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Best Kenmore Canister Vacuums in 2023

You can get a high-quality canister vacuum without spending a small fortune. Cast in point: Kenmore canister vacuums aren’t just affordable, but they also deliver enough suction to remove dust and debris hidden in long carpet fibers.

Kenmore Vacuum Cleaners
Kenmore Vacuum Cleaner

In today’s guide, we’re going to take a look at four of the best Kenmore canister vacuum cleaners out there, as well as provide you with the information you need to make the perfect purchase decision.

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Our Recommended Kenmore Canister Vacuums

4. Kenmore 10701

The 10701 is one of Kenmore’s most budget-friendly canisters. Also, at only 9.5 pounds, it’s ultra-lightweight and easy to carry from floor to floor or lift it while vacuuming. What may come as a surprise is its motor-driven vacuum head that allows the bristles to repeatedly beat against carpets and rugs to dislodge hidden debris.

However, the Kenmore 10701 definitely isn’t the best canister vacuum for pet owners since the floorhead struggles to remove pet hair. Additionally, the power cord is only 18 feet long or about 10 feet shorter than what we prefer. In every other regard, the affordable 10701 is convenience packaged in a canister vacuum.

Kenmore Pet-Friendly Lightweight HEPA...
  • BAGLESS CANISTER VACUUM: Designed to clean all floors within your home, den, kitchen, car...
  • CLEANING POWER: Cyclonic technology uses centrifugal force to create powerful suction...

3. Kenmore Elite 21814

Whatever problems there were in the 10701 are solved in this machine. The bagged Elite 21814 features an ultra-powerful motor that not only removes large debris (cereal and dried pet food) from bare floors but does exceptionally well at removing pet hair.

For any of you pet lovers out there, the Elite 21814 is an excellent canister vacuum cleaner.

Inside of the Elite 21814 is none other than a True HEPA Filter that traps dander, dust mites, and other allergens to help keep your sinuses free of suffering. The Stair Grip feature will help keep the canister sitting upright while vacuuming carpeted steps.

Kenmore Elite 21814 Pet Friendly CrossOver...
  • BAGGED CANISTER VACUUM: Designed to clean all areas and surfaces of your entire home, den,...
  • PET POWERMATE: Motorized attachment lifts stubborn pet hair, dander and dirt quickly from...

2. Kenmore 81414

The Kenmore 81414 is also a bagged canister vacuum that requires constant purchasing of fresh bags over time. This can be a pain, but it’s also a great way to toss dirt and debris without the contents spilling onto your floors.

The 81414 uses a dual-motor system that delivers a ton of suction power for enhanced cleaning performance. No speck of dust, strand of pet hair, nor large cereal bit could escape the mighty suction of the 81414, whether hiding in shaggy area rugs or in between floorboard cracks.

Weight 22.6 pounds, it’s not the lightest Kenmore canister vacuum cleaner, but it’s certainly easy to tow thanks to its two oversized wheels.

Kenmore 81414 Bagged Canister Vacuum Cleaning...
  • BAGGED CANISTER VACUUM: Designed to clean all areas and surfaces of your entire home, den,...
  • ALUMINUM TELESCOPING WAND: Adjustable lightweight wand lengthens to an extended reach of...

1. Kenmore 81614

Last up, we have the 81614 of the 600 Series. Like the 81414, this is another bagged canister vacuum, but the bags are sealed tightly woven fibers to prevent even the tiniest speck of dust from creeping out.

The twin-motor system aims to keep the floorhead’s inlet unclogged for longer by way of sucking in tremendous amounts of air. This model also lets you adjust suction power depending on the surface you’re cleaning.

The Kenmore 81614’s main weapon is a Pet PowerMate floorhead that aggressively removes dander, pet hair, and other tiny, hard-to-get floor debris in an instant. Although this vacuum head is made for carpets and rugs, it works well on bare floors without leaving scratch marks in its wake.

Kenmore Friendly Lightweight Bagged Canister...
  • BAGGED CANISTER VACUUM: Multipurpose design w/swivel head cleans all areas and surfaces in...
  • PET POWERMATE: Motorized attachment lifts stubborn pet hair, dander and dirt quickly from...

A Brief Guide on Kenmore Canister Vacuum Cleaners

In this guide, we’ll tell you everything you need to know about the wonder selection of Kenmore canister vacuums and how to shop for the best model.

Best Kenmore Canister Vacuum Cleaners

Who Needs a Kenmore Canister Vacuum Cleaner?

If you’ve taken the time to scour the market to research different canister vacuum options, you may have noticed one thing: most of Kenmore’s canister vacs are on the budget-friendly side. However, don’t mistake cost-effectiveness for a lack of performance. In certain settings, these canister vacuum cleaners work just as well as the best of them, especially at picking up stray pet hair.

Important Considerations


The size of the motor should indicate how much suction power the unit delivers. Generally, larger motors are better for carpets, and if you have wall-to-wall carpeting, you’ll want a canister vacuum like the Kenmore 81414 or 81614.

Kenmore Canister Vacuums


You can never go wrong with a True HEPA Filter. This type of filter has the ability to trap particles as small as 0.3 microns and larger with up to 99.97% effectiveness.

Ultimately, common allergens like dander, pollen, and pet hair will not go airborne if a canister vacuum fitted with one of these filters, such as all four of these Kenmores, has anything to say about it.


Even though all of Kenmore’s canister vacuum cleaners are categorized as lightweight, some are lighter than others. A less heavy canister vacuum like 10701 is easy to move around and lift to get at dust hiding in vents and ceiling corners.

Bagged vs. Bagless

The Kenmore Elite 2814, 81414, and 81614 are bagged canister vacuums that require the purchasing of replacement bags. Although tossing out filled bags is arguably a lot easier than dumping out the contents of a plastic dust cup, the cost of purchasing fresh bags adds up over time.

If you don’t want to spend more than the cost of your vacuum on bags, then the 10701 is your best option.

Kenmore Vacuums

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Which Kenmore Canister Vacuum is the Best?

Hands down, the Kenmore 81614 is the best of the best, in spite of being a bagged canister vacuum. Everything about this vacuum, especially its range of cleaning tools, make this a highly versatile, reliable unit for picking up all sorts of floor debris.

The True HEPA Filter inside of this canister vacuum cleaner only makes it that much better.

How Long do Kenmore Canister Vacuums last?

Based on customer reports, Kenmore canister vacuums, on average, can last anywhere between 8 ad 15 years with proper care.

Their warranties don’t last as long, but thankfully, it’s not difficult for a Kenmore canister vacuum to outlive its warranty by a decade or so.


Are Kenmore Canister Vacuum Still Available?

Yes, they are. However, Kenmore works with a number of different manufacturers, many of which have stopped the production of Kenmore canister vacuum models. If you want an affordable Kenmore, you may need to act quickly.


And that is the end of our guide on finding the best Kenmore canister vacuum cleaner. As you can see, we have chosen four of the best Kenmores that you can get today, but we feel that any home, whether you have wall-to-wall carpeting or not, would benefit most from the Kenmore 81614 600 Series Canister.

Best Kenmore Canister Vacuum Cleaners

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