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Rug Doctor Pro Deep Carpet Cleaner Review (93190)

The Rug Doctor 93190 Pro Deep Carpet Cleaner is a professional, deep cleaning carpet cleaning unit that promises to remove dirt, tough stains, and even lingering odors. It is packed with the same powerful commercial-grade cleaning that most professionals use, yet has just the right easy-to-use cleaning capabilities to work in domestic households.

Rug Doctor Pro Deep Carpet Cleaner Review (93190)

It also pledges to have a one-pass system that essentially helps to reduce cleaning time by only having to sweep an area once, and is gentler on carpets while delivering a super deep clean. Some of the features of this Rug Doctor that allows it to deliver on such promises are by having a large oscillating brush bar, a super boost spray, and a 1300W motor for high power vacuuming. Combined with its excellent detergent and a well-built upholstery tool, the Rug Doctor is a one-stop shop to make cleaning your carpets much faster and more enjoyable.

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Dual Cross Brushes

This affordable home carpet cleaner features dual cross brushes that promise to remove any stain in one single pass. So you don’t have to worry about constantly driving the cleaner through several times before it will remove a stain. It does that by its oscillating brushes that work their way through the carpet in order to deep clean, polish, and groom simultaneously. The big brush bar roller also sits on a small framework that automatically adjusts to the depth of your carpet.

Unlike other cleaners, Rug Doctor has one large sweeping brush with stiff bristles, effectively lifting stains from its roots by agitation on all sides of the carpet. The dual cross design paired with the stiff bristles of the oscillating brush work well together to groom the carpets, leaving behind a clean, polished look. Again, it does all of this in one single sweep of the extractor.

Suction Power

There is also a powerful suction technology within the Rug Doctor that helps to reduce the moisture output, and thus resulting in shorter drying times, which will take about four hours. This unit is up to 75% more powerful than other brands and comes with a wide 12-inch cleaning path.

While it is common or even standard for other carpet cleaners to leave a soapy, sticky residue behind, the Rug Doctor prevents this by having such a superior suction that it minimizes the amount of cleaning solution left.

Simple and Transparent Lift Tanks

A removable caddy and a seven-foot hose give the Rug Doctor more versatility as it helps to clean the often hard to reach areas such as stairs. In addition, there are separate transparent tanks for clean and dirty water. Having a simple lift feature to easily remove both tanks, which have a 1,5-gallon capacity. So both water tanks hold quite a bit, making it last a long time before you would need to empty them out.

They are both situated on top of the extractor, which makes for an ideal placement since it reduces weight in your hand and keeps the brushes and vacuum pressed to the floor. One of the tanks features a large cap on the side so that the dirty water pours out easily. They even have digital indicator lights that tell the user when there is no cleaning solution left or if there is a brush roll jam.

Collapsible Handle and Ease of Use

The Rug Doctor also has large carpet-friendly wheels that make it easy to push and pull. So while it does look heavy and bulky at about 35 pounds, the ease of gliding the wheels on a carpet make it very easy for anyone to operate and maneuver. In fact, it is 15% lighter than traditional rental carpet cleaners.

To make it even more user-friendly, the collapsible handles can be set at different angles depending on your height, making the work as comfortable as possible while cleaning the carpet. The collapsible handles also allow for easy storage too.

Trial Size Solution

Another feature of the Rug Doctor is that it comes with its own trial size carpet detergent. The manual says it needs 60 milliliters per tank, or double that for heavily soiled carpets. That means it will be enough to last you through at least a couple of cleaning sessions before you must refill.

Rug Doctor 93190: Conclusion

The Rug Doctor 93190 Pro Deep Carpet Cleaner is a one-stop shop for all your cleaning needs by removing tough dirt, stains, and grime all while deodorizing and polishing your carpets. It also has a water removal capability by sucking up moisture as well as maintaining surface retention by not damaging the carpet fibers as it gently deep cleans. With no assembly needed, there is no guesswork, and the unit can be used immediately, which is why the Rug Doctor is an ideal cleaner to have in any home.

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