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Roomba i4+ EVO vs Roomba j6+ Robot Vacuum

Venturing into the world of robotic vacuums can feel like stepping into a future where manual house cleaning is a thing of the past. As our lives become increasingly hectic, the convenience and efficiency of these handy little bots make them an appealing choice for many households. Today, we’re zoning in on two power-packed contenders in this domain – the Roomba i4+ EVO and the Roomba j6+.

This article aims to provide an in-depth, unbiased comparison to aid your purchasing decision. We’ll dive into their features, pros, cons, and customer reviews, ultimately guiding you towards the model that best suits your specific needs and lifestyle.

Roomba, a product line from the renowned company iRobot, has become synonymous with robotic vacuums. Known for their cutting-edge technology and superior quality, Roomba vacuums have consistently managed to satisfy users worldwide with their range of innovative models. The i4+ EVO and j6+ are two such models that have sparked considerable interest.

An Overview of Roomba i4+ EVO

Key Features

The i4+ EVO, part of Roomba’s advanced series of robotic vacuums, comes packed with features like automatic dirt disposal, customizable cleaning schedules, smart mapping, and a runtime of up to 90 minutes. It’s designed to tackle different floor types and is particularly effective on carpets due to its unique dual multi-surface brushes and edge-sweeping brush.

Pros and Cons

Users of the i4+ EVO have praised its powerful suction, self-emptying base, and effective allergen lock bags. However, the device can sometimes struggle with high pile rugs and isn’t the quietest Roomba on the market.

A Close Look at Roomba j6+

Key Features

The Roomba j6+ is a smart, self-cleaning vacuum that not only picks up dirt and debris but also empties itself for up to 60 days. It boasts Precision Jet Spray to tackle sticky messes and grime, and its vSLAM navigation actively captures over 230,400 data points per second, enabling the robot to navigate your home adeptly.

Pros and Cons

The j6+ shines with its superior navigation, excellent cleaning on hard floors, and compatibility with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant. However, its relatively high price and occasional issues with complex room layouts have been points of contention among some users.

Core Similarities

Cleaning Capabilities

Both the Roomba i4+ EVO and j6+ come equipped with Roomba’s patented Dirt Detect technology, which identifies dirtier areas and applies more cleaning effort. Additionally, their advanced 3-Stage Cleaning Systems use multi-surface brushes, edge-sweeping brushes, and vacuum suction to effectively clean.

Smart Home Integration

Roomba’s i4+ EVO and j6+ both play well with smart homes, being compatible with Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa. This compatibility means you can initiate a cleaning session with a simple voice command.

Battery Life and Performance

Both models boast an impressive battery life of up to 90 minutes. When the battery level dips, the robots automatically return to their docking station to recharge and resume cleaning afterward.

Distinctive Features: Roomba i4+ EVO

Specific Advantages

The i4+ EVO distinguishes itself with its Automatic Dirt Disposal feature. It doesn’t just clean your floors but also empties its own dust bin into a disposable bag, reducing the frequency of bin emptying.

Situations Where Roomba i4+ EVO Excels

The i4+ EVO’s particular strengths shine in homes with carpets and pets. Its superior suction power and multi-surface brushes effectively lift and remove dirt and pet hair embedded in carpets.

Distinctive Features: Roomba j6+

Specific Advantages

The j6+ sets itself apart with its Precision Jet Spray, which targets sticky messes and grime. Additionally, its superior navigation system allows it to map your home in detail and clean methodically, covering larger areas more effectively.

Situations Where Roomba j6+ Excels

The j6+ is especially adept at cleaning large homes with multiple rooms or complex layouts, thanks to its advanced vSLAM navigation technology. It also excels on hard floors, cleaning up dry spills and sticky messes with ease due to its Precision Jet Spray.

8. Side by Side Comparison: Key Specifications

Cleaning Efficiency

While both models have impressive cleaning capabilities, the i4+ EVO might edge out the j6+ on carpets due to its powerful suction. However, the j6+ has the upper hand when it comes to cleaning hard floors, especially with its ability to handle sticky messes.

Navigation and Mapping

The j6+ takes the lead in navigation and mapping with its vSLAM navigation technology. It creates detailed maps of your home, allowing it to clean methodically and efficiently.

Battery Life and Charging Time

Both models offer approximately 90 minutes of cleaning time per charge. However, charging times might vary, with the j6+ often charging a bit quicker.

Price Comparison: Roomba i4+ EVO vs j6+

Initial Purchase Cost

When it comes to upfront cost, the i4+ EVO is the more budget-friendly choice, offering many high-end features at a lower price point. On the other hand, the j6+ comes at a premium, justified by its superior navigation system and advanced cleaning capabilities.

Maintenance Costs

Although both models come with their own maintenance needs such as filter replacements and brush cleaning, these costs are relatively low and comparable for both models. However, the j6+’s Precision Jet Spray might require additional maintenance over time.

Customer Reviews and Feedback

Feedback on Roomba i4+ EVO

Many customers appreciate the i4+ EVO for its value for money, excellent performance on carpets, and self-emptying feature. Some users, however, have noted that it could be a tad quieter and more efficient on high pile rugs.

Feedback on Roomba j6+

The j6+ has been praised for its advanced navigation, efficient cleaning on hard floors, and smart home compatibility. Nonetheless, a few customers have mentioned its relatively high price and occasional struggles with complex layouts.

How to Choose: i4+ EVO or j6+

Considerations for First-Time Buyers

If you’re new to the world of robotic vacuums, evaluate your needs. If you have a home primarily carpeted and are looking for excellent value, the i4+ EVO might be your best bet. But if you live in a large home with multiple rooms and have more hard floors, the j6+ could be worth the extra investment.

Considerations for Upgrading from an Older Model

For those looking to upgrade from an older model, consider what your current vacuum lacks. If advanced navigation and mapping or superior hard floor cleaning are your priorities, the j6+ might be the upgrade you need. On the other hand, if you’re looking for more power and the convenience of automatic dirt disposal, the i4+ EVO could be your perfect match.


Choosing between the Roomba i4+ EVO and j6+ boils down to your specific needs, home layout, and budget. Both models bring their unique strengths to the table, ensuring top-notch performance. Whether you go with the i4+ EVO or the j6+, you’ll be investing in a reliable, high-quality robotic vacuum that’s built to make your life easier.


What Additional Accessories do I Need to Purchase for Each Model?

Both models come with all necessary accessories for operation. However,you may want to purchase additional disposable bags for the i4+ EVO’s automatic dirt disposal feature.

How do the Two Models Compare in Terms of Noise Level?

While both models generate some noise, the i4+ EVO is slightly louder due to its higher suction power.

How Often do the Roomba i4+ EVO and j6+ Need Maintenance?

Routine maintenance such as emptying the dust bin (unless you’re using the self-emptying feature), cleaning the brushes, and replacing the filter is recommended for both models to ensure optimum performance. Detailed maintenance guidelines are provided in the user manual.

Can the Roomba i4+ EVO and j6+ Navigate Multiple Levels in My Home?

Yes, both models can handle multiple levels in your home. However, they will need to map each level separately for the most efficient cleaning.


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