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Rug Doctor Pro 90008 Deep Commercial Cleaning Machine Review

As far as carpet cleaners go, the Rug Doctor Pro 90008 has to be one of the more traditional-looking models out there. It’s a certified Platinum upright model that blows the older, residential-grade Rug Doctor out of the water. If you want a cleaning-service-level clean, then you should see what the Pro 90008 is all about down below.

Rug Doctor Pro 90008

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Incredible Suction Power
The Pro 90008 sports a heavy-duty motor that, according to Rug Doctor, can remove as much as 90% of embedded stains (dirt, oil, odors) in a minimal number of passes. This ultimately means less time spent cleaning and more time re-dirtying your floors.

In fact, the Pro 90008 was awarded a Platinum rating by the Carpet and Rug Institute for its soil and water-removing capabilities. So, if you want a professional-grade carpet cleaner that outshines most, if not every, models you’ve ever seen, this is probably it.

1.5-Gallon Collective Tank Capacity
Like any good carpet cleaner, the Pro 90008 features a dual-tank system that stores clean and dirty water in separate tanks. This system is designed to eliminate the risk of cross-contamination, so any dirt and debris from a before won’t get back into your carpets in subsequent cleaning sessions.

The clean water and dirty water tanks have a collective capacity of 1.5 gallons—about half a gallon more than the largest home-grade upright carpet cleaners you can find. With more water and solution, you can clean a wider square footage of your floors before the clean water tank runs dry. According to some users, they were able to clean up to 1,000 square feet on a single tank in just one hour.

Trigger-Controlled Scrubbing and Soap Dispensing
On the D-style handle, you’ll find a red trigger that dispenses water and cleaning solution from the clean water tank. You have to constantly pull the trigger whenever you want to dispense soap into your floors to loosen old, set-in stains.

This trigger also activates the high-speed brush roll with several rows of stiff bristles that demolish dirt patches in an instant. It works in conjunction with the soap-dispensing function to loosen stains before the Pro 90008’s high-powered motor suctions all of the dirty residue into the dirty water tank.

When you release the trigger, the Pro 90008 automatically switches to vacuum mode, which suctions up any loosened bits of debris as well as a majority of the water in your carpet fibers, leaving them also dry to the touch in just a single pass.

Switch-Activated Cleaning Modes
Right in front of the red soap and scrub button, you’ll find a red switch that activates carpet mode or tool mode. You can change how the Pro 90008 cleans by activating either of the modes for increased cleaning versatility.

On carpet mode, the Pro 90008 functions as a regular carpet cleaner, albeit a heavy-duty one that puts most residential-grade uprights to shame. When you switch to tool mode, inward suction pressure will be focused through the included suction hose for above-floor cleaning. Even though you can shift between cleaning modes on the fly, you should flip the switch to neutral mode and wait five seconds before changing modes.

Long Suction Hose with Motorized Upholstery Tool
The Pro 90008 comes with a 12-foot-long suction hose with a protective outer coating that prevents kinks, tears, and damage in nearly any way. The hose’s length helps you clean above-floor surfaces like upholstery and auto interior without having to keep the upright carpet cleaner within an arm’s length at all times.

In the box, you’ll find a single upholstery tool (other carpet tools sold separately). The upholstery tool uses a motorized brush with stiff bristles to remove deep stains from soft surfaces, and the motor’s amazing suction output leaves your couches, cushions, and mattresses nearly dry to the touch after just a single pass.

Performance and Maintenance Indicators
Something that you won’t find in most carpet cleaners are indicator lights that warn you whether the device’s tank is running low on carpet cleaning solution. The Pro 90008 has that, plus a maintenance indicator that informs users whether there’s a jam in the nozzle or suction hose.

These indicator lights eliminate any guesswork involved in using and maintaining the device, though some users claim that the brush roll jam light turns on too late on occasion.

Verdict: A Pro-Grade Capet Cleaner for the Toughest Tasks
In short, it’s easy to see why the Rug Doctor Pro 90008 is such a top-rated carpet cleaner: it does the job in spectacular fashion.

The massive motor combined with two high-capacity water tanks allows you to clean more square feet of your floors and upholstery per cleaning session. The ability to clean above-ground surfaces with the 12-foot-long hose and upholstery tool sweetens the deal even further.

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