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Best Canister Vacuum Brands: Ranking Based on Customer Service

Canister vacuums, with beefy motors, long wands and suction hoses, and a multitude of cleaning accessories, can clean your entire house much more effectively than any other type of vacuum. If you want a vacuum that’s more powerful than a stick and more flexible than an upright vacuum that does more with less, a canister vacuum cleaner should be your go-to choice.

Best Canister Vacuum Brands: Ranking Based on Customer Service


Kenmore canister vacuums have a long flexible hose and a powerful motor. This combination removes pet fur, common allergens, dust mites, food crumbs, and all sorts of debris instantly. Kenmore canisters are portable and lightweight, so there’s no more stumbling up the stairs! The hose easily cleans stairwells, drapes, tight spaces, and furniture.

The special filters built into Kenmore canisters are designed to capture more than 99% of dust and dander particles. Plus, they’re a lot quieter than most canister models you’ll find out there.


Anyone familiar with the Bissell brand knows that it makes specialized floor-cleaning tools for pet parents, including but not limited to canisters. Canister vacuum cleaners from Bissell are lightweight and easy to maneuver. They’re excellent for cleaning stairwells, upholstery, auto interiors, curtains, and a variety of other surfaces.

Bissell’s selection of canister vacuums includes wet/dry models, bagged and bagless models, as well as models designed specifically for cleaning up pet hair and messes. If you’re looking for a hard-hitting canister that’s great for removing common allergens, Bissell is the brand for you.


Eureka canister vacuum cleaners have more accessories and work better on bare floors than upright vacuum cleaners. Eureka Canister Vacuums are lightweight and compact. Some models have an electric floorhead for cleaning carpets and rugs, and telescoping wands for cleaning high and low.

Some Eureka canister vacuum cleaners include HEPA filtration, which removes 99.97% of particles 0.3 microns and larger from recirculated air. To pick up pet hair from your furniture, we recommend a pet-friendly vacuum with a HEPA filter and attachments.


As far as canister vacuum cleaners go, there’s no brand out there that even comes close to Miele. The German brand is known for its innovations, including Vortex motors with adjustable suction levels, making them great for a wide range of cleaning tasks.

The only gripe customers have with Miele is their lack of bagless models, so you’ll have to keep HEPA-lined filter replacement bags on hand if you own a Miele canister vacuum. As the producer of top-performing vacuums, shoppers will have to prepare a pretty large budget to own a Miele canister.


Severin is another German brand that, like Miele, is known for its engineering prowess. Their multi-cyclone canister vacuums ensure maximum dust retention without sacrificing suction power, and every model comes with an assortment of features that simplify vacuum homes from top to bottom.

Severin’s claim to fame is their canisters’ low-noise output, so there’s less strain on your senses while you get more done. Plus, the German company guarantees maximum durability as each canister unit has a minimum service life of 10 years.


In the world of canister vacuum cleaners, Hoover remains relatively silent. The company only makes a limited number of canister models, but they prove just as effective, lightweight, and flexible as any other brand.

In addition, they feature state-of-the-art filtration systems, which consist of HEPA filters and multiple cyclones, to lift debris off floors and keep them in the collection tank without the risk of spillage. While canister vacuums aren’t Hoover’s main focus, the Hoover name should be enough to convince you that you’re getting a high-quality product.


When it comes to cleaning challenges, Sanitaire portable canisters are up to any task at hand, thanks to their powerful performance and unrivaled maneuverability.

They are intended for detailed cleaning of a variety of surfaces and come with a variety of tools for maximum versatility. Whether you want to clean area rugs, carpeted steps, auto interior, or even drapes, there’s at least one Sanitaire canister vacuum with the right set of tools for any chore.


Dyson is one of the most dominating forces in the home appliance game, and their canister vacuums are just one part of that reason. Dyson canister vacuums, which are also known as Balls, are some of the most powerful vacuum cleaners available today.

They feature a wide range of state-of-the-art features, including high-speed motors that outpace that of a jet engine. In addition, they come with several unique cleaning tools that make spot-cleaning floors, ceilings, and everything in between, a breeze.


BLACK+DECKER doesn’t that have great of a reputation in the vacuum cleaner sphere, most of the problems arising from the brand’s handheld units. But as far as B+D canister vacuums go, you can rest assured that they deliver just as much as they promise, which is quite a lot.

Beefy motors, long hoses, and the ability to pick up wet messes (select models only), it’s clear that B+D canisters live up to their heavy-duty label.

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