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Miele Compact C1 Turbo Team Bagged Canister Vacuum Review

As far as canister vacuum cleaner goes, there’s one brand that guarantees the best possible features and cleaning performance: Miele.

Today, we’re looking at the German- brand’s Compact C1 Turbo Team—a highly versatile canister beast that works wonders at cleaning floors, ceilings, and almost everything in between.

Miele Compact C1 Turbo Team Bagged Canister Vacuum Review

1200W Vortex Motor

The C1 Turbo Team is packing some heavy-duty equipment. You’ll find inside of the canister unit is a massive 1200W Vortex Motor, which doesn’t sound very impressive until you learn what it can do.

According to Miele, its Vortex Motor Technology is capable of producing suction speeds of up to 100 km/h. That much suction power, combined with the aerodynamic design of the floorhead, virtually ensures absolutely nothing in the C1 Turbo Team’s cleaning path has the slightest chance of escaping.

6 Power Speeds

Does that mean the C1 Turbo Team continuously pulls air in at a rate of 100 km/h? Certainly not! As you’ll see on the motor house, there’s a dial with MIN and MAX settings on either side, along with 6 symbols.

Those symbols determine how much suction power the motor creates, allowing you to clean delicate area rugs without tugging out all of the fuzzy fibers. However, if you wish to vacuum with the suction force of about a quarter of a tornado’s power, you certainly have that option.

Oversized Foot-Operated Buttons

Something we’ve found incredibly annoying in non-Miele canister vacuums is the on/off switch, dial, or button. You laboriously have to lean down to turn the motor on before standing upright again to vacuum.

Miele solves this problem in each of their canister vacuum models, including the C1 Turbo Team, by installing oversized buttons. That way, all you have to do is tap the power button with your toe.

Auto-Cord Rewind

There are actually 2 oversized buttons—the on/off button and a button with a power cord symbol on it. What tapping the second button does is automatically reel the 18-foot-long power cord into the canister pod, so the cord never kinks or tangles before putting the vacuum cleaner away.

On a side note. 18 feet of power cord isn’t that long, but you can solve the problem of limited movement by plugging the C1 Turbo Team into an extension cord (sold separately, obviously).

Multiple Tools + On-Board Storage

The C1 Turbo Team comes with four cleaning tools, 2 of which are designed for cleaning floors—the TurboTeQ Floorhead with an air-driven brush roll and a Parquet Floorhead that relies solely on suction to lift debris off of bare floors.

You’ll also receive a dusting brush, a crevice tool, and an upholstery tool, all of which pretty much come standard with any canister vac. Best of all, you can keep all the spot-cleaning tools safe and sound by placing them on the tool clip.

Verdict: Miele Does It Again with the Compact C1 Turbo Team!

As we expected, the Miele C1 Turbo Team Canister Vacuum Cleaner is just as wonderful as any of Miele’s other models. Our only gripe is that it’s a bagged unit, so you’ll have to replace it with fresh ones every so often. Other than that, the C1 Turbo Team’s features certainly make it worth considering.

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Miele Compact C1 Turbo Team Bagged Canister...
  • POWERFUL & LIGHTWEIGHT: Bagged canister vacuum cleaner ideal for homes with hard floors...
  • STRONG SUCTION POWER: Switch between 6 suction power settings specific to the surface...

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