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Levoit OasisMist Smart Cool and Warm Mist Humidifier Review

Gone are the sleepless nights that ruin the next day due to dry bedroom air. The Levoit OasisMist is the humidifier of my dreams. After purchasing this product, bedtimes have become revolutionary for increasing my productivity, energy, and positive attitude during the day. After suffering from sinus issues, the VortexMist Technology of the OasisMist accompanied by the water vapor mist being able to reach 3.9ft, was able to rapidly humidify my bedroom by 10% within only 15 minutes, creating a beautiful sleeping environment that reduces my nasal passage inflammation.

At first, I thought the humidifier was only useful for releasing warm and humid air into the environment, but I was so wrong until I released there was a ‘cool’ feature that was advertised to release 550ml/hr mist for up to 45 hours. The device is able to cover large bedroom spaces and living areas due to the 4.5L tank capacity, allowing me to rest peacefully knowing that nothing is expected from me to keep the humidifier running throughout an entire night.

I was so pleasantly surprised when I realised the OasisMist even has a 2-in- 1 diffuser functionality, allowing me to add my favourite lavender essential oil into the aroma pad, filling my bedroom with a scent that put me to sleep right away.

I have way too many plants in my home. Although I love how they look, the anxiety of forgetting to water them can be overwhelming at times. The OasisMist was a smart decision for the health of my plants as I consistently alter the setting to 22-28 degrees of humidity during the day, creating the ideal temperature in the room if watering my plants is not an option for me at the time. This is possible with the humidifier’s clever option of ‘Auto Mode,’ in which the device automatically adjusts the humidity and moisture output based on what is most appropriate for the room at any given time, saving my time and energy whilst preventing me from manually selecting each and every humidity level that I prefer to experience at the moment.

If convenience is a concern for you, look no further than the spill-free refill design of the OasisMist, allowing you to comfortably fill the device with the required fluid or preferred essential oil in no time.

In addition to this, if I ever leave home after leaving the humidifier running, I can easily use the VeSync app which provides me with the option to switch the device on or off and adjust any necessary schedules for when I expect the device to be in use. This option has saved me many times as on many accounts I began worrying that my plants were not going to be taken care of on long days outside the home, in which I quickly resolved this issue by switching the ‘on’ button on the VeSync app before clicking the ‘auto’ option to ensure the device releases the most appropriate steam temperature.

Overall, I would heavily recommend the OasisMist humidifier for all households as it is multi-functional and incredibly useful in many different scenarios. I was so glad I purchased this product, and I will continue to enjoy its benefits in the long term.

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