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Shark NV682 vs NV683 vs NV752: Upright Vacuum Comparison

The Shark brand (SharkNinja) is well known for designing home cleaning tools that are as attractive as they are efficient. With sleek, futuristic designs that are highly functional, their collection of upright vacuums also include these beautiful features. They look better than your average uprights and promise to clean better, too. Lightweight and dexterous, Shark vacuum cleaners are admittedly easier to use than the massive, outdated upright models that saturate the market.

Shark: Upright Vacuum Comparison

With incredibly similar design features, at first glance. Shark’s upright vacuums can be difficult to tell apart. The Shark NV682, NV683, and NV752 upright vacuum look similar but are different in many meaningful ways. Comparing their many features is perhaps the only way for consumers to make an informed choice and pick the most appropriate vacuum.

Cleaning Power

Cleaning power is an essential part of an upright vacuum. Luckily, the Shark NV682 and the Shark NV683 promise to give your home a superior clean. Both these models work as well on carpeting as they do on hard floors because of a special Dust-Away attachment. This hard floor attachment allows these vacuums to pick up even minuscule dust, dirt, and debris from your hardwood or tile floors.

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The Shark NV752 model has similar feature branded differently. The Hard Floor Hero attachment provides an advanced clean when it comes to your hard floors. Everything from small particles to large debris can’t escape this upright vacuum.

Because all three models clean hard floors adequately due to their special attachments, smaller features are what truly set them apart. All three models also feature a powerful Lift-Away mode that allows it to clean hard to reach places. The Shark NV683 is the only one that includes a home and car detail kit, so for the most comprehensive clean that is the top choice.

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These three vacuums are incredibly versatile, allowing you to take them to places that most vacuums don’t dare to go. All three feature a powered Lift-Away mode, which extends to reach under furniture where dirt tends to hide.

All three also include an Above Floor mode, which quickly transforms these vacuums from your typical upright into handheld devices perfect for stairs and furniture. If that wasn’t enough, the smooth dynamic swivel steering makes these machines easier to maneuver than your ordinary upright vacuums.

It’s clear that all of these models were designed to be versatile and user-friendly. The Shark NV682, NV683, and NV752 are nearly identical when it comes to their overall portability and advanced design features. In this category, you can’t go wrong with any of these model.

Special Features

These three vacuums also include a host of unique features that your average upright vacuum surely lacks. The most obvious is the inclusion of bright, LED lights that shed light in even the darkest nooks and crannies. You’ll never miss a dust bunny when you can light up dark areas with the push of a button.

The handle of each device also includes easy and convenient fingertip button controls, making cleaning all of your surfaces a breeze. When vacuuming carpets and hard floors in the same cleaning session, use the one-button feature to switch your vacuum from the carpet function to hard floor function and back again. Combine this with the easy to maneuver steering system, and you have a seamless motion that results in a quicker clean.

It can be difficult to tell these models apart because when it comes to unique features, they are virtually identical. Aside from differing color options, the Shark NV682, NV683, and NV752 have important and impressive special features that will make you excited to keep your floors clean.

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All models have features that make them perfectly appropriate for households that deal with pesky pet hair. Each of these vacuums features Anti-Allergen Complete Seal Technology, which seeks to trap 99.9% of dust particles, pollen, and allergens inside without risk of them floating back into the air. A HEPA filter is also present in these vacuums so that your air is cleaner than ever.

Special attachments are also included that are meant to tackle pet-specific cleaning problems. The Shark NV682 and NV683 have a particular Pet Power Brush that is specially designed to clean pet hair and dander from many types of surfaces. The Shark NV752 takes this a step further by featuring a TruePet Mini Motorized Brush. This advanced attachment removes allergy-causing dust and dirt from your furniture, stairs, and many more places.

When it comes to households with pets, all of these vacuums have attachments that tackle problems that plague pet owners. With that said, the Shark NV752’s TruePet Mini Motorized Brush is even more effective than the Pet Power Brush that the other two models feature. If pets are a problem, the Shark NV752 is the one for you.

Shark NV682 vs NV683 vs NV752: Conclusion

When it comes right down to it, the Shark NV682, NV683, and NV752 are incredibly similar. All models feature a similar design, identical features, and incredible versatility that allows them to take on multiple flooring types, staircases, and more.

While all of them are incredibly adequate vacuums that will leave you with a superior clean, their tiny differences are what give specific models a slight edge. The Shark NV752 has the lowest price and proves to be the best device for homes with pet hair.

The Shark NV683 also features a home and car detail kit, so if keeping your automobile clean is a priority, that model is the best fit. With this in mind, any of Shark’s vacuum cleaners in this comparison will provide a clean you’ll appreciate.

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