If you’re looking for the one of the best upright vacuums to clean your hard and carpeted floors, look no further! The Hoover Pet Max UH74110 is an amazingly powerful, extremely versatile upright that’s designed to tackle the roughest and toughest stains on all types of surfaces.

Hoover Upright Vacuum Review

Take a look at our review of the Hoover Pet Max UH74110 to see what sort of magic this vacuum cleaner can conjure.

12-amp Motor

The UH74110 is packing some pretty tremendous heat. Inside of the unit is an ultra-powerful 12-amp motor that delivers enough suction power to extract the tiniest speck of dust and thinnest strand of hair out of shaggy area rugs.

Hoover UH74110

Hoover UH74110

There’s absolutely no point in doubting that this upright can handle bare floors just as easily thanks to its brushroll with three sets of parallel bristles that lift and remove debris out of tiny cracks and crevices.

What makes the UH74110 a true masterpiece is its scatter guard. The plastic housing surrounding the brushroll ensures that when vacuuming hard floors, the brushes don’t end up tossing debris to the side.

Every dust particle and dried food crumbs are pulled directly in the suction inlet for immediate storage in the 2.5-liter dirt bin.

Pet Tool Kit

If you live with a cat, dog, or extraordinarily hairy person, then the UH74110 is definitely the right choice. Not only does this upright clean floors extremely well, but it also comes with a handy kit of multi-purpose pet tools that make above-floor cleaning a breeze.

The kit includes a standard crevice tool for cleaning in between cushions, a flexible dusting brush that works great at removing dust from vent grates, and the ever-popular air-driven turbo pet tool that removes every strand of fur with each pass.

12-foot Above-Ground Reach

Speaking of above-floor cleaning, the UH74110 comes with a long 12-foot suction hose which connects to one of the three included cleaning tools to help reach overhead and hard-to-reach areas. While moving around with the suction hose, the upright stands completely still and won’t tip over when tugged (within reason).

Hoover UH74110 Pet Max

Hoover UH74110

This should help you get at those pesky cobwebs hanging on ceiling fans and drapes!

17-pound Build

The weight of the UH74110, including the weight of the cleaning tools, is 17.1 pounds, just a couple pounds heavier than what you would typically find in an upright vacuum cleaner.

Although the weight doesn’t really affect maneuverability—in fact, it keeps the unit upright while tugging at the suction hose—the lack of swivel steering does. If you get the UH74110, you’ll need to create a wide path with plenty of clearance to turn this unit around.

25-foot Power Cord

It’s not just the suction hose that’s satisfyingly long but the power cord as well. Measuring in at 25 feet, it’s pretty fair to say that the UH74110 is able to clean multiple rooms while being tied down to a single wall outlet.

This, ultimately, reduces how many times you need to unplug and plug the machine back in, making it not only convenient but also enjoyable to use. What would have made this a near-perfect upright is if it came with an auto-rewind system to quickly store the 25-foot cord.

Allergen-Seal + Washable Air Filter

Like many of the best upright vacuums you’ll find on the market, the UH74110’s dust cup and motor are completely sealed to prevent allergens (pollen, dust, dander) from leaking out and getting shot out of the vacuum’s exhaust.

Hoover UH74110 Pet Max Complete Vacuum

Hoover UH74110

Perhaps what surprised us most about the UH74110 was its lack of a HEPA or HEPA-style filter. Instead, this unit sports a basic washable air filter that needs to be thoroughly cleaned at least once every week (depending on frequency of use).

Multi-Cyclonic Action

The way the UH74110 maintains optimal suction performance in every vacuum session is by sending all debris through a multi-cyclonic process that separates fine from coarse particles. This separation process ensures that the contents of the dust cup will not settle in the filter and reduce suction power.

As long as the motor is running and the filter is washed regularly, you can expect awesome cleaning performance every time.

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Verdict: Should I Get the Hoover Pet Max UH74110?

That depends. As an upright, there’s actually very little to complain about. The Hoover Pet Max UH74110 Upright Vacuum does everything you’d expect, and it can clean multiple surface types without leaving even the faintest scratch. However, the lack of a HEPA filter may be a put-off to those looking for an upright to pick up after their pets.

That said, we would highly recommend this upright to anyone who needs a high-quality upright vacuum for everyday cleaning.

In the end, the Hoover Pet Max Complete 1 offers a wonderful vacuuming experience. By making use of this vacuum’s excellent motor, strong brushes, myriad of tools and attachments, as well as the mobility that it offers; you can vacuum nearly anything in a manner that is truly effortless. But, at the same time, it is worth noting that this upright vacuum is somewhat expensive. If you can look past that, though, then the Hoover UH74110 is the best upright vacuum to purchase.

Pros: Powerful motor, strong brushes, excellent tools and attachments, mobile and lightweight

Cons: Quite expensive for an upright vacuum

Hoover UH74110 Pet Max Complete Bagless Upright Vacuum Review

Upright Vacuum Review

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