Like every other cat or dog owner, you love your fluffy companion. However, your canine or feline family member isn’t always the cleanest of creatures. Animals shed fur and spread dander. If they spend time outdoors, they end up carrying dirt, pollen and other allergens on their paws, which find their way to your floors and furniture.

Hathaspace Smart True HEPA Air Purifier

How Can I Combat Pet Allergens and Odors?

You and your pet can live in harmony if you have an air purifier. These appliances are designed to remove hair, dander and odors from the air you breathe. How? The typical air purifier contains a powerful fan. This fan draws in contaminated air. As the air flows through the purifier, the filter, or filters, trap allergens and odor-causing particles. Afterward, the purifier releases the now-clean air back into the room.

Recommended Air Purifier for Pet Owners

GermGuardian Rabbit Air Oransi
AC5350B BioGS 2.0 OV200
9.1 x 6.7 x 27.6 in 16.6 x 9.8 x 22.2 in 15 x 7 x 24 in
13.2 pounds 16.8 pounds 10 pounds
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Are Air Purifiers Noisy?

As we previously mentioned, air purifiers rely on a fan to pull in unclean air and push out fresh air. Like any other fan, an air purifier’s fan is powered by a motor. Since motors and moving parts like fan blades create noise, an air purifier will never be completely silent.

Most air purifiers generate quiet background noise that many people find relaxing, especially when falling asleep. If you’re sensitive to sound, you can always turn down the purifier’s fan speed to a level that’s more comfortable to your ears.

best air purifier for pets 2018

Do Air Purifiers Only Rely on Filters?

The majority of air purifiers only contain filters and a fan, which are enough to clean the air. However, some manufacturers add other purification technologies to the mix, namely an ultraviolet-C light and an ionizer. UV-C light destroys germs with short-wave radiation while an ionizer utilizes high voltage to generate negative ions. In turn, these ions stick to airborne contaminants, so they are too heavy to stay suspended in the air.

What Types of Filters Are in an Air Purifier?

High-quality air purifiers will have an efficient filtration system. Ideally, this system should be comprised of three types of filters – a HEPA filter, a carbon filter and a pre-filter. A HEPA filter is the main component. It captures 99.97 percent of particles as small as 0.3 microns, such as dander, pollen and other allergens.

best air purifier for pet dander

For odor removal, the air purifier also needs an activated carbon filter. This type of filter is able to adsorb malodorous substances produced by your pets. Finally, there is the pre-filter. Working in a similar way to a HEPA filter, the pre-filter also traps particles; however, it’s only able to trap larger particles like pet hair.

How Long Do the Filters Last?

Filter lifespans vary from one air purifier to the next. Some HEPA filters are reusable for 1 year as long as you clean them periodically. Carbon filters typically last for about 6 months, and pre-filters are efficient for a few months.

There are even air purifiers with all-in-one filters. These filters are a combination of two or all of the above-mentioned filters, which are convenient since there is only one filter to change. If you want to take the guesswork out of when to change the filters, look for a purifier with a filter-change indicator light.

best air purifier for pet odors

What Is a Clean Air Delivery Rate?

A clean air delivery rate, or CADR, is a measurement developed by the Association of Home Appliance Manufacturers. AHAM uses this measurement to help consumers determine how well an air purifier performs. Each purifier tested by AHAM is assigned three numbers that range from 0 to 400 for tobacco smoke and 0 to 450 for dust and pollen. The higher the CADR, the more particles it can remove from the air.

What Does the Airflow Rate Measure?

Makers of air purifiers often list the purifier’s airflow rate in the appliance’s specs. This measurement is given in cubic feet per minute, and it’s calculated by examining the efficiency of the air purifier’s fan and filter. By looking at the airflow rate, you will know how often the purifier circulates the room’s air in 1 hour. A high airflow rate means the purifier is extremely efficient.

best air purifier for pet odors 2018

How Much Maintenance Do Air Purifiers Require?

As far as maintenance goes, there is nothing you must do that is too complicated or taxing. Always change or clean the air purifier’s filters promptly to prevent clogs, which decrease the efficiency of the purifier. If the purifier has a particle sensor, wipe it down every once in a while, so it can accurately gauge the volume of contaminants in the air.

Purifiers with a built-in ionizer may have a collection plate. If so, clean it once per week. If the appliance contains a UV-C light, you’ll need to replace the bulb when it burns out. However, UV-C bulbs tend to last for a few years, so you won’t have to do this often.

best air purifier for pet dander 2018

Top 5 Air Purifiers for Pet Owners

5 SilverOnyx Air Purifier with True HEPA Filter Review

For a small, concave tower that measures 8.5 by 13.2 inches, the SilverOnyx air purifier is loaded with all of the most advanced air purification technologies. It contains a reusable pre-filter, an activated carbon filter and an H13 HEPA filter, all three of which can last up to 1 year with proper care. Luckily, maintenance is easy thanks to the on-panel filter-change indicator, and you get a 1-year warranty.


From this touch panel, you can toggle the UV-C sanitizing light and anion generator. In addition, there is an ambient light feature that illuminates a blue ring when activated and a 24-hour timer. The LED display tells you the current fan speed and the concentration of particles in the air.

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When in auto mode, this particulate matter sensor will change the airflow to combat the airborne contaminants around you. You may also manually change the fan to one of five speeds. On the lowest speed, the purifier produces a mere 25 decibels of sound. On the highest speed, the machine is still quiet at 56 decibels, boasting a clean air delivery rate of 85 cubic feet per minute.

4 Rabbit Air MinusA2 Ultra Quiet HEPA Air Purifier Review

If you have children, you’ll appreciate the MinusA2 air purifier’s child-safety features. You can keep the floor-standing air purifier safe from curious hands by mounting it to the wall. There is also a child lock, which pauses the purifier’s operation when the panel is off the machine.


This quiet, Energy Star air purifier cleanses the air in multiple ways. There is a pre-filter to catch pet hair and pollen and a BioGS HEPA filter that traps 99.97 percent of viruses, bacteria and dander. The filtration system also includes a medium filter for extra protection and an activated carbon filter to eliminate smells from mold and pet allergens. To top it off, the MinusA2 is equipped with an anion generator.

Read our in-depth Rabbit Air MinusA2 Ultra Quiet HEPA Air Purifier review

From the vertical control panel or the remote, you can turn on the mood light and change the fan speed. When on its highest setting, the fan can circulate all the air in a 700-square-foot room twice per hour. At night, the light sensor activates the machine’s sleep mode. Plus, you can customize the way the unit looks with a separately purchased art panel, and it’s covered by a 5-year warranty.

3 Oransi OV200 Air Purifier Review

You can count on the user-friendly Orsani OV200 to give you reliable performance. It relies solely on mechanical filtration to purify the air. Therefore, it contains a foam pre-filter, an activated carbon filter and a pleated HEPA filter, all of which come installed when you buy the machine. Due to its solid design, Orsani is able to offer a generous 10-year warranty on the OV200.


This floor-standing air purifier has a simple-to-operate control panel and remote that let you set a timer for 1, 2, 4 or 8 hours. You can even select from among three fan speeds, including an auto mode and a sleep mode that change the fan speed for you. The high-speed setting can easily cover 400 square feet of space while only drawing 60 watts of power.

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The OV200 is also equipped with a child lock to prevent your chosen settings from being changed. In order to save space, the inlet and outlet placements allow you to set the 13 by 7 by 23-inch purifier against the wall. Since the filter has a 12-month lifespan, you’ll save a ton of money on replacements.

2 Rabbit Air BioGS 2.0 Ultra Quiet HEPA Air Purifier Review

Here’s another outstanding, 5-year-warrantied air purifier from Rabbit Air. The award-winning BioGS 2.0 filters the air in a 550-square-foot room in four ways. It uses a washable pre-filter as well as a 3-year-lasting charcoal filter and HEPA filter. Plus, there is an optional negative ion generator inside of the purifier.


Thanks to Rabbit Air’s integration of a brushless motor, you’ll barely hear the air purifier. The variable-speed motor lets you set the purifier to one of five fan speeds, the highest of which changes the room’s air twice in 1 hour. From the illustrated touch panel, you can put the air purifier in auto mode, program a timer and see the room’s air quality readout.

Dual air intakes mean the air can circulate through the purifier quickly. Therefore, the BioGS 2.0 has impressive CADR ratings of 189 for pollen, 165 for dust and 152 for smoke. Other noteworthy features include a remote with an on-board storage caddy, a recessed carrying handle and the ability to place the air purifier on the floor or a table.

1 GermGuardian AC5350B Elite 4-in-1 Air Purifier Review

GermGuardian’s AC5350B Elite air purifier is ideal for large rooms. The slim, sleek tower stands 28 inches tall, and it measures 7 inches deep and 9 inches wide. Plus, the power cord is 6 feet long, so you won’t have any trouble finding the right spot for it. Whenever you need to move the purifier, its weight of 11 pounds makes the task practically effortless.


Inside of the Elite, there is a pre-filter with an activated charcoal layer. The main filter is a true-HEPA, meaning it can trap 99.97 percent of microscopic particles. To boost its air purification prowess, this purifier contains a UV-C light with a titanium dioxide catalyst.

Read our in-depth GermGuardian AC5350B Elite 4-in-1 Air Purifier review

Via the top-located control panel, there are four clearly labeled buttons surrounding the digital display. These buttons allow you to set a timer up to 8 hours and toggle the UV-C light on demand. You can even select from among five fan speeds. At its highest speed, the air purifier boasts CADR ratings from 110 to 133. With protection from a 5-year warranty, you can feel confident that the GermGuardian Elite will last for years to come.

Buyer’s Guide

Keeping your home’s indoor air free of hair, dander and odors is a tall order when you have a pet. Therefore, you need the best air purifier that your money can buy. To find the best, you have to know what features are commonly found on high-quality air purifiers. Read on to know why air purifiers are worth it.

best air purifier for pet allergies


Air purifiers come in many shapes and sizes. The one you choose should be sized correctly for the space in which you want to put it. Look at the purifier’s dimensions before you buy it and measure its intended placement area. Pay attention to how much it weighs, especially if you plan to move it often. If you want to get it off the floor, buy an air purifier that can be mounted on the wall.

Coverage Area

Even more important than its size is the number of square feet the machine can cover. A quick glance at the air purifier’s specs can tell you the maximum square feet in which the purifier is able to work. If you use it in a room that’s too big, the purifier won’t be able to filter all the air in the room.

best air purifier for pet allergies 2018

Purification Levels

Frequently, you’ll see manufacturers boast the number of purification levels their purifiers offer in the product description. Typically, this number ranges from three to five. If there are three levels, this means the air purifier only uses filters to clean the air. If there are more than three levels, this is an indication that the purifier contains filters along with other technologies such as a UV-C light and an ionizer.


When it comes to filters, don’t settle for standard ones. Instead, opt for an air purifier that contains a HEPA filter. The HEPA filter should be grouped with a pre-filter and an activated carbon filter, so it can trap hair and destroy odors. Many filters are reusable as long as you follow their care instructions, allowing you to use the same ones for months before you have to replace them to save you time and money.

best air purifier for pet hair

Fan Speed

Besides the filters, an air purifier’s performance is also based on the fan. In order to match the filtration to the current indoor air quality, many air purifiers are equipped with a variable-speed fan. Usually, the fan can be adjusted to one of two or more speeds. The number of decibels emitted by an air purifier is mainly due to the fan speed, ranging from almost silent to tolerable background noise.


Regardless of the configuration, the air purifier you choose should have user-friendly controls with a logical layout and labeled or illustrated. Many controls panels have indicator lights that alert you to the machine’s settings and maintenance needs. Some purifiers also come with a remote for across-the-room convenience.

best room air purifier for pet dander

Extra Features

Out of all the additional features offered by air purifier manufacturers, a particulate matter sensor is perhaps the most valuable. With this sensor, you can see how many airborne contaminants are in the room, and you can choose to put the machine in auto mode to let the machine adjust its own fan speed accordingly. Other worthwhile features include an ambient night light, a timer and a safety lock.

Recommended Air Purifier for Pet Owners

GermGuardian Rabbit Air Oransi
AC5350B BioGS 2.0 OV200
9.1 x 6.7 x 27.6 in 16.6 x 9.8 x 22.2 in 15 x 7 x 24 in
13.2 pounds 16.8 pounds 10 pounds
Read in-depth review Read in-depth review Read in-depth review

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