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Black+Decker Spillbuster Portable Carpet Cleaner Review

Wouldn’t it be nice if there was a portable device to remove stubborn stains from carpet fibers without having to whip out your heavy-duty upright? If this sounds like something you’d be interested in, then you should check out the Black+Decker Spillbuster—a portable carpet cleaner that handles the toughest carpet stains just as well as any upright. Check out our review of the Spillbuster down below and see whether it’s the perfect fit.

Black+Decker Spillbuster Portable Carpet Cleaner Review
Black+Decker Spillbuster BHSB320JP

2-in-1 Cleaning Action

Similar to any portable carpet cleaner, the Spillbuster is a vacuum and carpet cleaner. However, what makes the Spillbuster unique is that it comes with a super-wide nozzle that can lift chunky messes—think soup and soggy cereal—without staining the brush roll.

We’d go as far as to say that this B+D spot-cleaning device is a carpet cleaner and a wet/dry vacuum in one compact device.

Black+Decker Spillbuster BHSB320JP Intro Video

Stiff-Bristled Power Brush

Here’s how the Spillbuster handles tough carpet and upholstery stains. Inside the nozzle is the stiff-bristled Power Brush, which spins at a high rate to deliver blow after blow of stain-removing strikes to loosen and permanently remove stains once and for all.

Be careful not to apply too much downward pressure when using the Black+Decker Spillbuster since the stiff bristles can penetrate much deeper than you might have originally thought.

Black+Decker Spillbuster
Black+Decker Spillbuster BHSB320JP

On-Demand Solution Dispenser

You’ll find on the Spillbuster’s handle a trigger that, when depressed, releases a wide fan of cleaning solution taken directly from the clean-water tank.

After vacuuming solid debris from your carpets, area rugs, or upholstery, go over the leftover stain by shooting just spraying the area with your go-to carpet-cleaning solution before going back over the spot with the Power Brush. Users are free to use their judgment when cleaning minor or stubborn stains.

10-Minute Battery Life

The Spillbuster is a cordless carpet cleaner, which makes it a highly portable device to scrub old stains off upholstery and cushions. You’ll need to charge the battery for roughly 3 hours to run the Spillbuster for 10 minutes, which isn’t that long-lasting. Then again, this is a spot cleaner, not a full-sized carpet cleaner.

BLACK+DECKER spillbuster Portable Carpet Cleaner, Cordless Spill and Spot (BHSB320JP)
Black+Decker Spillbuster BHSB320JP

Washable Filter

When it comes to filtration, don’t expect miracles from the Black+Decker Spillbuster’s filtration system. It consists of a single cylinder of foam that, when clean, prevents large dust particles from escaping the tool’s exhaust vent. Luckily, the foam filter is removable and safe to wash. Just make sure you wring the filter thoroughly before reinstalling in the Spillbuster’s collection tank.

Dishwasher-Safe Collection Tank

Speaking of which, the Spillbuster’s collection tank is dishwasher-safe. Just detach the entire thing from the Spillbuster’s belly, open it up and remove any remnants before placing it in your dishwasher. Also, make sure you detach the foam filter since it won’t react well to heated water.

Black+Decker Spillbuster Review
Black+Decker Spillbuster BHSB320JP

Verdict: Simple, Effective, and a Joy the Use

As you can see, the Black+Decker Spillbuster isn’t a feature-packed portable carpet cleaner, nor is it the longest-lasting cordless model you’ll find. Luckily, what it does, it does incredibly well.

We think users will appreciate the wet/dry cleaning capabilities of the Spillbuster, as well as its ability to loosen and permanently erase old pet stains from carpet fibers in just a few minutes of use.

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