When you have carpets, a simple stick vac just doesn’t provide the cleaning power you need. For carpet vacuuming, you gotta have an upright. When you add stairs or arthritis into the mix, the weight of a traditional upright vacuum cleaner is too much.

Eureka NEU180B vs Deik Upright Vacuum

Deik and Eureka combine the suction power of an upright with the lightweight feel of a stick vac. Both full-size uprights weigh fewer than 12 pounds, and they produce enough suction to vacuum wall-to-wall carpeting. Each one also has a height-adjustable dial and attachments for above-floor cleaning. Take a look at the unique features of both uprights.

Multi-Amp Motor

The Deik Upright Vacuum Cleaner
For this upright vacuum cleaner, Deik chose to use a strong 9-amp motor. Kitted with a thermal switch, the motor will automatically shut down in the event a clog causes it to overheat. The motor produces 17,000 pascals’ worth of suction, which is more than enough to lift stubborn debris from carpeting.

Deik vs. Eureka NEU180B Upright Vacuum

The motor is also responsible for spinning the helix-patterned brushroll, which rotates at an impressive rate of 6,500 rpm. You can view the brushroll via the floor head window, so you can troubleshoot tangled hair in an instant. With 2 years of limited warranty protection, you’re covered in the event of a malfunction.

The Eureka NEU180B Upright Vacuum Cleaner
Eureka’s NEU180B model is equipped with a powerful motor rated at 8 amps. This motor generates 960 watts of suction strength, which is right on target for a lightweight upright. Like its Deik counterpart, the Eureka NEU180B comes with 2 years’ worth of limited warranty coverage.

Eureka NEU180B

In addition to the suction system, the 8-amp motor also controls the power to the Eureka’s brushroll. The brushroll’s helix design is efficient at picking up crumbs, dirt and hair. There is no viewing window that provides an outside look at the brushroll; therefore, you’ll have to flip over the vacuum’s head to check for wound hair.

Conclusion: While the Deik vacuum’s motor draws an additional amp compared to the Eureka’s motor, there isn’t a noticeable difference in the suction power. Both uprights are covered under warranty for 2 years and equipped with brushroll that reaches deep between carpet fibers. However, only the Eureka vacuum has a brushroll window.

Lightweight Handling

The Deik Upright Vacuum Cleaner
You’ll love how easy it is to push and lift the Deik upright vacuum. The unit only weighs 11.4 pounds, which is lightweight enough for most people to handle. One press of the foot pedal is all that’s needed to get the vacuum going, and the D-shaped handle helps you maintain a comfortable grip.

Deik vs. Eureka

Although the vacuum doesn’t weigh much, it still cleans along a wide path. The floor nozzle measures 11.5 inches from one side to the other, covering a lot of floor fast. The nozzle even has a dial that you can turn to raise and lower the floor plate five notches from bare floor to high-pile carpet.

The Eureka NEU180B Upright Vacuum Cleaner
If you thought the Deik model was lightweight, the Eureka beats it by 1.3 pounds. Since the Eureka NEU180B weighs a mere 10.1 pounds, anyone can tote it up the stairs or push it along thick carpeting. As with the Deik upright, the Eureka’s floor head is affixed with a back-saving foot pedal and a five-height adjustable knob.

Ergonomics should always be a key consideration when purchasing a vacuum cleaner. Eureka meets that requirement with the D-shaped handle. Thanks to the nozzle’s wide width of 12.6 inches, you can vacuum your entire house in record time.

Conclusion: When it comes to weight, the Eureka is the lightest of the two. This vacuum also cleans along a wider path. However, the Deik vacuum is anything but heavy, and it offers the same foot pedal that the Eureka has. Plus, each vacuum cleaner’s floor nozzle can be adjusted to one of five heights with an easy-to-use turn dial.

Above-Floor Cleaning Tools

The Deik Upright Vacuum Cleaner
Not all the dirt and dust in a house is found on the floor. For sofas, blinds, stairs and ceiling fans, you need a high above-head reach. Deik obliges with its stretchable hose. Coupled with the plastic-handle-turned-extension-wand, you can reach 9 feet from wherever the vacuum cleaner is sitting. The upright also has a 21-foot-long quick-release power cord.

Deik Upright

To help you tackle these messes, Deik throws in a two-in-one attachment. This tool can be used as a crevice wand to reach into narrow gaps, such as the space between couch cushions, or a brush for dusting hard and upholstered surfaces. When you’re done, there’s a place to store the combo tool on the vacuum.

The Eureka NEU180B Upright Vacuum Cleaner
You can reach just as high with the Eureka NEU180B as you can with the Deik upright. On the Eureka, there is a 7-foot hose that provides an even longer reach when connected to the detachable pole on the metal handle. With a power cord that measures 25 feet long, you can vacuum further distances without changing electrical outlets.

Eureka NEU180B Upright

There are three accessories that come with this upright vacuum. The wide brush is meant for vacuuming upholstered surfaces and stairs while the soft-bristled brush dusts a variety of surfaces. In addition, you get a tapered crevice tool that fits into tight spaces. The power cord wraps around fixed hooks, and onboard storage is available for all three attachments.

Conclusion: A lengthy above-floor reach? Check. Onboard storage for all the tools? Check. Overall, both upright vacuum cleaners are built well for detailed cleaning. The Eureka upright does come with a dedicated upholstery brush, which is one accessory the Deik vacuum lacks. The Eureka’s power cord is longer, and the handle is sturdier since it’s made of metal.

No-Mess Dirt Bin

The Deik Upright Vacuum Cleaner

Using cyclonic suction, the Deik upright vac collects dirt in its bin and allergens in its filtration media. The bin holds 1.2 liters’ of debris, and its see-through housing makes it easy to tell when it’s full. Since the bin opens from the bottom with a button push, your hands won’t get dirty when you empty its contents.

For maximum filtration efficiency, Deik chose to use a pre-filter before the motor and a HEPA filter after the motor. The pre-filter consists of washable foam, and it’s located inside the dirt bin. The main filter is HEPA-rated, and it rests above the bin.

The Eureka NEU180B Upright Vacuum Cleaner

Cyclonic suction is also how the Eureka NEU180B separates large debris from fine particles. The dirt cup has an large capacity of 2.6 liters, and it opens from the bottom, creating less of a mess. Its transparency allows for easy fill-level monitoring. Should you find it necessary, you can safely rinse the cup.

Two types of washable filter media are included to prevent allergens from becoming airborne. When you open the top compartment of the dirt cup, you’ll see a cylindrical filter screen. This screen protects the foam disc, which is the main filter. Having both filters in the same place makes maintenance easier.

Conclusion: While both bins open from the bottom, Eureka’s dirt bin can hold over twice the volume of debris than the Deik’s cup. Eureka also has a washable filter set, which is more convenient to take out and reinstall. Regardless, the Deik’s filters consist of a pre-filter and a HEPA filter, which is more efficient than disc media.

Deik Upright Vacuum Cleaner, Bagless Vacuum Cleaner

Lightweight Yet Full-Powered

The Deik upright boasts a slightly stronger motor and a brushroll window. Allergy-sufferers will appreciate its HEPA filter, and the quick-release cord is a nice convenience when you’re busy. The Eureka NEU180B weighs even less than the lightweight Deik, yet it has more attachments, a wider cleaning path, a sturdier handle, a longer power cord and a larger dirt bin.

Both offer nozzle-height adjustment and provide onboard tool storage. Long cleaning sessions don’t result in hand fatigue thanks to their ergonomic handles, and both vacuums’ bins open from the bottom to prevent dust from becoming airborne. Bottom line – You can vacuum almost anywhere in your home with either one of these size-friendly upright vacuums.

Eureka NEU180B Lightweight Powerful Upright, Pet Hair Vacuum Cleaner for Home, Graphite

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