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What is a Smoke Eliminator Machine?

The prospect of an air cleaner is alluring: Indoor air can contain levels of certain toxins that are up to five times greater than outdoor air. Smoke eliminator machines can mitigate some of the risks caused by air pollution and indoor activities.

What is a Smoke Eliminator Machine

What Is a Smoke Eliminator Machine?

A smoke eliminator machine, which is also known as an air purifier, is a device that purifies the air in your house by removing contaminants such as odors, smoke, dust, and pet dander. Its internal fan suctions in air and debris, which pass through a series of filters to capture solid particles and odor molecules. The cleaned air is then circulated back into the room or house.

Most filters on the market are intended to absorb particles such as dust, smoke, and pollen, but they do not capture gases such as VOCs (volatile organic compounds) or radon, which might accumulate from adhesives, paints, or cleaning agents. That would necessitate the use of an absorbent, such as activated carbon.

Smoke Eliminator Machine Features

Different smoke eliminator machine models come with different features. We’ll quickly go over some of the more prominent features that you should consider shopping for a smoke eliminator machine.

Filtration Systems

One of the first things you should pay close attention to when looking for a smoke eliminator machine is the filter or filtration system in place. Most smoke eliminator machines get rid of smoke and other harmful airborne contaminants by coming with at least one of the filter types mentioned below.


HEPA Filters are extremely effective at capturing small particles that cause allergies and asthma attacks. They have an effectiveness rating of up to 99.97% in capturing particles 0.3 microns and larger.


This type of filter generates electrically charged ions that attract and attach to dust and allergens in the air and remove them.

Activated Carbon

Choosing a smoke eliminator machine with an activated carbon filter will help you remove odors, smoke, and vapors from your indoor air.


Some of the top-performing smoke eliminator machines feature a UV-C “kill chamber” that deconstructs microscopic organisms, such as viruses and bacteria, at the molecular level.

Speed Settings

Low, medium, and high speed options are common in smoke eliminator machines. In general, the faster the fan speed, the more air the device cleans and circulates back into the room.

Air Quality Monitor

A built-in air quality monitor will automatically and constantly evaluate the level of pollution in a room. If pollution levels reach a certain threshold, the sensor will instruct the smoke eliminator machine’s motor to activate the fan at the most appropriate speed to efficiently reduce the concentration levels of airborne pollutants. When the air has been thoroughly cleaned, the machine’s fan will automatically deactivate.


You may program a smoke eliminator machine to clean the air while you’re at work or asleep at night using a programmed timer. Furthermore, the timer can help you save electricity. The timer usually has presets, ranging from one to eight hours.

Remote Controllability

Most mid-range and high-end smoke eliminator machines allow users to control them via a remote controller or their smartphones, if the device has Wi-Fi support. The app will let change fan speeds or cleaning modes, and it can send progress and maintenance reports, so the owner is always in the loop.

Did you Know

That wildfire smoke symptoms can include runny nose, burning eyes, coughing, wheezing and respiratory illnesses such as bronchitis.

Why You Should Get a Smoke Eliminator Machine

So, it’s clear that smoke eliminator machines are designed to do more than just remove kitchen and cigarette smoke and odors from the air. But if you’re still uncertain whether a smoke eliminator machine is right for your home, consider the following benefits of owning one.

Cleaner Air

The main purpose of owning a smoke eliminator machine is to have cleaner indoor air. These devices can promise cleaner, healthier air by suctioning in air, filtering out the microscopic contaminants, and distributing filtered air throughout the room. If you or a loved one suffers from a sensitivity to dust or dust mites, then a smoke eliminator machine is the right appliance for you.

Odor-Less Air

The activated carbon filter in smoke eliminator machines can practically eliminate any foul odor in your home. Whether you’re testing out your cooking skills, live with a cigarette smoker, or mess around with paints and varnish, you’ll need a smoke eliminator machine for fresher, healthier air.

Captures Pet Hair

If you live with a furry friend, then you’ve probably had to deal with massive amounts of stray strands of fur. Smoke eliminator machines are designed to snatch airborne fur from the air can store them in the filter mesh, possibly reducing the severity of pet-allergy symptoms.

Did you Know

That tobacco smoke is also a significant source of skin damaging pollutants.


Smoke eliminator machines can come with an assortment of convenience-adding features, the most prominent of which is an air quality sensor. However, even using the simple timer function can help you eliminate airborne particles at night, allowing you to sleep while intaking cleaner, healthier air.

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