Technology has changed the way we live our lives in so many ways. Not only has it brought people together from all corners of the globe, but it has also completely revolutionized the way we complete everyday tasks. Now, smart homes feature a network of devices that work together to maximize convenience. In the past, vacuums were clunky, heavy devices that were a chore to use. Robot vacuum cleaners, however, keep your floors clean without you even needing to be present.

Roomba 671 vs Roomba 690

Roomba 671

iRobot is a leading name in the field of automatic appliances. Their Roomba vacuums have changed the way we think about cleaning and continue to feature new advancements. The Roomba 671 and the Roomba 690 are similar devices with differing price points. By comparing their differences – and similarities – it’s easy to see that one is a much better buy for consumers.

Cleaning Power

The cleaning power of these robotic vacuums is nothing short of impressive. Both the Roomba 671 and the Roomba 690 have a patented 3-stage cleaning system that ensures your floors are always as clean as possible. These devices loosen set in the dirt before lifting and sucking away debris. Although relatively small when compared to standard upright vacuums, these intelligent cleaning devices can handle small debris, large particles, and hair with ease.

Roomba 690 vs Roomba 671

Roomba 690

Another impressive feature of these robotic vacuums from iRobot is the presence of dual cleaning brushes, which no other automatic devices on the market currently contain. These brushes work in conjunction for a comprehensive clean. One brush loosens dirt while the other sweeps it into the device. A specially designed Edge-Sweeping brush also tackles corners at a 27-degree angle, removing unwanted dirt from places that other devices typically miss or overlook.

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The Roomba 671 and the Roomba 690 both have impressive cleaning abilities. These devices work on both carpeted and hard floors, ensuring that every inch of your home is free of debris. Both of these devices will keep your home clean, and there is not one that is more impressive than the other in this category. They both feature iRobot’s unique brushes and have virtually identical cleaning systems.

Roomba 671 vs 690

Roomba 671


The beauty of these incredible devices is their ability to wirelessly connect with other devices for a truly upgraded user experience. Both the Roomba 671 and the Roomba 690 are compatible with Amazon Alexa and the Google Assistant, connecting wirelessly via Wi-Fi to these separately sold devices. This allows the user to control and command their vacuum simply with the sound of their voice, allowing for truly handsfree cleaning.

In addition to working in conjunction with the Google Assistant, these robot vacuums both can be controlled from the free and convenient iRobot Home App. Through the use of this app, your vacuum can be accessed through your tablet, phone, or other smart devices.

iRobot Roomba 690

Roomba 690

You can not only schedule your robot vacuum from across the globe, but you can also turn on notifications so that you are made aware when the scheduled cleaning jobs have been completed and also receive real-time updates on the cleaning process. This allows you to stay connected and ensure your home is clean, even when you are not there.

Vacuuming used to be a chore, but the Roomba 671 and the Roomba 690 can be controlled wirelessly from across the room or across the world, without the user having to lift a finger. These revolutionary cleaning devices both use the same app and are compatible with the same wireless devices. Because of this, these devices are once again equal and identical in this area.

iRobot Roomba 671 Robot Vacuum

Roomba 671

Extra Features

The Roomba 671 and the Roomba 690 are highly intelligent devices that do more than just clean floors. Both of these vacuums have an entire suite of intuitive sensors that make an impressive 60 decisions per second to ensure your floors are cleaned in the most effective way possible. The presence of an Auto-Adjust Cleaning Head allows it to clean thick carpeting, hard floors, and anything in between by automatically sensing the height of the floor. Also, Cliff Detecting Sensors allow these units to determine the location of stairs and other dangerous drop-offs, ensuring that they never take a tumble while in use.

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The Roomba 690, however, has an extra feature that truly sets it apart. This model features special Dirt Detect Sensors that determine where high-traffic areas are within your home. It then provides extra cleaning power and additional time in those areas. This intelligent feature ensures that your home is as clean as possible at all times.

While both of these devices include impressive extras and a host of sensors, in this area one device proves to be far superior to the other. The Roomba 690’s Dirt Detect Sensors take its cleaning abilities to the next level. While the Roomba 671 is still an impressive and intelligent robot device, the Roomba 690 proves to be superior in this category.

iRobot Roomba 690

Roomba 690

Design & Functionality

Like all iRobot devices, the Roomba 671 and the Roomba 690 have a sleek design and impressive functionality. They both feature a lithium-ion battery that can keep these devices running for up to 90-minutes before automatically returning to the dock to recharge. They also have a sleek, compact design that can navigate under furniture and maneuver into other hard-to-reach places that standup vacuums have trouble reaching.

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With a streamlined design that has become iRobot’s signature, the Roomba 671 and the Roomba 690 are nearly identical when it comes to their battery life and design. Aside from a slight difference in color and other subtle aesthetic details, they once again prove to be equal.

iRobot Roomba 671

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Roomba 671 vs 690: Conclusion

It clear that both the iRobot Roomba 671 and the iRobot Roomba 690 will provide your home with an impressive clean. They have intelligent and intuitive features that make cleaning your home easier than it ever has been before. With that said, the Roomba 690 features intelligent sensors that allow it to clean high traffic areas within your home thoroughly. That paired with the fact that the Roomba 690 is significantly less expensive than the Roomba 671, makes the Roomba 690 our pick for the superior device.

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