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Shark CZ351 vs Shark CZ2001 Canister Vacuums

It’s not even Shark Week on the Discovery Channel and we’ve already got a Shark vs. Shark battle we want to show you. This clash is between two canister vacuum beasts—the Shark CZ351 and the Shark CZ2001—to see which of them will reign supreme.

Shark CZ351 vs Shark CZ2001

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#1 Shark CZ351 Canister Vacuum

DuoClean Powerfins

First of all, let’s take a look at what both canister vacuum’s floorheads have in store for us. They both come equipped with Shark’s DuoClean system, which consists of two types of brushes built into a single brush roll.

Shark CZ2001 Canister Vacuum Vertex Bagless Corded with Self-Cleaning Brushroll & DuoClean PowerFins, Black/Copper, Placeholder
Shark CZ351 Canister Vacuum

First, you have soft bristles that gently massage floors while also extracting debris embedded deep at the root of your carpet’s fibers.

The second brush system is the Powerfins, which are silicone fins that “beat” your carpets and draw in large debris, as well as hair and fur. Best of all, the Powerfins make it nearly impossible for hair to tangle and clog the vacuum’s inlet.

MultiFLEX Wand

One problem you might have experienced when using a canister vacuum is that pushing the wand underneath low-hanging furniture is a pain. Well, thanks to the MultiFLEX Wand system, those days are over.

Shark CZ351 Canister Vacuum
Shark CZ351 Canister Vacuum

Users can adjust the angle of the wand by bending it in half and locking it in position. So, if you want to clean underneath furniture without bending over, take advantage of the MultFLEX Wand’s flexibility!

LED-Studded Floorhead

Something that most people take for granted is LED lights in a vacuum cleaner’s floorhead. What the lights on the Shark CZ351’s floorhead, as well as that of the CZ20001, do is illuminate hidden piles of dirt and dust, making it easier to notice and vacuum up.

The lights aren’t extremely bright, but they do a good enough job at making concentrated dirt piles a lot more visible in the dark.

Shark CZ351 Canister Vacuum Review
Shark CZ351 Canister Vacuum


A vacuum cleaner doesn’t just draw in air; it also shoots filtered air back into a room via the exhaust port. Thankfully, both of these canister vacuums are protected by Shark’s Allergen-Sealed System that prevents dust from seeping out of the dust container, out of the main body, and onto your floors.

Shark Vertex Bagless Corded Vacuum with...
  • DUOCLEAN POWERFINS: Dual-brushroll system - dig deep into carpets and directly engage...
  • NO HAIR WRAP: Self-cleaning brushroll delivers powerful pet hair pickup without wrapping...

#2 Shark CZ2001 Canister Vacuum

LED Smart Display

What makes the Shark CZ2001, as well as the CZ351, so great is the LED Smart Display. The display is located right on the handle and lets users scroll between different suction levels and floor types.

Shark CZ351 Canister Vacuum Pet Bagless Corded with Self-Cleaning Brushroll & DuoClean PowerFins, Navy & Silver, Placeholder
Shark CZ2001 Canister Vacuum

So, if you’re vacuum carpets, you’ll want to activate carpet-cleaning mode, which draws in more air and rotates the brush roll at a higher rate for a deeper clean.

When cleaning bare floors or using either spot-cleaning attachments (crevice and multi-pet tool), you’ll want to switch to a slower speed so as to reduce the risk of damage.

Oversized Foot-Operated Buttons

On the main canister body, you’ll find two oversized buttons that you can press with a tap of your foot.

The button on the left turns the motor on and off, while the button on the right automatically sends the 25-foot power cord reeling into the canister for quick and easy cleanup. It looks like Shark took a page out of Miele’s book when installing these back-saving buttons on the CZ2001 and CZ351.

Shark CZ2001 Canister Vacuum
Shark CZ2001 Canister Vacuum

Smooth Glide Wheels

Although these canister vacuum cleaners are incredibly lightweight (around 9 pounds), there are times when you’ll want to tug on the flexible hose to pull the canister with you. Thankfully, there’s a set of smooth glide wheels at the bottom, which allow it to travel seamlessly across bare floors.

Make sure you gently pull on the hos and not jerk it around to prevent damage to it. What’s great about the canister pod is that it stands upright, so users don’t have to worry about it toppling over (unless you jerk the flex hose around).

Easy-Empty Dust Cup

Another feature that’s worth pointing out is that, unlike Miele, these Shark canister vacuums are bagless. That means you don’t have to spend extra cash on replacement filter-lined bags, which can add up to quite a lot over time.

Instead, these canisters come with large Easy-Empty Dust Cups that detach from the main body and force collected debris out with a push of a button. To reinstall the dust cup, just push it back into the main body until you hear a slight snapping sound.

Shark CZ2001 Canister Vacuum Review
Shark CZ2001 Canister Vacuum
Shark CZ351 Pet Canister Vacuum, Bagless,...
  • POWERFINS TECHNOLOGY: Provide continuous cleaning contact, digging deep into carpets and...
  • NO HAIR WRAP: Self-cleaning brushroll delivers powerful pet hair pickup without wrapping...

Verdict: So, Which Should I Get?

After reading our comparison, you’ll notice that both the CZ351 and the CZ2001 are identical in every way. In fact, the only point of difference between the two is their colors. So, if you want a black canister vacuum with gold trim, choose the CZ351. For a Miele-esque look, the CZ2001 is the canister for you.

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