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Shark IZ363HT Anti-Allergen Pet Power Stick Vacuum Review

You may already know that Shark makes some of the top-performing cordless stick vacs on the market today. This time, we’d like to show you the Shark IZ363HT Rocket Pet Power, an anti-allergen stick vacuum that has a decent runtime per charge maintains contact with all floor types at all times, and features a self-cleaning brush roll that you’ll fall in love with if you’re a pet owner.

Shark IZ363HT Anti-Allergen Pet Power Stick Vacuum Review
Shark IZ363HT

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Tremendous Vacuum Power

First and foremost, how well does the IZ363HT clean? Looking at the technical specs, this device suctions at a rate of 48 water inches at 33 CFM on max mode. When switching to the wand and built-in tapered nozzle for tight spaces, the airflow volume increases to 42 CFM on max mode.

Compared to similarly priced cordless stick vacs, you’re getting nearly 20% more power with the IZ363HT, as well as long-lasting cleaning time per charge.

40-Minute Runtime

Speaking of cleaning time per charge, a fully charged battery pack will allow you to clean for up to 40 minutes nonstop on the lower setting. However, with the floorhead attached, that figure reduces to about 25 minutes—about the same amount of cleaning time as other cordless stick vacs by Shark.

Shark IZ363HT Stick Vacuum Review
Shark IZ363HT

What’s fascinating about the IZ363HT is that the battery pack is removable. If the need arises, you can purchase a second or third battery pack to extend your cleaning session by at least 100% per fully charged pack.

PowerFins + Zero-M Self-Cleaning Brush Roll

Here’s where things get interesting. If you flip the IZ363HT over, you’ll notice that the brush roll uses rubber paddles rather than stiff bristles. These paddles are called PowerFins, and their purpose is to maintain contact on all floor types at all times. The paddles deliver high-speed strike after high-speed strike to ensure that every last bit of debris gets swallowed up and sent directly to the plastic dustbin.

Another thing worth noting is that the brush roll uses Zero-M self-cleaning technology, which prevents hair from tangling around the paddles and clogging the inlet. Due to the paddle style of the brush, the risk of the IZ363HT choking on large hairballs is significantly smaller. This is a huge upgrade from previous Zero-M models out there.

Shark IZ363HT Video

Tall Input for Big Messes

Something you might not notice about the IZ363HT’s floorhead is that there’s more clearance between the front lip and the floor when vacuuming. What this does is allow the IZ363HT to pick up more than just tiny and medium-sized bits of debris.

The extra vertical clearance lets the IZ363HT swallow up large bits of cereal, which is practically unheard of in nearly every stick vac on the market. This is a huge plus for pet owners and parents of messy eaters.

However, it’s worth noting that the extra vertical clearance means the floorhead doesn’t produce the tightest seal on the floor. While it can remove most ultra-fine particles from carpets, it’ll require multiple passes before the job is completely finished.

Shark IZ363HT Review
Shark IZ363HT

Anti-Allergen Complete Seal

The IZ363HT boasts the Anti-Allergen Complete Seal that we’ve become so accustomed to seeing from Shark. However, while it does a great job at keeping dust and hair trapped inside the dustbin, it doesn’t come with a True HEPA Filter. Those who suffer from seasonal or pet allergies may want to look toward the Shark Rocket Pet Pro model for that extra boost in filtration capabilities.

Spring-Loaded Max Power Trigger + Brush Speed

The IZ363HT comes with two power modes—standard and max. To activate max mode, you have to pull out a trigger on the handle. Sadly, the trigger doesn’t lock in place. The moment you let it go, it’ll spring back to standard mode, which some users have found more annoying than helpful.

In addition, the IZ363HT offers two brush roll speeds. At the higher speed, it produces greater levels of agitation to loosen and lift up debris from carpeted surfaces. When vacuuming smooth floors, drop down the brush roll speed to conserve battery life.

Shark IZ363HT Specs

Weight7.17 lbs
Motor Size181 Watts
Bin Size.34 qt
Floor TypesCarpet and Hard Floors
Anti Tangle RollerYes
Active Hair RemovalYes
LED Lights on FloorheadYes
LCD ScreenNo
LED ScreenNo
Bagged / BaglessBagless
Dirt SensorNo
Sealed SystemYes
Tangle IndicatorYes
Clog IndicatorYes
Brush Roll On / OffNo
Smart Suction AdjustNo
Manual Suction AdjustYes
Battery Life50 min
Battery Level IndicatorYes
Digital Battery Level IndicatorNo
Detachable BatteryNo
Charging Time3 hr
Smartphone AppNo
Wifi EnabledNo
Charging DockNo

2 Cleaning Attachments

The IZ363HT comes with a crevice tool and a standard brush tool, both of which attach to either the end of the wand (by removing the floorhead) or directly to the handle (by removing the wand). If you choose the latter system, you can shave the weight of the tool by about 2 pounds, so cleaning above-ground surfaces is less challenging.

Shark IZ363HT
Shark IZ363HT

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Shark Stick Vacuum Comparison

RuntimeUp to 50 minutes17 mins extended, 8 mins boostUp to 40 minutesUp to 40 minutesUp to 60 minutes
DuoClean PowerFins0000
Self-Cleaning Brushroll
Anti-Allergen Complete Seal00
Converts to Handheld
Product Weight (lbs.)7.175.787.177.179.04

A Huge Step Forward for Shark and Stick Vacuum Cleaners

There’s a lot to love about the Shark IZ363HT Rocket Pet Power. It comes with enhanced vacuuming power, the ability to pick up extra-large debris on smooth floors and carpets, and the option to swap between battery packs. While the spring-loaded trigger can be a pain, you might find the standard cleaning mode more than adequate for cleaning all surface types.

Shark IZ363HT Anti-Allergen Pet Power...
  • HYPERVELOCITY ACCELERATED SUCTION: Provides incredible cleaning performance in an...
  • 50 MINUTES OF RUNTIME: Removable battery with up to 50 minutes of runtime measured at the...

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