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Is the Kenmore 22614 Pet Friendly Canister Vacuum Worth It?

For an easier way to keep your living spaces clean, the Kenmore 22614 Canister Vacuum allows you to keep your home tidy like never before. Weighing just 26 pounds, it was designed to be carried from room to room, allowing you to clean any room in your house with ease. Although it may be small and lightweight, it still has incredibly impressive cleaning capabilities than rival other vacuums on the market.

Kenmore 22614

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Small Yet Powerful

Despite being compact in design, this vacuum has exclusive Power Flow technology combined with a powerful 2-motor system that imparts a powerful suction that successfully removes dirt, dust, and pet hair from your carpeting and furniture.

The secret of its efficiency lies within its cyclonic interior design, which uses centrifugal force to enhance suction and remove debris that may have eluded less advanced vacuums in the past.


  • Motorized attachment lifts persistent pet hair conveniently from floors
  • Unique design removes hair from tangling
  • Enhanced HEPA filtration traps 99.97 of debris lowering allergy-induced pollutants within the room


  • Canister is difficult to move

Makes Cleaning Easy

Along with a standard vacuum attachment and a telescopic wand, this bagless canister vacuum cleaner includes a Crevice Tool, Upholstery Tool, and Motorized Pet Tool.

Release and detach these attachments with the touch of a button for advanced cleaning that is as versatile as the surfaces of your home.

In addition, a 24-foot power cord gives you plenty of portability and 360-degree swivel allows you to reach even the tightest spaces. It traps dirt and debris within a transparent dust bin that eliminates the need to change messy bags and takes the chore out of cleaning your home.

Easy Reach

Product Specification
Weight23 Pounds
Cord24-Foot long
Hose14-foot long
Floor TypeAll

Allergen Free

Pet owners or any one who is allergy prone will especially appreciate this vacuum’s functionality. A HEPA-certified filter successfully removes 99% of dust, dander, and other significant allergens from the air, which reduces common asthma and allergy triggers and lets you breathe easy.

The included Pet PowerMate attachment takes it a step further by removing pet hair and dander from your carpets and upholstery. After using the Kenmore Bagless Canister Vacuum Cleaner, your home will be nearly allergy free.

Pet Power Mate
Kenmore Pet Power Mate

Customer Reviews

Users of this product had generally good things to say about how well it cleaned their homes. Many commented that although small and lightweight, it also had an incredible suction power and consistently cleaned pet hair from their carpeting.

The one complaint that even users who preferred this product had was that the dust bin was rather small and needed to be emptied after nearly every use. For this reason, it makes sense that many users who gave this product a good review commented that they had smaller homes or apartments.

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Buying Guide
Best Kenmore Canister Vacuums

4 height adjustments

Reasons To BuyReasons Not To Buy
Motorized attachmentsHeavy & bulky
Excellent HEPA filtrationBag-less vacuum requires more maintenance
Low clearance easy to clean under furnitureIncreased Exposure to Allergens
Powerful suction
Bag-less design

Kenmore 22614: Conclusion

This Kenmore Canister Vacuum is a great alternative to heavy or clunky vacuums that make it difficult or inconvenient to clean. Lightweight, versatile, and user-friendly, its attractive purple color also gives it a modern look that will compliment other home appliances.

Best served for those with smaller living spaces or who just want a lighter option when it comes time to vacuum, the Kenmore 22614 Bagless Canister Vacuum Cleaner gets the job done.

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