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Eureka NEC122A vs Dyson V7: Stick Vacuum Comparison

If you want a compact, comfortable and powerful vacuum for your home, a stick vacuum cleaner is a viable option. Stick vacuum cleaners are mostly cordless, and lightweight, making it extremely easy to operate and carry around the house unrestricted. They can do an equally great job at keeping your home dirt and dust free and are much easier to store than ordinary upright or canister vacuum cleaners.

Eureka NEC122A vs Dyson V7: Stick Vacuum Comparison

When it comes to the quality of stick vacuum cleaners, we expect to see power, good battery life, practicability and results. Two models fit the bill: the Eureka NEC122A and the well-established Dyson V7 stick vacuum. But which one is better? Let’s dive into it.

Overview of the models

Eureka NEC122A
This is a lightweight yet powerful stick vacuum cleaner – perfect for hard floors, carpets and removing dust from the furniture and those hard-to-reach niches. Comfort and ease of use is an ingrained part of the NEC122A design.

The weight is only 5.5 pounds making it easy to carry around. The cleaner is also equipped with a simple but very effective anti-allergen filtration system, which allows for clean and safe emissions, and ensures that the spots that have been cleaned, remain so.

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Dyson V7
The V7 is designed to seek and destroy even the tiniest particles of dust. It is extremely light, powerful and practicable. The Dyson V7 is powered by a rechargeable battery which practically frees you to clean anywhere inside your home or office without having to rely on power plugs.

The filtration system is simple but highly effective. It allows for quick and safe emptying of the bin by simply pushing a button. You also have the option of contracting the stick cleaner to hand-held size, so you can squeeze into those tight spaces without a single drop of sweat.

Verdict: Both vacuum cleaners are lightweight and cordless, making them comfortable to work with. And while they are both equipped with filtration systems capable of containing the dust inside, the Eureka model also offers an anti-allergen filter to ensure the air in your home remains clean.

Control and versatility

Eureka NEC122A
The controls are pretty straightforward. Basically, you have a one-push button which falls handily underneath your index and middle fingers as you embrace the handle. When it is pushed, the vacuum will begin to suck. Push it again and it will stop. There is no need to keep holding it.

The plush brush roll at the front does an equally good job at picking up dirt, debris, spills and tiny particles of dust. The two additional attachments that accompany the main brush, the 2-in-1 upholstery tool, and the crevice tool, make the NEC122A a versatile little devil indeed.

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Dyson V7
The operational principle is the same as in the Eureka, but you need to push and hold the button to vacuum and release to stop.

Apart from being able to pick up a variety of junk from hard floors, the powerful motor coupled with an intelligently designed brush allows for deep cleaning of fabric material. The V7 gives you the option of removing the stick in order to transform it into a handheld for quick clean-ups and improved access to restricted areas.

You can also use a handy nozzle attachment for cleaning cobwebs from corners.

Verdict: The V7 holds an advantage over the NEC122A with its ability to transform into a handheld device which makes cleaning tight spaces a piece of cake. Both posses efficient brushes – although the V7 will reap better results with carpets – and adequate additional attachments.

Power and battery life

Eureka NEC122A
The Eureka NEC122A is fed by a removable 21.6 V Li-Ion Battery, which means that when fully charged, your vacuum cleaner will have more than enough power to deal with most jobs.

It takes around 3 hours on average for the battery to go from empty to full and can support a working time of around 30 minutes.

The machine comes with a wall mount charging station, so you can tuck it out of the way and wait for it to recharge. You have the option to check the battery status by looking at the indicator lights at the top side of the handle.

Dyson V7
The V7 comes with an improved air suction design. Basically, it has two sets of cyclone cylinders that work in parallel, increasing the suction capability to around 100 Air Watts on maximum. You can find the ‘maximum’ button at the top side of the handle.

Another improvement from the previous Dyson model is that the V7’s ‘max’ button slides to on and off, instead of you having to hold it down for maximum power.

In all honesty, the battery life could be longer. Dyson claims it can work up to 30 minutes when fully charged, but unfortunately, it only lasts for six minutes on full power. Recharging time is around 3.5 hours – on a handy wall mounting station.

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Verdict: The Dyson is arguably more powerful, but can only suck for six minutes on its highest setting. Otherwise, both vacuum cleaners are fit to deal with most cleaning jobs in your home or office, and both have a working time of around 25-30 minutes before their batteries need recharging.

The full recharge takes around 3 hours for the Eureka and around 3.5 hours for the Dyson.

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Eureka NEC122A vs Dyson V7: Conclusion

The disadvantage of cordless machines is that they are heavily reliant on the battery life and status. Thankfully, those two stick vacuum cleaners are designed to produce unfluctuating power for around half an hour – more than enough to clean the flat or house.

The Eureka and Dyson are lightweight, easy to carry and store and gentle to your wrists.

If what you want is to live in a clean home, but don’t want to spend your entire weekends cleaning out stuff so you can put in your vacuum cleaner to store it: then buying the Eureka NEC122A or the Dyson V7 is the right step.

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