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Solar-Breeze NX vs NX2: Solar Pool Cleaner Comparison

Having a pool is a huge responsibility that requires a seemingly endless amount of cleaning and maintenance. While manually skimming a pool can collect debris, if not collected right away, this unwanted debris can sink to the bottom and build up, resulting in pool water that is dirty and undesirable. Advances in modern technology, however, have to lead to systems that make pool ownership easier than ever, saving money and time when it comes to cleaning a pool.

Solar-Breeze NX vs NX2: Solar Pool Cleaner Comparison

Solar Breeze has a collection of pool cleaning systems that seek to ensure pool maintenance is easier and better than ever. Specifically, their solar-powered pool cleaning devices use less energy and claim to provide a consistent and comprehensive clean.

The Solar-Breeze NX and Solar-Breeze NX2 are different devices with several obvious similarities. Taking a closer look at their specific features, however, will allow us to decipher which is the better buy for consumers.

Cleaning Ability

The Solar-Breeze NX and Solar-Breeze NX2 seek to provide pool owners with a cleaner, more sparkling pool that is ready for summer fun. These automatic pool cleaners both remove up to 95% of leaves, pollen, and other debris that float on the surface of the water. They also rid your pool of invisible dirt, such as bacterias, dust, and suntan oils before they sink to the bottom and fully contaminate the entirety of the pool. When organic material is immediately scooped up, it also reduces the chance of unwanted decay.

Along with skimming the surface of the pool, they also filter and sanitize pool water. Both models contain an onboard tray that holds two 3-inch trichlor tablets and enhances the water quality as it cleans. With a collection area capacity that is nearly twice as large as the average in-wall skimmer basket, these devices promise a comprehensive and quick clean every time.

When it comes to overall cleaning, the Solar-Breeze NX, and Solar-Breeze NX2 prove to be equal in their abilities. Both skim and collect unwanted debris and chemicals, all while sanitizing the water in the process. Their identical functions provide a clean that is equally impressive.

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Additional Features

The Solar-Breeze NX and Solar-Breeze NX2 are straightforward devices that instantly attract debris, dirt, leaves, branches, and other organic materials, ensuring that they never clog your filters or contaminate your pool. They also disperse chlorine evenly throughout the water, ensuring that the water is always sanitary at any given moment. Their highly functional features efficiently reduce the use of your pool pump by up to nearly two thirds, reducing the strain on your overall systems.

Both of these devices are able to navigate your pool surfaces without getting stuck or tangled easily. This allows you to sit back and relax while your pool is cleaned. The Solar-Breeze NX and Solar-Breeze NX2 are again identical in this area and boast the same standard sanitation system and cleaning process.

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User-Friendly Design

Pool ownership should be relatively stress-free, and it’s for this reason that both of these devices were designed with the user in mind. The Solar-Breeze NX does not require clunky hoses, easily tangled cords, or annoying attachments to function. This straightforward device needs to be turned on and placed within the pool to start working its magic. This model operates automatically, even when other pool systems would idle. This ensures that your pool is always as clean and as sparkling as possible at all times.

The Solar-Breeze NX2 is similar when it comes to its user-friendly design. It seeks to reduce the hassle of pool ownership and ensures that you don’t spend the entire summer maintaining the condition of your pool. Not only does this device lower your overall energy costs due to its solar panels, but it also boasts that it keeps your pool party ready every second of the day.

When it comes to user-friendly design, pool owners can’t go wrong with the Solar-Breeze NX and Solar-Breeze NX2. They both ensure pool owners spend less time cleaning their pool and more time enjoying it. When it comes to which device is superior, however, there does not seem to be a winner in this category. Once again, both of these devices prove to be virtually identical in this area.

Lifespan and Runtime

These solar powered devices rely on the sun’s rays for power. The Solar-Breeze NX has a high-efficiency motor that boasts a lifespan of over 30,000 hours of use. It runs for a maximum runtime of up to 23.5 hours in when exposed to mid-summer sun, ensuring that it can work for hours without losing power. It also comes equipped with a rechargeable Lithium-Ion Battery, allowing it to operate for several hours after sundown, as it stores extra power in the battery when the sun is out.

When it comes to the overall lifespan and runtime, the Solar-Breeze NX2 is far less transparent. This model also operates on solar power and relies on the sun’s rays to operate. Although it claims to work “around the clock,” it does not specify its runtime or for how long this device remains active.

The Solar-Breeze NX and Solar-Breeze NX2 feature solar panels that reduce energy costs and are powered by the summer sun alone. The Solar-Breeze NX boasts impressive run times, while the Solar-Breeze NX2 is less transparent and clear when it comes to how long it will successfully remain in use. It’s for this reason that the Solar-Breeze NX is slightly more superior in this category.

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Solar-Breeze NX vs NX2: Conclusion

Owning a pool is something that should give you joy, not something that should be a headache. Thanks to solar powered cleaning devices like the Solar-Breeze NX and Solar-Breeze NX2, keeping your clean sparkling and ready for use is easier than ever before.

Upon comparison, it’s clear that these devices are nearly identical and have no real differences in operation or design. The Solar-Breeze NX is slightly more promising. However, we would recommend that consumers choose whichever model happens to be less expensive at the time of order.

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