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Kenmore 81214 vs 81414 vs 81614: Canister Vacuum Comparison

Kenmore is just one of those wholesome American brands you know you can trust. Many people associate Kenmore with kitchen appliances, but the company also makes some innovative yet reliable vacuum cleaners. If you want the level of maneuverability that only a canister vacuum can offer, take a look at the 200 Series, 400 Series and 600 Series of canister vacs by Kenmore.

Kenmore Canister Vacuum Comparison

The 200 Series Kenmore canister vacuum is powered by two motors and protected by three filters to maximize the suction flow. Features like a foot-pedal power control and cord rewind make storing the vacuum a quick, effortless task. The canister vacuum comes with a bare-floor tool and two attachments for detailed cleaning chores.

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With the 12-amp 400 Series canister vacuum, you get the benefit of two motors and a triple-filtration system that includes a durable HEPA collection bag. The pair of floor nozzles included by Kenmore cover an extra-wide cleaning path, and you can keep the vacuum’s accessories on the metal pole. If you’re vacuuming delicate hard floors, you can stop the brushroll from turning with just the flip of a switch.

The 600 Series model has a longer reach than the other two canister vacuum cleaners. The dual-motor, double-nozzle canister vacuum cleaner comes with three tools that are kept inside a dedicated compartment. Kenmore’s Pop-n-Go system prevents back strain by letting you connect the hard floor brush without bending over, and the canister’s grips stop the vacuum from falling when using it on your staircase.

Dual-Motor Suction

Kenmore 81214
If you like a little pizzazz to your appliances, the Kenmore 200 Series is the bagged canister vacuum for you with its bronze-orange housing. Inside of that housing, there is a motor while a second motor resides in the main floor nozzle. Each 12-amp motor boasts Kenmore’s Power Flow technology that maintains suction throughout the toughest of jobs.

To prevent suction-line clogs from occurring within the 19.6-pound canister vacuum, Kenmore put three filters in it. One is a HEPA paper bag that collects debris; another one is a large-particle pre-motor filter, and the final one is a fine-particle post-motor filter.

Kenmore 81414
The Kenmore 400 Series dazzles in a different way with its brilliant shade of ruby red. Like the 200 Series, this vacuum is equipped with a pair of mega-suction 12-amp motors – one in the canister and one in the primary floor head.

Weighing about 19.4 pounds, the 400 Series leans toward the lightweight side for a canister vacuum. For this model, Kenmore opted for a durable cloth HEPA bag. The vacuum cleaner also contains a post-motor and a pre-motor filter.

Kenmore 81614
Its plum purple lends the Kenmore 600 Series a modern, sophisticated look. This canister vacuum is slightly heavier than the 200 and 400 Series vacuums, weighing 22.6 pounds. However, it offers the same suction and filtration power.

There is a canister motor and a floor-head motor; both motors put out 12 amps worth of electrical current for a combined 24 amps. You get extra durability with a cloth HEPA debris bag. Plus, there are two other filtration media to capture small and coarse particles.

Conclusion: As far as suction quality goes, there is no difference between these three canister vacuums. Each one possesses a two-motor suction system that produces the same amperage. They also have three types of filters with the 400 and 600 having a cloth HEPA filter and the 200 containing a paper version.

A Pair of Floor Nozzles

Kenmore 81214
The nozzles you need to clean your hard floors, and your carpets are included with the 200 Series canister vacuum. The primary floor nozzle is ideal for use on carpeting. It’s equipped with oversized smooth wheels, a brushroll window, and a front bumper. Use your foot to press the power pedal or the suction-height adjuster.

Kenmore also has your bare-floor needs covered. You can quickly switch the carpet nozzle with the hard-floor nozzle. Both floor heads measure 14 inches in width, providing even suction from one side of the nozzle to the other.

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Kenmore 81414
Two-floor nozzles come standard with the 400 Series model. You get a carpet floor head with a viewing window that lets you check the brushroll for tangles. The exterior of the nozzle is protected by a rubber bumper, and the wheels are large enough to plow through carpet fibers. There is even a four-height adjustment pedal and a foot pedal instead of a power flip switch.

Measuring 14-inches wide, both the carpet and the bare-floor nozzle can cover a lot of square inches per pass to shorten your cleaning time. End-to-end suction promises efficient performance, and it’s easy to exchange one nozzle for the other.

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Kenmore 81614
Kenmore made two floor nozzles for all of its bagged canister vacuums, including the 600 Series vac. The carpet nozzle can be adjusted to four different heights by pressing a foot pedal, and the canister is affixed with grips that keep the canister propped on the stairs. Like the other two models, the 600 Series has a power pedal, heavy-duty wheels, and a bumper.

You also get a floor nozzle dedicated to bare-floor vacuuming. Each nozzle offers a cleaning path of 14 inches. Thanks to Kenmore’s exclusive Pop-n-Go system, you can push the bare-floor nozzle into place when it’s in the loading compartment, which saves you the hassle of bending or crouching.

Conclusion: Again, there are a lot of similarities with these canister vacuums in the scope of floor nozzles. Each vacuum comes with interchangeable wide-width hard floor and carpet floor heads. The carpet nozzle is fully loaded with premium features like a height-adjustment pedal and a bumper. However, only the 600 Series offers the back-saving Pop-n-Go nozzle-attachment system.

Every Corner Is In Your Reach

Kenmore 81214
Clean any spot in your house with the far-reaching canister vacuum. The canister vacuum has a 24-foot-long power cord that you can rewind by pushing the canister’s foot pedal. An on-handle control switch stops and starts the brushroll, and the handle is looped to give you a comfortable grip.

The pedal next to the auto cord-rewind pedal allows you to remove the pole for above-floor reach. When you connect the dusting brush or the crevice tool to the pole, you can clean as far away as 9.3 feet. After you finish, you can store the tools on the 200 Series’ pole clip.

Kenmore 81414
Two inches longer than the 200 Series canister vacuum’s power cord, the cord on the 400 Series stretches to 26 feet, and it retracts into the canister once you press the foot pedal. On the ergonomically looped handle, the suction slider lets you increase and decrease the suction according to the surface you’re vacuuming.

Take off the aluminum telescopic wand any time via the wand-release pedal. Once it’s off, you can put on the crevice tool or the brush tool and get 9.5 feet’ worth of reach. Kenmore provides onboard storage in the form of a wand clip.

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Kenmore 81614
With the Kenmore 600 Series, you get a few more above-floor vacuuming features. The canister is equipped with a raised carrying handle, and a D-shaped handle can be detached from the telescopic pole to vacuum narrow areas and furniture. In addition to a dust brush and a crevice nozzle, there is a motorized brush that works with the Pop-n-Go system.

Instead of storing the three tools on the aluminum wand, the canister opens to reveal a dedicated storage compartment. The foot pedal lets you retract the 28-foot-long power cord in a flash, and the attachments provide a 10.5-foot reach. If you need to turn off the brushroll, you can do that too with the handle’s three-way switch.

Conclusion: All of these canister vacuums offer convenient features, including a crevice tool and brush as well as a retractable cord and a D-shaped handle. Suction control is also available on the 200, 400 and 600 Series vacuums. While the 200 and 400 have on-pole storage, the 600 provides in-canister storage. The 600 also comes with a Pop-n-Go motorized brush tool.

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These are three quality Kenmore canister vacuums. Each one runs on not one but two motors, so you get a high amperage. In turn, the large number of amps equates to incredible suction strength. One of the two motors is built into the carpet floor nozzle, which is complete with a brushroll window. This floor head is even adjustable to four heights.

A 14-inch-wide cleaning path means it will take less time for to you vacuum. If you’re cleaning hardwood or tiles floors, the bare-floor nozzle is the same width as the carpet nozzle. A pre-motor and a post-motor filter are found in all three canister vacs. Plus, all functions but the suction control are activated via a foot pedal.

Sure, each canister vacuum comes in a different color, but each finish is eye-catching. The 200, 400 and 600 Series are all lightweight; however, their weights vary within a 4-pound spectrum, and their total reach differs by 1.2 feet. As far as the retractable cord, its length goes from 24 feet on the 200 to 28 feet on the 600.

All debris is captured by a HEPA bag except the 400 and 600 Series of canister vacuum cleaners have a cloth bag instead of a paper bag like the 200. Tools like the crevice nozzle and the brush on each vacuum help you clean in awkward areas.

The 600 Series also comes with a motorized brush for upholstery and stairs. This brushroll-equipped tool is a Pop-n-Go accessory, and the 600’s other tools stay inside the canister when not in use. On the other hand, the tools that come with the 200 and 400 are stored on the pole. Vacuum faster and better with the Kenmore 200 Series, 400 Series, and 600 Series canister vacuums.

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