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Moosoo vs. Dyson: Stick Vacuum Comparison

When it comes to picking the perfect stick vacuum, there are plenty of things to think about. What makes a good vacuum cleaner? What do I need to be looking for to get the best out of my stick vacuum? The list can be endless. Dyson have always reigned supreme when it comes to their stick vacuums. They’re known as being one of the best makes in the world. Can a brand like Moosoo even compete with that kind of notoriety? Let’s find out. Moosoo vs. Dyson: What Stick Vacuum to Pick?

Dyson V7

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What Do I Need to Look for in a Good Stick Vacuum?

The Battery

Your first port of call is how much battery power or battery life your chosen stick vacuum has. A common battery type used nowadays is the Lithium Ion Battery, and these are well-known as being long-lasting batteries that go hand in hand with power.

Both Moosoo and Dyson almost exclusively use Lithium Ion batteries, and you’ll get approximately 30 minutes use out of one before it needs recharging (depending on which vacuum setting you use of course).

On most Moosoo stick vacuums, you’ll be able to fully detach the battery and charge separately. This is fantastic. For one, it means that if you buy two batteries, you’ll never be without charge. Once one has been used up completely, you can simply switch it around and continue with your cleaning session without interruption. It also means it’s easier to buy replacement batteries and dispose of the broken or dead battery without having to get a professional involved.

Moosoo Stick Vacuum

When it comes to Dyson stick vacuums, you won’t be able to detach them from the vacuum. This means that once your battery has run to empty, it needs to be charged up before you can use it again. This can take hours, so if you’ve got a larger home, or you’re only half way through cleaning, this can be a drawback. Furthermore, you’d have to get professional help to remove and replace your Dyson’s battery once it’s completely stopped working.

Suction Power

Suction power goes hand in hand with your battery, but it also goes a lot further than that. Whether your home is full of carpets or hard floors, you want a stick vacuum that’s got plenty of suction power, especially if there are pets who often shed their fur and dander roaming around your home.

Dyson V10

Suction power is usually rated in Kilopascals (KPA), and the higher the KPA rating, the more suction power a vacuum cleaner has. A vacuum cleaner with a rating of 20KPA or higher is considered to have stronger, more powerful suction, so always look out for the KPA rating when you’re comparing vacuum cleaners.

Dyson are known for keeping their KPA ratings under wraps on a lot of their vacuums, which can make it difficult to know exactly what you’re getting. With their brand being well-known for their powerful suction though, you can rest assured you’re getting a great KPA rating no matter which Dyson stick vacuum you choose.


Moosoo are a little more transparent with their KPA ratings, and whilst they’re not the most powerful stick vacuums on the market (and certainly not more powerful than a Dyson), they do give a pretty strong suction for their price bracket. In fact, they’re perfect for both hard floors and low pile carpets, so if you’re looking for a cheaper make and model, a Moosoo vacuum would have yout back.

Extra Features

Of course, it’s not all about battery life and suction power. These important assets go hand in hand with plenty of extra features that’ll give you the best vacuum for your money.

Dyson V11 Torque Drive

Dyson are well known for having digital displays that accurately tell you how much battery life is left, and which mode you’re on, and you’ll get this across their stick vacuum range. With Moosoo, you don’t get the same additional extra. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing; most vacuuming sessions last less than 30 minutes unless you’re performing a deep clean, but it can be handy, and gives the vacuum that more luxurious feel.

Brushes are our last important extra feature to add, and both Moosoo and Dyson have incredible brush sets included with their stick vacuums. You’re more likely to get a wider range of brush heads to interchange based on where you’re cleaning with a Dyson, where Moosoo generally only offer a main head and a few extra accessories, but both are equipped with brushes that work hard and offer a deep clean.

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Overall, whilst Dyson leads the way with their innovative extras, there’s no way that Moosoo vacuums can’t hold their own against these powerful competitors. They’re less powerful overall, but for a fraction of the price of a Dyson, a Moosoo is a great cleaning companion.


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