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Hayward SharkVac vs SharkVac XL: Robotic Pool Vacuum Comparison

Hayward is a well-known manufacturer of pool supplies, including robotic swimming pool cleaners. At any given time, Hayward offers 10 or more robotic pool cleaner models. Out of all the cleaners, those in the SharkVac Series are among the most affordable and user-friendly, making them prime candidates for one of our appliance comparisons.

The original SharkVac is a floor-only robotic pool cleaner that boasts a short cleaning cycle and the ability to steer efficiently. It doesn’t rely on your swimming pool’s filtration system to operate, and it contains a pair of fine-particle filters. When it’s time to clean the filters, the robot’s low weight and protruding handle make it a breeze to clear.

With the SharkVac XL, you get many of the same awesome features that come standard on the original SharkVac, including smart steering, dual filter cartridges, and a lifting handle. This robotic pool cleaner’s power cord is exceptionally long, and it has a decent cycle time. The robot is also equipped with sensors that keep it inside of the pool as it suctions the waterline.

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Where They Go

Hayward SharkVac RC9740CUB
Hayward designed this robot to clean where the heaviest debris sinks over time – the pool floor. Whether your pool’s surface is made of gunite or pebble, the robot can traverse it. In fact, the SharkVac is also able to clean along coves.

With a 50-foot-long power cord, the SharkVac can clean your entire swimming pool in about 2 hours. Due to the cord’s length, the robot can reach the entirety of a pool as big as 20 feet by 40 feet, which is a typical albeit large size for a residential in-ground swimming pool.

Hayward SharkVac XL RC9740WCCUB
If your pool is situated under a shady tree, you likely see insects, leaves and even pine straw on the surface regularly. The SharkVac XL can clear all that debris on the waterline in just 3 hours. The robot also covers floors, coves, and walls that are made of vinyl, tile, fiberglass, and other material.

Thanks to its 60-foot-long cord, the robotic cleaner can reach every corner of a swimming pool up to 20-by-40 feet. To prevent accidental damage while traveling the waterline, the SharkVac XL has beach-entry and out-of-water sensors, so the robot stays where it’s supposed to be – inside of your swimming pool.

Conclusion: While both can handle rough and smooth surfaces, the SharkVac XL can clean waterlines and walls safely, not just floors and coves. The XL model’s power cord is 10 feet longer than the original SharkVac robot’s, but the SharkVac original has a shorter cleaning cycle.

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How They Move

Hayward SharkVac RC9740CUB
This robo pool cleaner won’t waste time with random movements. Instead, it drives itself in a methodical pattern, which also ensures full coverage. With a weight of 21.5 pounds, it won’t move sluggishly, but it also won’t stay grounded.

To ensure the device remains on the floor, the robot is affixed with a sturdy set of wheels that feature deep rubber grips. You don’t need any hoses or an extra pump, and you don’t have to connect the robot to the swimming pool’s filtration system.

Hayward SharkVac XL RC9740WCCUB
Smart steering is how the SharkVac XL makes the best use of its time. This robotic cleaner goes from left to right until your entire swimming pool sparkles. At 21.5 pounds and rubberized wheels, nothing about this robot is unstable.

Setting up this robotic pool vacuum is super-easy. It doesn’t require access to your pool’s filtration system, nor do you need to buy an additional pool pump. Hoses, hookups and other cumbersome equipment are unnecessary – the robot powers itself.

Conclusion: As far as movement and setup go, both robots are efficient and user-friendly. They move in a back-and-forth pattern, which saves time and reduces missed areas. Luckily, there is no complicated or expensive installation involved with getting either of these two Hayward robot pool cleaners up and running.

How They Clean and Filter

Hayward SharkVac RC9740CUB
The more you run the Hayward SharkVac, the fewer backwash cycles you’ll experience, which saves you money. As the water enters the robot, debris are directed through two fine-particle filter cartridges, which you can view through the window on the robot. To scrub surfaces clean, there are multiple rolling brush bars on the underside of the SharkVac.

When the filters are full, you don’t need to toss them – rinse them off instead. They are easy to get to by simply opening the hinged lid. Hayward makes it easy to lift the robotic pool cleaner from the water with the addition of a tote handle.

Hayward SharkVac XL RC9740WCCUB
Lower the number of backwash cycles and put more money in your pocket with the SharkVac XL. Fine particles are captured by the pair of filters inside of the robot while algae and grime are eliminated by the rolling brushes on the bottom of the robot.

The only maintenance the SharkVac XL requires is cleaning the filter media. To do so, lift the robot from the water by its handle. Then, open the windowed lid to reveal the cartridges. A quick rinse with a water hose will get them clean and ready for another round in your swimming pool.

Conclusion: Both robots clean the same way. They use rolling bars to scrub away grime, and they have two filters to catch sand, insects and other debris. Since they are top-loading filters, you’ll have no problem removing and rinsing them. The window on the lid is a nice convenience that lets you monitor the cleanliness of the filters without opening the top.

Hayward SharkVacs: Easy Swimming Pool Maintenance

Glean every cent of value from your dollar with the SharkVac and the SharkVac XL. These top-notch robotic pool cleaners cover the same length and width, using intelligent, logical movements. Both robots weigh the same, and they have amazingly strong wheels. The rolling brushes on both robotic pool cleaners cut through the film, and the pair of filters are reusable and easily reachable.

Its ability to suction debris from waterlines and walls makes the SharkVac XL the perfect solution for cleaning pools that are close to trees. For swimming pools in open areas, the fast-cleaning SharkVac will do the job just fine. Either way, Hayward takes the hard work out of keeping your swimming pool clean.

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