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Dirt Devil Endura Lite vs Max vs Reach Upright Vacuums

When it comes to cool-sounding vacuum cleaner brands, nothing beats Dirt Devil. And as fantastic as its name is, the company’s lineup of uprights is even more so.

Today, we’re going to compare three of Dirt Devil’s most popular upright vacuum cleaners from the Endura series—the Lite, the Max, and the Reach—to see which of them offers the most bang for your buck.

Dirt Devil Endura Lite vs Max vs Reach Upright Vacuums

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Dirt Devil Endura Lite

CleanPath Floorhead Technology

Here’s a feature that you’ll find in all three of these Dust Devil models—CleanPath Technology. CleanPath is Dirt Devil’s version of reducing dirt and hair buildup in the floorhead, allowing air to pass freely without suction loss. CleanPath provides stress-free vacuuming with very little maintenance, ensuring that you get annoying vacuuming jobs out of the way sooner.

Dirt Devil Endura Lite
Dirt Devil Endura Lite

6-Foot Suction Hose

Another feature that’s available in all three Dirt Devil upright vacuums is a suction hose. This lets you clean above-ground surfaces, including bookshelves, ceiling fans, drapes, and ceiling corners. The Endura Lite comes with a 6-foot-long suction hose to make overhead cleaning a breeze. You can extend your reach by picking up a compatible extension wand for your Endura Lite (sold separately).

Onboard Tool Storage

Instead of fumbling around with an accessory bag, the Endura Lite keeps the two cleaning attachments within reach at all times. Located near the cord hooks is an onboard storage compartment for the 2-in-1 dusting brush and crevice tool, allowing you to switch from one to the other in record time.

Dirt Devil Endura Lite Upright Vacuum
Dirt Devil Endura Lite

Automatic Height Adjustment

Any good upright vacuum cleaner should allow users to adjust the height of the brush roll. You’ll want to lower the brush roll when vacuuming carpets and raise it to keep it away from bare floors.

Thankfully, you don’t have to manually fiddle around with dials or knobs to adjust the Endura Lite’s brush roll since it goes up and down automatically.

Dirt Devil Endura Lite Video

Dirt Devil Endura Lite Bagless Vacuum...
  • LIGHTWEIGHT & COMPACT: At less than 9lbs. this vacuum packs the power you need to quickly...
  • NO LOSS OF SUCTION: Consistently powerful performance on carpets and hard floors with a...

Dirt Devil Endura Max

Spin4Pro Brush Roll

Upon first glance, you’ll notice a significant difference in terms of appearance between the Dirt Devil Endura Max and the other two Endura models. That’s because the Endura Max uses a transparent nozzle that reveals the Spin4Pro Brush Roll within.

Dirt Devil Endura Max
Dirt Devil Endura Max

This specialized brush roll is studded with two helical rows of long, stiff bristles that dig deep into carpet and area rug fibers to remove more than just surface debris. The Endura Max also benefits from Dirt Devil’s CleanPath Technology for optimal cleaning power with less maintenance.

4 Height Levels

Unlike the Endura Lite and Reach, users will need to manually adjust the Endura Max’s brush roll when transitioning from carpets to bare floors and vice versa. There are four height positions you can choose from, including one that completely lifts the brush roll off the ground to prevent marring tiles and floorboards.

While it can be a pain to raise and lower the brush roll, at least you have the option of relying solely on suction power for bare floors.

Dirt Devil Endura Max Upright Vacuum
Dirt Devil Endura Max

Easy-Empty XL Dust Tank

Of the three Dirt Devil upright vacuums in this comparison guide, the Endura Max is the largest, heaviest of them all. It sports a massive 2-liter dust tank that snaps off and on in a jiffy for quick disposal.

The Endura Max and Reach’s dust tanks are “only” 1 liter and 1.5 liters, respectively, so you can get a lot more cleaning done with the Endura Max with less frequent visits to your trashcan.

Dirt Devil Endura Max Upright Bagless Vacuum...
  • EASY-EMPTY XL DIRT CUP: Take fewer, quicker, and easier trips to the trash with the one...
  • MULTI-FLOOR DEEP CLEAN: Clean hard floors and low or high pile carpets with the 3 level...

Dirt Devil Endura Reach

9-Pound Build

The Endura Reach, Lite, and Max share many more features and specs than to have differences. For instance, all three of these Dirt Devil upright vacuums are lightweight. The Dirt Devil Endura Reach and Max weigh only 9 pounds on an empty tank, whereas the Max is only 2 pounds heavier.

Dirt Devil Endura Reach
Dirt Devil Endura Reach

Such lightweight vacuum cleaners are easy to control and transport up and down stairs to make whole-home cleaning a cinch.

11-inch Cleaning Path

So, how efficient is the Endura Reach? Thanks to CleanPath Technology, you won’t have to stop very frequently to unclog the floorhead and snip off bundled-up wads of hair. In addition, the Endura Reach has an 11-inch-wide nozzle, making it easy to maneuver around obstacles and finish vacuuming in fewer passes than stick vacuum cleaners, in general.

Dirt Devil Endura Reach Upright Vacuum
Dirt Devil Endura Reach

Multi-Tiered Filter

It’s important to note that none of these Dirt Devils come with a HEPA or HEPA-style filter. Instead, they all rely on a multi-tiered filtration system that consists of a reusable foam filter and an odor-capturing filter, which you don’t see every day in uprights. The reusable filter is good for around 6 months, but your mileage may vary.

Dirt Devil Endura Reach Video

Dirt Devil Endura Reach Bagless Upright...
  • NO LOSS OF SUCTION: Consistently powerful performance on carpets and hard floors
  • HASSLE-FREE MAINTENANCE: Easily access the rinsable filter for quick maintenance that will...

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