Canister vacuums offer incredible maneuverability and strong suction, making them ideal for homes with stairs or lots of nooks and crannies. The Kenmore 81614 comes with interchangeable nozzles to take care of your bare floors and your carpets. You also get three accessories with on-board storage and the benefit of bagged HEPA filtration. Features like the extendable wand and the retractable cord make cleaning and storage a breeze.

Kenmore 81614 vs Miele Compact: Canister Vacuum Comparison

Kenmore 81614

The Miele Compact C1 Pure canister vacuum boasts a high particle-capture rate within a sealed, bagged filter. The combo floor nozzle easily switches between hard floor and carpet mode, and all the detailing accessories can be stored on the wand. On the canister, you can choose from six levels of suction, and the handle rests comfortably in your palm.

Miele Compact vs Kenmore 81614: Canister Vacuum Comparison

Miele Compact C1

Floor Nozzles and Accessories

The Kenmore 81614
Equipped with two nozzles, there is no floor this canister vacuum can’t handle. The PowerMate is a deluxe floor nozzle that boasts an edge brush for baseboard cleaning and four pile heights, and it has excellent swivel action along with brushroll-jam protection. On the canister itself, there is a Pop-n-Go bare-floor nozzle, which attaches to the wand without forcing you to bend over.

You also get three accessories, all of which are stored in