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Green Air Encore HEPA and Odor Fighting Filter Air Purifier Review

The Green Air Encore Air Purifier is more than just a show-stopping appliance.

This premium air filter features IonCluster technology, which takes a unique approach to bacteria destruction. It also has a triple-filtration system that traps virtually all particles and odors in the air. The Association of Home Appliance Manufacturers gives this purifier a clean air delivery rating, or CADR, of 250 due to its outstanding efficiency.

Green Air Encore

You can run the air purifier on one of four operating modes, including an auto mode and silent mode. The large outlet and fast fan speed allow this air purifier to quickly clean the air in large areas.

You will always know the current state of the air around you because a sensor displays the home air quality via a color-changing LED light.

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Stylish and Elegant

A standard black, white or silver color is just not good enough for this flawless appliance. To elevate the air purifier’s appearance, all critical components are enclosed in a stunning champagne gold shell.

Standing at a little over 2-feet tall and weighing 16 pounds, the rectangular Green Air Encore’s squared-off corners trim its profile. At the top right corner, a trapezoid-shaped air-quality indicator glows in one of four various colors, depending on the particle reading from the integrated sensor.

1,000 Square Feet of Coverage

In a large space of up to 1,000 square feet, the Green Air Encore can cycle through approximately one-third of the room’s air in 12 minutes by pulling in and pushing out air through its sizable intake and outlet, respectively. Therefore, this air purifier is an excellent clean-air solution for people who live in an apartment complex.

Green Air Encore

With the seamless button on top of the purifier, you can set the appliance to auto mode, fan-only mode, night mode and the 23-decibel silent mode.

Triple Filtration System

Sure, an air purifier should always have a HEPA filter, but this filter alone doesn’t take care of foul odors in the air. To eliminate smells that come from substances like smoke, benzene and formaldehyde, the air purifier has a granulated carbon filter in addition to its HEPA filter, both of which last 6 months to 1 year.

Plus, the purifier contains a reusable pre-filter to catch larger particles and lengthen the HEPA filter’s lifespan. The air purifier’s filter indicator lets you know when it’s time to change the filters, so the air purifier always delivers the same high level of performance.

IonCluster Technology

Instead of producing ozone to neutralize airborne contaminants, this air purifier utilizes a bacteria-elimination system known as IonCluster purification.

This technology releases oxidizing hydroxide or OH, radicals. These radicals go after airborne microbes, removing their surface membrane to destroy them. Finally, the OH radicals become water by attaching to hydrogen molecules.

Green Air Encore HEPA: Beautifully Wrapped and Intelligently Designed

When you want an air purifier that doesn’t look like an appliance, the Green Air Encore HEPA and Carbon Filter Air Purifier is one to consider. It has a gorgeous gold exterior, and it’s quieter than competing models.

The Green Air Encore also has three types of filters that work together to clean and deodorize the air. Plus, its IonCluster technology kills bacteria without creating ozone.

For your convenience, there are four purification settings that can cover the largest of spaces and a color-changing air quality indicator. Overall, the Green Air Encore is a must-have for allergy sufferers who want a touch of modern glamour in their home.

Green Air Encore HEPA and Odor Fighting...
  • Three-stage advanced purifier system with True HEPA and Odor fighting filter technology....
  • IonCluster Technology to purify the air, and help control odors

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