Durability, efficiency, longevity, visibility – This cordless stick vacuum by Moosoo covers all the bases. A brushless motor and a high-capacity lithium-ion battery push 15 kilopascals of suction for 30 minutes or more. The filtration system includes a washable HEPA media, and running headlights illuminate dark under-furniture areas. Moosoo also adds two helpful tools for use in handheld-vac mode.

MOOSOO Cordless Vacuum Cleaner Review

Pivoting Nozzle and Multi-Purpose Attachments

With a 10-inch-wide nozzle that swivels 120 degrees and rolls on a pair of grooved wheels, the white-and-chrome Moosoo Cordless Vacuum Cleaner is easy to maneuver. LED running lights help you see hidden dust bunnies, and the vacuum’s pole tilts 10 inches to the floor for under-furniture cleaning.

This stick vac is designed for not only hard floor and carpet suctioning but also auto detailing and above-flooring vacuuming, and it comes with a brush/crevice on a flexible tube and an upholstery brush. As you vacuum in handheld mode, you don’t have to worry about scattering debris since the vents are placed on the sides, not the front.

Strong Suction and Durable Construction

A D-shaped handle offers an ergonomic grip, and the trigger gives you full control over the 15 kilopascals of heavy-duty suction lift. The stick vac is also equipped with a brushroll for carpet vacuuming. To quickly untangle hair, Moosoo throws in a helpful cleaning brush with a cutting hook.

MOOSOO Stick Vacuum Cleaner

When used as a handheld vacuum, this Moosoo model is incredibly lightweight at just 3.5 pounds. The pole, which can be used with the handheld attachments, is made out of durable aluminum alloy. Inside the vacuum cleaner, a 150-watt brushless motor prevents friction, extending the motor’s lifespan to 800 hours.

Long Working Time and On-The-Wall Storage

MooSoo added an 8-cell lithium-ion battery to this stick/handheld vacuum. With a capacity of 2,500 milliamps per hour, the battery can run for 30 to 40 minutes on a full 5-hour charge. This means you can vacuum up to 1,500 square feet every time you recharge the battery.

A three-bar LED indicator on the vacuum displays the battery’s charging status. While the storage hook doesn’t charge the Moosoo vacuum, you can plug in the adapter and recharge the battery when the vacuum is hanging on the wall. Alternatively, you can store the vacuum on its floor head just like an upright vacuum.

MOOSOO Vacuum Cleaner

One-Liter Capacity and HEPA Filtration

For a lightweight stick vauum, the Moosoo Cordless Vacuum Cleaner has a large debris capacity. The translucent cup holds 1.2 liters of dirt, crumbs and hair. A simple push-button opens a hinged door on the bottom of the cup, causing the debris to tumble straight into the garbage can instead of spreading dust into the air.


The vacuum does an excellent job at allergen control. The dirt cup contains a honeycomb-style metal cover that houses the pleated HEPA filter, and both media are surrounded by a mesh layer. All filtration components are washable, and the HEPA filter lasts anywhere from 2 to 6 months depending on the frequency of use and volume of dirt suctioned.

Lightweight and Dependable

Suitable for a variety of tasks, the Moosoo cordless stick vacuum‘s motor is powerful enough to lift heavy debris from floors and lightweight enough to use in your car. The lithium-ion battery delivers the working time necessary for vacuuming big messes, and we particularly like the flexible combo tool and pivoting floor nozzle.

HEPA filtration, a bottom-door bin and side vents prevent allergens from becoming airborne during and after you clean. You also get the benefit of headlights and the convenience of a wall-mounted storage hook. Want to see how Moosoo compares to other fledgling vacuum makers? Check out these cordless stick vacs by Onson, Goovi and Jashen.

MOOSOO Cordless Stick Vacuum Cleaner Review

MOOSOO vs. ONSON Stick Vacuum

While the Moosoo model has a 1-inch-wider cleaning path for faster vacuuming, the Onson has a larger pivoting range. The Moosoo stick vac’s grooved wheels offer better traction than the Onson vacuum’s smooth wheels. However, the Onson stick vacuum comes with an extra brushroll to meet the demands of all flooring types, and its brushroll offers clearer visibility.

MOOSOO vs. ONSON Stick Vacuum

Both cordless stick vacs can be changed into handheld vacuums if you remove the floor nozzle. Each one offers two handheld attachments, including a handy brush/crevice duo. Instead of an upholstery brush like the Moosoo vacuum has, Onson gives you a long crevice wand.

The Moosoo and Onson stick vacuums have a slim, headlight-equipped floor nozzle that fits under most low-sitting furniture. While the Moosoo vac generates 3,000 more pascals, the Onson model has a max-suction mode for high-traffic areas. Its D-shaped handle is also more comfortable than the Onson’s pistol-style grip.

Lithium-ion is the battery of choice for both brands. Although the Moosoo’s battery has a higher capacity, the Onson matches the Moosoo’s working time of about 30 to 40 minutes, and their recharge time hovers around 5 hours. A simple plug-in adapter makes charging a breeze, but the Moosoo comes with a wall-mounted storage hook.

Moosoo has Onson beat when it comes to dirt capacity with a 1.2-liter cup that’s twice as large. Their cups are see-through and open from the bottom. While each one has washable filtration media, the MooSoo’s cylindrical HEPA filter is more efficient at trapping allergens than the Onson’s standard disc filter.

ONSON Stick Vacuum

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MOOSOO vs. GOOVI Stick Vacuum

A width of approximately 10 inches and running headlights provide excellent maneuverability and visibility. Even though the Moosoo stick vacuum’s wheels offer greater stability, the Goovi stick vacuum‘s floor head gives you more, including 60 degrees of extra swiveling action, a clear instead of opaque brushroll window and two brushrolls as opposed to one.

MOOSOO vs. GOOVI Stick Vacuum

You can convert either stick vacuum into a handheld version with the push of a button. Although only Moosoo offers an upholstery cleaner, both come with a crevice tool that has a slide-down brush. To Goovi’s credit, it does give you onboard storage by putting a tool clip on its stick vacuum.

With its 200-watt motor, the Goovi vacuum pushes out 1,000 more pascals of suction than the 150-watt Moosoo vacuum, and you can increase the Goovi’s suction instantly. Goovi also opted to add a continuous-suction button that’s easier on the hand than Moosoo’s hold-down trigger, but the Moosoo model’s finger-grooved handle is more ergonomic than the Goovi’s curved, looped handle.

Running on a lithium-ion battery, both stick vacuums provide no-fade suction, and indicator lights keep you abreast of their charge level. The MooSoo vac has a working time of 30 to 40 minutes. Although the Goovi vacuum lasts for 30 to 60 minutes on standard suction, it can only go for about 15 minutes when set to max suction.

Your hands will never get dirty thanks to the bottom-door design of the debris canisters. They also capture dust, pollen and dander efficiently, using a washable HEPA filter for the task. If you’re short on floor space, you’ll appreciate the Moosoo’s wall-mounted hook. However, the Goovi’s floor stand proves useful to those who don’t want holes in their wall.

GOOVI Stick Vacuum

MOOSOO vs. JASHEN Stick Vacuum

While these stick vacs have headlights, the Moosoo is 2 inches wider and has two more LED bulbs, giving you a bigger reach and greater visibility. Both vacuums swivel around furniture with ease, and they have a pair of stabilizing wheels. You even get a choice of a pink or blue accent color with the Jashen stick vacuum.

MOOSOO vs. JASHEN Stick Vacuum

Moosoo uses a multi-floor brushroll, and Jashen opts for interchangeable brushrolls – one for carpets and another for hard floors. With each vacuum, you get a brush-and-crevice tool for handheld-vac use. Moosoo focuses its attention on fabric care with the inclusion of an upholstery brush while Jashen provides a far reach into tight crevices with its tapered wand.

The Moosoo stick vac’s D-shaped handle is contoured to your fingers, which is a feature left off the Jashen’s similarly shaped handle. Regardless, the Jashen stick vac is the only vacuum of the two that offers anti-fatigue continuous suction. Although the 120-watt Jashen also has a dual-speed motor, it only produces half the suction of the 150-watt Moosoo.

As with the Moosoo, the Jashen stick-handheld combo has a lithium-ion battery. Despite the Jashen battery’s smaller capacity, it boasts the same 40-minute runtime as the Moosoo. The only exception is when the Jashen stick vac runs on high speed. In this boost-suction mode, the working time lasts a little over 20 minutes.

Each vacuum has a rinsable pre-filter and HEPA-rated filter, drastically reducing airborne allergens. Jashen even throws in a spare filter media. The Moosoo stick vacuum’s dirt bin is larger – 1.2 liters to the Jashen bin’s 0.6 liters. While both have wall-mounted storage docks, the Jashen’s more robust dock can also be placed on a tabletop.

JASHEN Stick Vacuum

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