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Bissell PowerEdge Cordless Stick Vacuum 2900A Review

The Bissell 2900A is a powerful cordless stick vacuum that, as you might know from Bissell products, is designed to help pet parents everywhere get rid of pesky stray hair strands, among other things. Let’s take a closer look at the 2900A to see whether this cordless stick vacuum belongs in your hands.

Bissell PowerEdge Cordless Stick Vacuum 2900A Review
Bissell PowerEdge 2900A

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PowerEdge Cleaning Brushes

If you’ve been around stick vacuum cleaners for a while, then you’ll probably notice something strange about the 2900A right from the get-go. The floorhead is fitted with two side brushes, much like what you’d find in robotic vacuum cleaners.

The benefit of these side brushes is that they draw floor contaminants inward toward the suction inlet, making it possible to clean wall edges and corners without switching to a crevice tool.

Brush Roll Speed Control

The 2900A is a versatile stick vac that offers different brush roll speeds. Altering brush roll speeds allows you to safely vacuum bare floors without the stiff bristles rubbing and scratching against the surface.

Although you cannot deactivate the brush roll, you can drop it to a slower speed. Just crank the speed back up again when cleaning area rugs and carpets.

Bissell PowerEdge Cordless Stick Vacuum 2900A
Bissell PowerEdge 2900A

3-in-1 Convertible Stick Vac

To further drive the point of versatility that we touched on earlier, the 2900A is a convertible stick vacuum with three settings. Attaching the floorhead onto the extension wand lets you clean floors comfortably without much bending.

You can also swap the floorhead out with one of the included tools (crevice tool and dusting brush) to clean ceilings and curtains. Or you can remove the extension wand altogether and connect either of the cleaning tools directly to the 2900A’s nozzle for spot cleaning.

30-Minute Runtime per Charge

At most, the 2900A can run continuously clean for 30 minutes per charge. Recharging the battery takes roughly three hours to reach max capacity.

However, if you leave the brush roll at its higher speed, then the runtime per charge drops to 15 to 20 minutes. By cordless stick vacuum standards, this unit falls somewhere in the middle in terms of battery life.

Bissell PowerEdge 2900A Review
Bissell PowerEdge 2900A

Easy Empty Dirt Tank

What sets Bissell vacuum cleaners apart from run-of-the-mill models, apart from the side brushes and convertibility, is the Easy Empty Dirt Tank.

The dustbin detaches effortlessly from the tool’s motor house, after which you can simply turn the bin upside down to remove the contents. The non-stick and anti-static lining inside of the dustbin ensures nothing gets left behind.

Bissell PowerEdge Cordless Stick Vacuum
Bissell PowerEdge 2900A

Wall Mountable with Tool Storage

The 2900A comes with a simple wall mount system where you can leave the stick vacuum while it recharges. The mount keeps the unit upright at all times, and it’s easy to remove for quick spot-cleaning around your home.

The mount comes with built-in storage compartments for the two cleaning tools, so they’re always within arm’s reach.

Bissell 2900A Review
Bissell PowerEdge 2900A

Swivel Steering

Another impressive feature in the Bissell 2900A is the swiveling neck. The neck, combined with the floorhead’s tiny profile, makes it a lot easier to navigate the tool beneath and around furniture, leaving less pre-vacuum prep.

The neck does tend to stick at times, but drawing the tool back ever-so-slightly should fix the problem right up.

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