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Amazon vs EG vs Airthings Smart Air Quality Monitors

The first thing you should do before combatting indoor air pollution is finding out what sort of airborne contaminants you’re dealing with. For that, you’ll need to install an air quality monitor in your home. Below, we’re going to compare three of the most trending air quality monitors, all of which are highly rated by their numerous customers.

Amazon vs EG vs Airthings Smart Air Quality Monitors

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Amazon Smart Qir Quality Monitor

First and foremost, we’d like to share with you Amazon’s take on air quality monitors. This simple device measure five crucial factors regarding indoor air quality—namely, the densities of particulate matter, VOCs, carbon monoxide, as well as humidity and temperature. It’s these five-point measurements that make it such a fantastic buy.

But the million-dollar question is this: how accurate is it? To put it simply, all air quality monitors operate on a margin of error, but in this device’s case, they’re negligible. However, the device doesn’t have a digital readout, but it does come with an LED indicator that informs users of how polluted or not their indoor air is. The light shines green, yellow, and red, indicating clean, dirty, and dangerous statuses.

But that’s where the incredibly straightforward, user-friendly Alexa app comes into play. After syncing the Amazon air quality monitor to your smartphone, you’ll receive all of the measurements in a simple layout, so you’ll know just how contaminated your home’s air is at a glance. Alternatively, you can connect the monitor to your Echo device (sold separately) and receive status reports whenever you ask.

As great as this device is, it can’t pick up carbon dioxide or radon. You’ll have to rely on separate devices to measure those gases. Thankfully, the other devices can do what the Amazon can’t and, in some cases, vice versa.

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Pyramid of Effects from Air Pollution

Pyramid of Effects from Air Pollution
Air pollution is not only a problem for the environment. In the worst-polluted regions, it can have dramatic health and financial impacts. (EPA graphic)

EG Air Quality Monitor

Of the three air quality monitors in this comparison guide, the EG model is the only one with a digital readout. The tiny 2.8-inch, 320 x 240-pixel resolution screen isn’t much, but at a quick glance, you can receive detailed reports regarding the current status of your indoor air.

Now, what does the EG actually measure? It only measures indoor humidity levels, temperature, and carbon dioxide density. You can’t scroll to other readings on the LED display, so you’re really only stuck with one point of measurement with this device. That’s not to say that it’s a bad CO2 monitor, but it does leave us wishing it came with more.

Something else that’s missing in the EG air quality monitor is app support. This device can’t sync to anything, making it the simplest air quality monitor in this comparison. However, it only measures three things, so what else would you realistically expect from it?

As much as we bash on the EG for its lack of gas readings and features, it’s as reliable as they come. Simply plug the device into a wall outlet with a mini USB cable and you’re pretty much set.

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Airthings Wave Mini

As its name suggests, the Wave Mini is a tinier version of its big-brother model, the Wave Plus. It features an LED light that shines different colors based on how contaminated your home’s air is.

This device is powered by three AAA batteries, which Airthings is kind enough to include in the box. After downloading the smartphone app, you’ll be asked to register or log in to an existing account before it guides you on the super-simple syncing process.

After spending roughly half an hour setting the Wave Mini up, you’re pretty much good to go. Waving your hand in front of the Wave Mini’s mini sensor will cause its LED light to glow green, yellow, or red. Alternatively, you can open the app to check out the sensor’s status while explaining the situation in simple terms by showing indoor temperature, relative humidity levels, VOCs, and even the presence of radon in your home—something that the other two air quality monitors don’t pick up.

User reports show that the Wave Mini is incredibly accurate in its readings. It’s also highly sensitive, so you’ll receive real-time status reports by introducing the slightest change to your indoor air—e.g., opening a door—if it really is that bad.

Airthings Wave Mini Intro Video

True to Airthings fashion, the Wave Mini can sync to an Assistant device, allowing you to receive status reports by using simple voice commands. It doesn’t offer as much in terms of syncability as opposed to other air quality sensors, but the purpose of the Wave Mini is function over form. It’s the device’s simplicity that makes it a must-have for first-time buyers.

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