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Best Wearable Personal Air Purifiers in 2023

Today, there is no shortage of smog, trash, pollution, dust, smoke, odors, etc. It can be overwhelming, walking around the city, with all of these things taking a toll on you. That is precisely why wearable personal air purifiers have become such an in-demand technology.

Now, air purifiers aren’t new, by any means, but wearable air purifiers are a newer technology.

Best Wearable Personal Air Purifiers

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Introduction to Wearable Personal Air Purifiers

As with any new technology, it can be a little difficult to figure out which particular wearable personal air purifiers are the best, and which ones aren’t. By the time you finish this buying guide, you won’t have that problem any longer!

In this buying guide, we’re going to be covering three things. First off, what a wearable personal air purifier actually is, and how it works. Second, why you should buy one. Third, what to look for when searching for one.

Our Recommended Wearable Personal Air Purifiers in 2023

5) Wein Minimate AS150MM

This ultra-light, small and wearable personal air purifier is ready to take your air space from polluted to perfect, as it propels cleaner, fresher air around you.

Wein Minimate AS150MM
Wein Minimate AS150MM

Ideal for those times when you’re worried about the state of the air, the Wein Minimate has got your back. Take it on the plane, into the waiting room, or any other confined space and give your sinuses a break.

Attack bacteria, pollen, allergens and viruses and stay fresh with this ion emitting personal air purifier, and get ready for your silent, filterless, portable companion to help keep your personal space as fresh as a daisy.

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4) AirDinbor Wearable Air Necklace

The AirButler by AirDinbor is a unique wearable air purifier that releases as many as 120 million negative oxygen ions, also known as air vitamins, that can boost serotonin levels and relieve stress. This necklace produces an invisible health shield in an attempt to limit the range at which air vitamins travel, ensuring more of it enters our bloodstream.

A single charge of the AirButler can work for up to 30 hours nonstop on its high-gear setting (120 million air vitamins) and 60 hours on its lower setting (80 million). The only complaint customers have is that the strap is permanently attached to the device (can’t customize with a lanyard or chain).

3) AirTamer A310

The AirTamer A310 emits 2 million negative oxygen ions inside of a 3-foot orbit around the wearer. A fully charged battery can operate for up to 50 hours continuously to shoo away allergens and other harmful particles. The compactness of the A310 makes it the perfect travel accessory on planes and out in the open.

AirTamer A310
AirTamer A310

The A310 is certified to trap 2.5-micron particles. It even has a customizable ion emitter cover that lets users personalize the wearable air purifier for children and fashion purposes. The lanyard is non-removable, but it has proprietary conductive properties and also breaks away in emergencies (replacement lanyards available, sold separately).

AirTamer A310PMB Personal Rechargeable and...
  • BREATHE CLEANER SAFER AIR: The AirTamer A310PMB is the leading personal air purifier on...
  • GOODBYE FILTERS: Say goodbye to the hassle of replacing filters; The AirTamer A310PMB uses...

2) AirTamer A315

The >AirTamer A315 releases as many as 2 million air vitamins and confines the molecules within a 3-foot orbit around the user.

This wearable air purifier can operate for 40-plus hours per charge while requiring less than six hours of charging to reach max capacity.

AirTamer A315
AirTamer A315

The AirTamer A315 comes with Boost Power Technology that supposedly enhances purifying performance by up to nine times compared to competing wearable air purifiers.

The lanyard is removable, allowing users to customize their wearable air purifier however they want. The ion emission brush is replaceable, so users can restore their A315 to its former glory after months of intensive use.

AirTamer A315 Advanced Rechargeable and...
  • BREATHE CLEANER SAFER AIR: The AirTamer A315’s Electrostatic Purification radiates a...
  • RECHARGEABLE: Replacing batteries becomes a thing of the past with the AirTamer A315; This...

1) AirTamer A302

Ready to protect yourself from the viruses and bugs going around with a simple, battery powered, filterless air purifier?

Get ready for easy breathable air with your own portable air purifier that weighs less than a pound.

AirTamer A302
AirTamer A302

With the AirTamer A302, you can breathe easily as up to 875% more pollutants are filtered through this nifty and intelligent gadget. That’s 9x as many as usual! By using negative ions rather than a replaceable filter, you can save money and wave goodbye to allergens, pollen, viruses, bacteria and much more from giving your sinuses a hard time.

AirTamer A302 | Small Personal and Portable...
  • EFFORTLESS USE: Our AirTamer A302 is the leading personal air purifier on the market due...
  • UNRIVALED AIR PURIFICATION POWER: With the AirTamer A302 you are assured to be breathing...

What Exactly Is A Wearable Personal Air Purifier?

Before we can define what a wearable personal air purifier is, we’ll need to define what a regular air purifier is.

Generally speaking, an air purifier is a small machine. You put this machine in your home, and it takes in air, and filters out things like germs and bacteria. The technology is a bit complex, and many air purifiers have different methods of filtration. The intention is the same: take that dirty air, and turn it into clean air.

Well, a wearable personal air purifier is pretty much the same thing, but on a much smaller scale.

Best Mini Air Purifiers

Using a clip, band, or even a neck strap, these tiny devices eliminate contaminants from your air. Now, they aren’t as powerful as regular air purifiers, due to their size limitations. But, with that being said, they are very powerful, and very effective.

Most of the time, a wearable personal air purifier will use ionic technology to filter the air. Sometimes it will use a different kind of filtration technology, but ionic technology is definitely the norm. Some of them also use a small fan to aid in the filtration process, but this isn’t particularly common.

Why Should I Purchase A Wearable Personal Air Purifier?

Throughout the day, you’re going to come into contact with a lot of contaminants. Germs. Bacteria. Dust. Smoke. Pollen. Allergens.

These things are really bad for both you and your immune system. They can easily lead to sickness of varying kinds, and having a nasty fever, as we all know, isn’t fun.

One of the problems with the modern world is that these kinds of contaminants are so prevalent. Much of this is just due to the way cities are designed and how they work. Naturally, there will be a lot of pollution, and as such, a lot of nasty things are going to be in the air.

Best Wearable Air Purifiers

There isn’t really much of a way to skirt around that particular issue. However, there is one thing that you can do, and that is to invest in a device that aids in making you, at the very least, a little healthier.

With a wearable personal air purifier, you ensure that, while performing your daily tasks, the air you’re breathing is clean and healthy. Not full of germs and allergens and other nasty things.

What Features Do I Need To Take Note Of?

The Filtration Technology

Most wearable personal air purifiers use what is known as “ionic technology”. Now, without getting into the science behind ionic technology – which is quite complex – the general essence of this kind of technology is that it sends out ions that eliminate contaminants.

Ionic technology is very simple and efficient, and it works well with smaller devices. This is why it is so prevalent in wearable personal air purifiers. However, it definitely isn’t the only technology available. There is a second most popular filtration technology and that is a HEPA filter.

HEPA filters are, arguably, a bit more effective than ionic technology, but they are heavier. So, if you purchase a wearable personal air purifier with a HEPA filter, it won’t be that lightweight.

What a HEPA filter does is it pushes the air through a series of smaller filters that extract the nasty particles from the air. Once the air has gone through that filter, it is ejected from the air purifier.

If you want something that is VERY lightweight, go with a purifier that uses ionic technology. Or, if you want something that is more effective, but heavier, go with a purifier that uses a HEPA filter.

Best Personal Air Purifiers

Maximum Area Coverage

Every air purifier has what is known as a “Maximum Area Coverage”. For a standard air purifier, it’s usually around one-hundred and fifty-feet, or more. For a wearable personal air purifier, it’s usually around twenty-feet, to fifty-feet.

It’s important to find a wearable personal air purifier that can support a larger area. However, there is another factor that must be considered.

Most people see the words “Maximum Area Coverage” and assume that that is the wearable personal air purifiers “effective range”. It usually isn’t. Usually, the range will be around one-to-three-feet, and if there’s a fan, it’ll be a little bit more.

You want to find a purifier that has a large Maximum Area Coverage as well as a large effective range. If the range is too low, less air will be purified.

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Did you Know

That the jury is still out on the efficacy of facemasks in general when it comes to protecting the wearer from germs and pollution

Battery Life & How To Recharge

Battery life is always an important consideration. Fortunately, most wearable air purifiers can last around one-hundred hours, to two-hundred and fifty-hours.

Some of them have fans, though, and this takes that number down to around five-to-eight hours. However, you must also know how the device can be recharged. Specifically, how convenient the process is.

Make sure to purchase a wearable personal air purifier that has USB support. Everyone has access to a USB port or plug-in these days, and if you are at the office, you can plug it into the computer to charge it. Purifiers that only have plug-in support aren’t bad, necessarily, but they do lack the convenience of a USB port.

Best Mini Air Purifiers


Do Wearable Air Purifiers really Work?

Wearable air purifiers uses a different method to decontaminate air, called ionization. By the claims that are made, hypothetically it should work. A fair amount of ionic air purifiers exist, are available and installed in some homes – but then in a larger format. It is quite acceptable to be skeptical about these claims, in light of the fact that the capability of an individual air purifier used in large open areas (like roads), can’t be claimed as being totally effective.

Wearable Personal Air Purifier
Wearable Personal Air Purifier

The Aerosol Science and Technology presented a study that had effectively shown that wearable air purifiers are competent enough to lessen toxins in the air. The study however, included closed spaces and by all reports it would likely have excellent results when the person wearing it is not moving too much and also inside a confined space (vehicle, room, aircraft etc.).

Where the person wearing the Unit moves around a lot, or is out in wide open areas, it cannot conclusively be said that it would be effective. Judging by reviews that were posted, it does seem as if some good results were obtained in any case. All things considered, the reviews cannot be based on scientific studies or proof in this situation.

What type of Filters do Wearable Purifiers use?

Most of the wearable purifiers do not use any filter at all, but rather rely on the ionization process to “scrub” the air, but then again some might make use of a physical filter, HEPA for example.

May Personal Air Purifiers be taken on a Plane?#

Presently, there are no restrictions placed on air purifiers while travelling on an aircraft. Some manufacturers claim that their product is acceptable for use in aircraft. It would also be recommended that you talk to the manufacturer to really make sure that the specific model you have is accepted – and double-check with the airline as well.

Wearable Personal Air Purifier Reviews
Wearable Personal Air Purifier

Would Wearable Purifiers be able to Address Personal Smells?

Wearable purifiers use an ionization process to address particles which pollute the air, like allergy causing particles, smoke, dust etc. They don’t actually address particles in the air that smells. We don’t really anticipate that wearable purifiers would dispose of smells.

As such, one can also not claim that it would be effective against perfumes that are very strong. If you have this particular problem, rather investigate the possibility of buying a compact or large purifier with decent filters (carbon).

Where would be the best Area to wear my Wearable Purifier?

You could get the best results if you find yourself in an area such as:

  • Walkways close by bustling streets
  • Where smokers are present
  • In vehicles which smell
  • Public areas where you know the air is dirty

Air Recommended Air Purifiers

Our Pick Perfect for bedrooms, playrooms, and living rooms, the Coway Airmega AP-1512HH is one of the best-performing, most durable, and most economical purifiers we’ve tested.

Most Popular The Levoit Core 300 air purifier has some strong suits, but in our opinion it falls short of carving out a meaningful niche for itself. Its ideal use would be in a small bedroom occupied by someone who is sensitive to noise.

Also Great With high end air cleaning performance and a whisper quiet fan, the Winix 5500-2 is the perfect combination of power and finesse. It cleared airborne particulates out of our smokey testing room faster than any other model.

Best of the Best If you have a large space you want to remove irritants from, We recommend the Airmega 400S. All of Coway air purifiers do an excellent job of attacking indoor pollutants, and we highly recommend any of them. The 400S is designed to accommodate large room sizes.

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If you have any questions or comments, please add them below in the comment section. Similarly, please let us know if you spot any mistakes or omissions. Thanks!

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