iRobot knocks it out of the park again with the affordable yet well-equipped iRobot Roomba 671 robot vacuum. Unlike other robot vacuums in its class, you can rely on this robot vacuum to get your carpets clean at and below the surface thanks to its unique set of brushrolls and self-adjusting floor head. The robot also takes care of wall edges and corners by spinning an angled side brush.

Roomba 671 Robot Vacuum Review (2)

All components are built to be durable. The wheels are large and treaded, and the suction inlet is surrounded by a protective guard. An anti-tangle system prevents brushroll breakage and area rug damage. Plus, the fine-particle filter is designed to last through months of heavy use.

When it comes to the controls, convenience doesn’t even begin to cover it. If you have a smartphone, you can put it to use by downloading iRobot’s exclusive navigation app. Alternatively, you can give Alexa or Assistant voice commands to carry out basic functions like stopping and starting one of the several cleaning cycles the Roomba 671 is able to perform.

Not Your Average Brushroll

iRobot not only meets but exceeds the image of the Roomba brand, and this is clearly displayed with the design of the Roomba 671’s set of brushes. First, there are the brushroll. The way the brushrolls are set up is ingenious. Yes, we said brushrolls as in there are more than one.

Roomba 671 Robot Vacuum Review

One brushroll is wide in diameter and is covered in soft bristles. This brushroll is paired with a bendable, smaller brushroll affixed with sparse, stiff bristles. These two brushrolls rotate toward one another in order to lift any debris from tiny dust particles to large cereal pieces. Even pet hair can’t escape the grasp of 671’s dual-brushroll configuration.

In addition to the two brushrolls, the Roomba 671 also has a propeller-style brush that sits on one side of the robotic vacuum cleaner. The main purpose of this side brush is to clean along the edges and corners of walls and baseboards. The brush is positioned at a 27-degree angle, which maximizes its reach.

While the brushes on the 671 are powerful enough to power through thick carpet, they aren’t limited to carpeted surfaces. The iRobot Roomba 671 is still gentle enough to use on hard surfaces, even scratch-prone ones. Linoleum, tile, vinyl – The 671 won’t mark any of these flooring materials.

iRobot Roomba 671 Robot Vacuum Review

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Variable Suction at the Perfect Height

Sometimes, there are messes that the typical robot vacuum can’t clean, like clods of dirt or sprays of cat litter. For these messes, stronger suction is a must. That’s where the Roomba 671’s Dirt Detection Technology comes into play.

On the robot, there are sensors specifically programmed to recognize heavily concentrated debris. When the robot comes across big messes or well-traveled areas, the sensors tell the motor to kick into high gear, increasing the robot’s suction power. Even better, the entire process is automated, so you can kick back and let the Roomba 671 do what it does best.

In order to take its suction prowess to the next level, the 671 has a self-moving floor head that raises or lowers per the type of flooring it’s vacuuming. For instance, if the robot is on the carpet, the floor head will raise, and it will lower if it’s cleaning hardwoods. This feature enhances the robot’s ability to vacuum any floor in your home thoroughly. To make sure the suction inlet doesn’t sustain damage from the debris it collects, the inlet is reinforced by a sturdy guard.

One Hour? Think Longer

Quality is what you expect from a Roomba; there’s no weak battery in the 671 that will shortchange you on cycle times. The Roomba 671 contains a 3,000 mAh lithium-ion battery that provides a 90-minute run time. As opposed to other kinds of robot vacuum cleaners, those that run on lithium-ion batteries don’t lose suction when their battery is low.

The time it takes to charge the Roomba 671 isn’t too shabby either. Although you must charge the robot all night before you use it for the first time, subsequent charges only take about 2 hours. You’ll appreciate how the robot drives itself to the charging dock when the battery needs to be replenished, alleviating you from locating, carrying and connecting it.

How do you know when the 671 is ready for another round of vacuuming? To get the robot’s battery status, simply look at the dock. A series of indicator lights on the charging dock will tell you whether the robot is securely connected if the battery is still charging, or whether the battery has reached 100 percent.

iRobot Roomba 671 Review

Hands-Free All the Way

From on-robot to voice-only, the Roomba 671 offers three ways to control how and when it cleans. On the 671 itself, there are several controls you can touch. The center button that says clean starts an automatic vacuuming cycle – touch it twice to stop the cycle. This button is flanked by a dock button that sends the robot to its charger and a spot button that cleans small messes.

Your second option is to install the iRobot HOME app to your iPhone or Android device. With this app, you can choose to a set a schedule for each day of the week or get push notifications that give you updates in real-time. If you need to clean a dry spill, the spiral mode will get the job done.

When your phone isn’t readily accessible, you can use the 671’s Wi-Fi connectivity another way. Put your virtual assistant to work. With Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa, you give the Roomba 671 voice commands, including dock, start and stop – no hands necessary.

Quick-Thinking Move by Move

The pair of oversized wheels with their robust tread can push their way through carpeting, and they can even climb thresholds as high as 0.8 inches. If these wheels are so powerful, how does the 13.4-inch-wide 671 move so nimbly? Two reasons. First, the robot is lightweight at a mere 5 pounds, so there isn’t a lot of bulk for the wheels to support.

iRobot Roomba 671 Robot Vacuum Cleaner

Its software is the other element responsible for the Roomba 671’s precision movements. Multiple sensors tell the robot to avoid fall risks and collisions. In fact, the robot vacuum makes decisions at a rate of one per second.

When in motion, the 671 navigates in several ways to ensure a thorough clean. Spiral motions remove concentrated messes, along-the-wall motions tidy the perimeter of a room, and crisscrossing leaves no part of your house uncovered. The robot also has an anti-tangle system that halts the brushrolls’ rotations to prevent them from getting caught on carpet fringes and blind cords.

Bye Bye Dust Bunnies

Sure, vacuums suck up dust. However, many of them expel a lot of the dust that goes through their inlets, but not the Roomba 671. This robotic vacuum is equipped with an AeroVac filter. With this large filter, fine particles such as dust stay where they belong – inside of the vacuum cleaner.

The larger particles sit below the filter in the dirt bin. This bin is a hassle-saver. It can hold over a half liter of debris, and it’s transparent, so you don’t need to remove it to check the contents. When the dirt bin is full, taking it out is a simple task. All you have to do is press a button, and the bin pops out of the robot.

iRobot Roomba 671 Robot Vacuum

High Maintenance? Not a Chance

No matter what vacuum cleaner you own, some level of maintenance is involved. Of course, some vacuums require more maintenance than others. Maintaining the 671 doesn’t take a ton of time or effort.

Spend just 5 minutes each week to clean off lint and dust from the brushes. Even though you need to remove the brushrolls to clean them, you don’t have to break out your screwdriver. These brushes come out by pulling on the release tabs. The filter lasts 2 months and pops in and out with ease.

For operational problems, you don’t have to take apart the robot piece by piece. The Roomba 671 gives you clues as to what’s wrong. It’s affixed with troubleshooting lights. These lights illuminate in a variety of colors and patterns to cut the guesswork to a minimum.

iRobot Roomba 671 Robot Vacuum

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Roomba 671: Exceeding Every Expectation

The list of high-performance features on the iRobot Roomba 671 robot vacuum is practically endless. Its counter-rotating brushrolls resist tangles and pick up an array of debris. While there may only be one, the 671’s side brush is angled for maximum efficiency. The robot also boasts suction-enhancing Dirt Detect Technology, a reinforced inlet, and an adjustable floor plate.

You get the benefit of a long-lasting lithium-ion battery and a super-powered dock that charges the battery in just a few hours. The Wi-Fi enabled robot vacuum self-docks when the battery needs to be replenished, and it’s compatible with Alexa and Assistant.

Daily scheduling, perimeter cleaning and spot mode are only some of the patterns in which the robot moves. Then, there are the features that come into play after the 671 suctions the debris. The large, easy-to-remove bin collects dirt while the AeroVac filter captures fine particles. Plus, maintenance is a breeze. From carpets to bare floors, do less and get more with the iRobot Roomba 671.

iRobot Roomba 671 Robot Vacuum with Wi-Fi Connectivity, Works with Alexa, Good for Pet Hair, Carpets, and Hard Floors

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