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Eureka NEU100 Airspeed Ultra-Lightweight Upright Vacuum Review

Today, we’re looking at the ultra-light, ultra-powerful, and ultra-affordable NEU100 Airspeed by Eureka. This upright vacuum cleaner does an excellent job at cleaning all types of floors and without the least bit of struggle at a fraction of the cost of comparable models.

Eureka NEU100

In this review, we’re going to helping in determining whether the budget-friendly NEU100 Airspeed is the right upright for your home.

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On the whole, the Eureka NEU100 Airspeed Upright Vacuum is the perfect upright vacuum for someone who needs power, mobility, and affordability.

Weighing just 7.7-pounds, and with a sleek and neat design, this upright vacuum is extremely easy-to-use. But, along with that, the suction power and brushes this upright vacuum uses allow for thorough and efficient vacuuming. If that is what you are on the market for, and don’t want to spend too much money, then the Eureka NEU100 will be a fantastic purchase!

Pros: Super lightweight, very mobile, quite powerful, comes with several useful vacuuming tools

Cons: Definitely not designed for intensive vacuuming

6-amp Motor

The Airspeed sports a moderate 6-amp motor that delivers quite a punch. The suction power produced by this upright is more than enough to lift and remove debris hidden within the between floorboards and tiles. When moving to carpeted floors, that’s when the active beater brush comes into play.

Eureka NEU100 Review
Eureka NEU100

Single-Height Brushroll

This Eureka upright comes with a standard motor-driven brushroll with stiff bristles that dig deep into carpets, area rugs, and between tiles to dislodge whatever debris lays hidden beneath the surface. The brushroll’s height is non-adjustable, but the bristles are gentle enough not to leave scratch marks.

Also, there is no option to lift the brushroll to keep it off of the floor. At all times when the motor is running, the brushroll is in contact with your floor to help get at debris seeking refuge in invisible cracks and grooves.

Only 7.7 pounds!

Perhaps the Airspeed’s main selling point is its 7.7-pound build. This ultra-lightweight upright is a lifesaver for those who don’t have the muscle or patience to move and lift bulky vacuum cleaners.

This is about half the weight of most uprights, but by no way does its light build affect overall cleaning performance.

10.5-inch Cleaning Path

The Airspeed’s main weapon for cleaning floors is the floorhead with a motor-driven brushroll. The floorhead measures 10.5 inches in width, making it easy to maneuver in between furniture pieces while also being wide enough to reduce the number of passes needed to complete the vacuuming task at hand.

Without swivel steering, all maneuverability-enhancing features become much more significant.

Easy-Empty 1.7-liter Dust Cup

Even though the Airspeed is a compact upright vacuum cleaner, it doesn’t cut corners when it comes to the dust cup. The dust cup has a capacity of 1.7 liters which should be more than enough space to hold onto all the collected hair, dirt, and debris of an entire session’s worth of vacuuming.

A large dust cup like this one means fewer interruptions in the middle of cleaning and less needing to empty it out.

3-Piece Cleaning Accessory Set

To spot-clean upholstery, staircases, and auto interior, the Airspeed comes with a three-piece set of cleaning tools, including a crevice tool, a dusting brush, and an extendable hose.

Eureka NEU100 Airspeed
Eureka NEU100

The deluxe suction hose can extend to up to 12 feet long, and Eureka also has an optional (sold separately) extension hose to increase your reach by seven feet. The two cleaning tools connect to the end of the quick-release handle.

Quick-Release Handle

One of the most unique features of the Airspeed upright is its quick-release handle which serves as a spot-cleaning wand. By detaching the handle, you can treat the upright as a handheld canister unit for spot-cleaning all sorts of surfaces, from shaggy area rugs to ceilings and any surface in between.

Because it weighs less than ten pounds, carrying this featherweight unit hardly poses a challenge.

Washable Filter

Inside of the Airspeed in its dust cup is a standard washable filter. The filter isn’t anywhere near the same level as a HEPA-style filter, but it does manage to trap most hair and dust particles from clogging the motor and exiting through the vacuum’s exhaust.

Because the filter is washable, you won’t need to worry about purchasing replacement filters for up to two years with regular washing, rinsing, and drying.

Short 18-foot Power Cord

The only complaint we and several other customers have about the Airspeed is its short power cord. At 18 feet long, it does offer a wide radius of free movement, but we would have loved for it to be at least 20 feet long—25 feet would be ideal—though without an auto-retract mechanism, we fully understand why Eureka kept it short. Feel free to plug the Airspeed into an extension cord to increase your range of movement.

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Verdict: Should I Get the Eureka NEU100 Airspeed?

Overall, the Eureka NEU100 Airspeed is a lovely upright that is built to handle the toughest, stubbornest piles of dirt and debris on your floors.

It’s not exactly a pet-friendly upright, meaning that it does struggle with hair from time to time, but this does not take away from its excellent general-cleaning performance on both bare floors and carpets.

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Budget Pick The Eureka Airspeed NEU100 is an affordable, lightweight, and good upright vacuum for cleaning small apartments. With a 10.5-inch wide cleaning path, it gets the job done quickly.

Best of the Best The Bissell 2998 is a well-balanced, convertible, bagless upright vacuum intended as a cleaning solution for larger homes and apartments.

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