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Kenmore 10701 Canister Vacuum Review

Gone are the days when vacuums were heavy, clunky, and hard to control. Technology has advanced to make our lives easy in so many ways, including making household chores easier now than ever before.

Kenmore 10701 Canister Vacuum Review

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While vacuuming used to be a headache-inducing chore, a new generation of portable vacuums have a host of features that make it quicker, easier, and more convenient to keep living spaces ultra-clean. Kenmore, a leading producer of household appliances, has a variety of compact canister vacuums that promise to change how clean your living spaces.

This Kenmore 10701 Bagless Compact Canister Vac is the perfect example of how appliances have been updated for incredibly easy use throughout the home. Highly portable and quick to clean, it is a great alternative to traditional upright vacuums, allowing you to go from room to room and floor to floor with ease.

This vacuums cleaning capabilities an functional design promise that this bagless canister vacuum is a lightweight alternative to outdated vacuums of the past.

Cleaning Power

This 11 Amp vacuum has a powerful, cyclonic design that uses centrifugal force to clean dirt, pet hair, and other debris from your floors. The turbine brush and rotating agitator work in unison to dislodge set in dirt from thick carpeting so it can be easily removed and disposed of. It boasts a consistent suction that collects debris from carpet fibers, upholstery, and cracks in your flooring.

An included second brush is specifically designed for cleaning bare flooring, ensuring that your linoleum or hardwood floors will remain scratch free. A telescoping wand enhances this vacuums convenience, as it allows you to clean high and hard to reach places with ease. These are all attached to a 360-degree swivel hose that lets you move freely without the risk of the hose kinking or tangling. Finally, an included HEPA filter eliminates odors and allergens from the air, giving your home an even more effective clean.


Weighing only 17.5 lbs and designed with a convenient handle, this vacuum is compact, highly portable, and includes many user friendly features. Not only does it feature a retractable 16-foot cord that automatically retracts and recoils, it also has a foot-activated power switch that allows you to turn it on and off without having to bend over uncomfortably. Two attached wheels further enhance its portability.

With a completely bagless design, the transparent dustbin lets you see exactly when it needs to be emptied. It removes and empties quickly to dispose dirt with ease, and the canister needs just a rinse to be completely cleaned.

This eliminates the need to fuss and re-install messy bags. Because it is small, it is also easily stored when not in use. The Kenmore 10701 Bagless Compact Canister Vac makes cleaning more convenient every step of the way.

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Kenmore 10701: Conclusion

Lightweight portability paired with bagless functionality, this Bagless Compact Canister Vac from Kenmore was designed with user convenience in mind. Although it has many great features, user reviews reveal that this vacuum isn’t as powerful as promised.

Many users commented that its suction power was incredibly lacking, and that it failed to pickup even light fuzz from carpeting. Others said that they had trouble maneuvering the device, finding that the unit frequently fell over and stopped functioning when pushed too hard.

When compared to similar models on the market, this vacuum cleaner again falls short. The similarly-sized Kenmore 22614 Pet Friendly Bagless Canister Vacuum has many features that this device does not. The Kenmore 10701 Bagless Compact Canister Vac doesn’t have the same dual motor power, quick draw handle, or motorized pet attachment like the similar Kenmore 22614 Pet Friendly Bagless Canister Vacuum. It does, however, have a significantly lower price point and provides a more affordable (albeit less powerful) alternative the more advanced device.

Users who liked this vacuum all agreed that it was a lightweight and functional tool for their household. They commented that it was indeed easy to clean the detachable dust canister and could be carried around their house with ease.

One user commented that because it was so compact, it made the perfect addition to for quick cleaning around their motor home. While it may not have the power of other vacuums on the market, again, the price point is a major plus. The Kenmore 10701 Bagless Compact Canister Vac is an affordable vacuum that is functional and portable, although best suited for light cleaning.

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