and dark gray give its cordless stick vacuum a subdued boldness. The gun-grip handle is ergonomically designed, and the trigger on the handle produces continuous suction while it reduces hand fatigue. The 2-year warranty is generous, lasting twice as long as typical stick vac warranties.

Dibea D18Pro Stick Vacuum


A row of three LED headlights helps you see in dark corners. Smooth wheels prevent scuff marks on your hard floors. You can lay the Nequare vacuum back and pivot the nozzle from side to side. Its weight of 6.5 pounds makes the stick vac manageable enough for anyone to carry.

Conclusion: When it comes to usability, both offer the same comfortable handle and convenient swiveling action, and neither one requires you to hold down the trigger. Even though Nequare offers double the warranty period as Dibea, the D18Pro puts out brighter light, and it weighs less than the Nequare stick vacuum.

Dibea D18Pro Cordless Stick Vacuum Cleaner Lightweight 17KPa Powerful Suction

Two Affordable, Convertible Stick Vacuums

Those who want a stick vac they can use on all their floors as well as inside their cars will be happy with either the Dibea D18Pro or the Nequare. Their battery lasts long enough to clean multiple rooms on a single charge, and you don’t have to fight with a trigger to keep the suction going.

However, people who have allergies or need the quietest performance possible will prefer the Nequare stick vacuum for its HEPA filter and under-65-decibel sound level. On the other hand, those who do a lot of detailed cleaning or have mobility challenges will like the Dibea D18Pro for its extra accessories and lighter weight.

Cordless Vacuum Cleaner, 18KPa Vacuum Cleaning Suction

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