Bean bag chairs are often associated with dorm rooms and basement hangouts, but there is much more to these comfortable, budget-friendly pieces of furniture than a cover and some filler. In fact, they are available in a surprisingly wide range of sizes and shapes. Some are designed for video gaming while others are look similar to a standard chair. The style and usage possibilities are truly endless.

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Our Recommended Bean Bag Chairs

Chill Sack 4-Foot Memory Foam Bean Bag Chair

With several selections of high-end materials and a full spectrum of colors, the 4-Foot Chill Sack looks great in bedrooms, living rooms, and dens. This round bean bag chair is only 2.5-foot tall and 4 feet in diameter, making it the perfect size to hold one child.


On the outside, the chair’s cover is made of a stain-resistant microsuede. However, it’s also available in an extremely soft ultrafur fabric and a slightly textured pebble material. To prevent tears, the seams are double stitched. If it does rip, the inner liner prevents the shredded memory foam from spilling out. With 21 colors in choices like black, camel, and cinnabar, you’re sure to find a shade you like.

Maintaining the vibrant color of any of these fabrics is easy. Simply unzip the cover and wash it in your washing machine’s cold cycle. Then, let it air dry or tumble dry. Assembling it is also a breeze. All you have to do is take it out of the box, and the bean bag chair will instantly start expanding.

Soft Sack 5-Foot Bean Bag Chair

This Soft Sack Bean Bag Chair is great for rooms where space is a valuable real estate or any place where you like to lounge. Measuring 5 feet in diameter and 2.8 feet in height, you or your child can sit on the chair with room to spare. Its round shape gives it the look of that classic bean bag chair we all know and love.


Inside the chair, there is soft filling that’s made to last for years. This filling is a memory foam mix that is the same quality of the foam used in pricey mattresses. Plus, it offers a comfortable fit that adjusts to the contours of your body, and it only takes 30 minutes to expand enough for you to sit on after you remove it from the box.

With charcoal, lime, cocoa and eight other fabulous colors from which to choose, there is a color to suit your personal tastes. Although you can’t machine wash the suede-like cover, spot cleaning it is a quick and easy task. Thanks to the double stitching, the cover is highly unlikely to rip under normal wear and tear.

Flash Furniture Oversized Bean Bag Chair

Do you need a bean bag chair that will outlast your children through their rough-and-tumble years? If so, Flash Furniture’s 41-inch rounded bean bag chair is the chair for you. The chair is double lined for added durability, and its weight of just 12 pounds means you can move it with ease.


The cotton-twill cover comes in eight colors that range from rich colors like navy blue and crimson red to adorable pastels such as petal pink and mint green. Some covers even come with a polka dot pattern. You’ll appreciate that you can spot clean it when you’re in a hurry or machine wash it when the cover is extra dirty.

For ultimate support, the bean bag chair’s filling consists of lightweight, compression-resistant polystyrene polymeric beads. To keep curious children from unzipping the cover and releasing the filler beads, the zipper has a lock-and-key mechanism.

Fatboy the Original

Are you afraid that your dog or cat will shed all over a bean bag chair? Due to the heavy-duty nylon fabric of the cover, the “Fatboy the Original” Bean Bag Chair can withstand use and abuse from active pets. The nylon cover on this bean bag chair has a protective coating that combats water spots, hair, and stains, so slobber, fur and dirt won’t hurt it.


This pillow-shaped chair is available in 20 punchy colors. Whether you choose dark purple, olive or turquoise, the nylon fabric gives it a nice sheen, and messes wipe off easily with light spot cleaning. It measures 55 by 8 by 70 inches, making it large enough for you or your pets.

Like the bean bag chair at number three, this Fatboy chair contains polystyrene beads, which are durable and supportive. This means you can use it for hours at a time without the filling becoming compressed. In order to keep the beads secure, the cover stays closed via Velcro.

Chill Sack 5-Foot Bean Bag Chair

This Chill Sack offers a ton of color choices, and it’s big enough for an adult to use. It’s 5 feet by 5 feet, and it stands 2.8 feet tall. Like the others on our list, this bean bag chair is round. When you pull it out of the packaging, it takes up to 2 days for the chair to fill out; however, you can sit on it in less than 1 hour after removal.


Chill Sack made this particular chair in three different fabrics and 25 colors. Due to double stitching, the soft cover isn’t prone to tears. Whether you choose the microfiber suede, texture or plush cover, you’ll notice how cool the fabric stays. This is due to the tiny perforations in the fabric that ventilate the filling inside of the chair.

In regard to the filling, Chill Sack chose to use memory foam pieces for the noise-free support and comfort this filling provides. There is even a zippered lining between the cover and filling to keep the fluffy pieces from falling out. Whenever you need to clean the bean bag chair, simply toss the cover into your washing machine.

Buying Guide

Before you comparison shop, you need to have a solid idea in mind about what type of bean bag chair you want. That’s where this rundown of features comes in handy. From the fabric on the outside to the filling on the inside, this guide touches on all the aspects of bean bag chairs, so you can make an informed decision and get a bean bag chair that you’ll be happy with today and years from now.

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Bean Bag Chair Size

Getting the right size is key to your overall comfort. First, measure any spaces where you plan to use the bean bag chair, so you don’t buy one that’s too big. Then, consider who will be using the chair. If the chair is for a child, look for one that’s slightly bigger than what you think you need, so they won’t quickly outgrow it.

Bean bag chairs that are 30 inches wide or smaller are ideal for children and pets while those that are 30 to 54 inches wide are best suited for teenagers and adults. However, if you are tall or like to sprawl, you need a chair that measures from 54 to 72 inches wide. Want one that lets you lay down or sits multiple people? Look for a chair that’s wider than 72 inches.

best bean bag chairs for adults

Bean Bag Chair Shape

The shape is another factor to consider. Luckily, you have a lot of options. Some bean bag chairs are free-form in shape while others look like sofas and chairs. Those that are meant for one person are typically round; however, some are squared; these also make great footrests.

If back support is important to you, try a pear-shaped bean bag chair. Double-capacity ones are often elongated while many kids’ chairs are fashioned after sports gear and animals such as elephants, dogs, bears, and bunnies.

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Bean Bag Chair Fabric

There are more fabric choices besides colors and patterns. Vinyl and leather are perhaps the easiest materials to clean because all you have to do is wipe off dirt and spills. Nylon is a softer alternative to vinyl. However, if softness is a must, go for fur or microfiber. Microfiber is much softer than vinyl or nylon, and it is somewhat stain resistant. Fur is ultra-plush, but it can be a chore to keep clean if you have children or pets.

Bean Bag Chair Filling

Whatever filling you choose, you want a high-quality one that rebounds and provides support. Modern fillings are either beaded or foam. Beads made of polystyrene offer flexibility in terms of shifting them into the shape you want while those constructed from polypropylene are a little softer. If you prefer a natural filling, try pebbled buckwheat hulls.

Then, there are foam fillings. Shredded polypropylene memory foam is a popular choice. This foam is sturdier than beads, and it cushions and contours the body without spreading or breaking. There is also recycled polystyrene foam, which is an eco-friendly alternative.

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Bean Bag Chair Care Instructions

Do you have pets or children? If so, you want a bean bag chair that’s easy to maintain. Many come with removable covers that you can machine wash; these chairs are a breeze to clean. It also helps if the fabric repels stains and liquid, and you should also be able to spot clean the cover when minor mishaps occur.

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Bean Bag Chair Durability

There is more to a bean bag chair’s durability than the cover and filling materials. Ones with removable covers also have a liner, which secures the filling when you want to take off the cover or prevents spillage if the cover gets torn. Those without a removable cover should have double-stitched seams for added durability.

If you go the removable cover route, the cover will either be secured by Velcro or a zipper. Covers with Velcro are quick to remove; however, they can easily loosen as you shit your position on the bean bag chair. There are also covers with a zipper. Two-way zippers are easier to open and close, but locked zippers prevent children from dumping out the chair’s filling.

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When Was the First Bean Bag Chair Made?

The 1960s was a time of inventiveness and hope. It was in this era that a new and fun furnishing was invented – the bean bag chair.

Beginning as a spherical, foam-filled piece dubbed the Sea Urchin Chair, it quickly morphed into a pear-shaped number stuffed called the Sacco.

Once the 1970s rolled around, bean bag chairs were a mainstay in every department store across the country, and they were constructed from materials that were made to last, like Styrofoam beads and leather covers. However, it was the 1990s that brought a more varied range of choices, including recliners and couches.

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What Styles Are Available?

You probably know that you can find bean bag chairs with covers in every imaginable pattern and color. However, these chairs come in other shapes besides a round pouf. There are cubic ones and some with wide seats and tapered backs.

You can find bean bag chairs made just for children; these are usually small with an average circumference of 10 feet. There are also adult sizes that seat multiple people.

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What Are the Benefits of Owning a Bean Bag Chair?

From your budget to your time, bean bag chairs offer many benefits. If you want to dress up a room but don’t have a lot of money to work with, bean bag chairs add a lighthearted touch to an otherwise bland space.

Since they are generally inexpensive, you may even have money left over to buy complimentary pieces, leaving you with a fully decorated room. Plus, their low weight allows you to pick them up and move them without effort whenever you want to rearrange the room.

If you suffer from back pain, you’ll appreciate the support these chairs provide, making them ideal for times when you play video games, work on your laptop or watch television. Another bonus is their ability to act as a therapeutic tool for those who have sensory processing disorders.

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When you get one, you won’t find a bag of screws and washers along with a complicated instruction manual. All you have to do is unwrap it, fill it and fluff it, and then the bean bag chair is ready for use. They are also easy to maintain because many bean bag chairs have machine washable covers. Those that don’t can typically be wiped or spot cleaned.

Are Bean Bag Chairs Safe for Children?

Looking for a bean bag chair for your children? If so, you want one made of durable materials, and it should have a strong zipper and double stitching. You also want one with a soft filling like polyurethane foam, and the cover should be waterproof and easy to remove, so it will look brand new for years to come.

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