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NordicTrack S22i Studio Bike Review

NordicTrack S22i Studio Bike Review: Is This Bike Right for You?

The NordicTrack S22i Studio Bike is the bike that you need to provide the most realistic indoor cycling experience at home.

The bike features many perks, including some that few stationary bikes provide, like multiple levels of incline and decline and automatic trainer control. It also has features like built-in speakers, a great selection of cycling classes and multiple levels of resistance.

Nevertheless, all of this comes with a cost, and some may be wondering if it is worth it.

In this article, we will show you the pros and cons to decide whether this bike is the best fit for you!


Among the positives reported by the users are the ease of use and assembly. The bike, although having a heavy frame, can be assembled in less than an hour by following the instructions.

Other perks consist of having a 30W premium sound system, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity, and automatic trainer control.

The bike comes with a 22’’ HD 360° rotating touch screen that can be used to stream live and on-demand workouts from iFIT or to display various metrics related to your workout.

It offers realistic incline and decline and as much as 24 levels of resistance to make for a realistic outdoor experience.

Also noteworthy is that the S22i has pedals that are compatible with athletic shoes and SPD cleats which is suitable for a great number of users.


On the downside, it should be noted that bike is more expensive than some of its competitors.

There isn’t a device holder to allow to use your phone screen instead of the touch screen. Issues with the screen have also been reported including flickering and buffering by some users.

In-Depth Review

Console and iFIT
The NordicTrack S22i has several features including a 30W premium sound system and 360° rotating HD touch screen that can be used to stream iFIT classes.

The iFIT app is simple to use and encompasses a wide variety of on-demand workouts and class styles. You can enjoy rides such as sprints, HIIT, hill climbs which brings variety to you training and helps you stay motivated. You should also know that classes are not limited to biking, as you can also take yoga, strength training, rowing sessions and many others.

The touch screen, on the other hand, can easily be adjusted in the right position. Underneath the screen are the speakers and they are pointing directly at you ensuring that the sound is loud and clear. You adjust the volume either by the volume buttons next to the speakers or on the screen.

Preprogrammed workouts

If you are not interested in using iFIT, the bike comes with pre-programmed workouts or a manual mode. The pre-programmed workouts routes come with a map and location just like in iFIT’s Google Maps feature, but they are preplanned.

Ergonomy and Specs

The S22i can be adjusted at three different points. The handlebar can be raised or lowered, and the saddle moves up and down, and forward and backward. The handlebar is even designed in such a way as to offer three different grip positions.

The saddle has been upgraded compared to the previous model by adding more padding and contouring. But it is still not the most comfortable.

For the pedals, the most recent model has hybrid pedals. This means you can wear training shoes or cycling shoes, as one side of the pedals are SPD-compatible and the other has toe cages with adjustable straps. This makes it convenient for a great number of athletes.

The bike is relatively compact. You can effortlessly move the bike around by tilting it forward on its two wheels. It has a maximum weight capacity of 350 lbs and can accommodate people ranging in height from 5’1’’ to 6’5’’ making it once again ideal for a great number of individuals. It weights 205 lbs, and its dimensions are 61’’ x 22’’ x 58’’.

Performance & Functionality

The added features that make this bike more interesting than other competitors, are the 24 levels of digital resistance, as well as levels of incline and decline that vary between -10% and 20%. The incline and decline are a unique feature of NordicTrack bikes, and it helps make your training a more authentic experience by simulating conditions you might encounter outdoor.

Incline and resistance can also be adjusted automatically to that of your trainer’s level with automatic trainer control. To help your training, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity are available so you can connect your headphones and heart rate monitor.

In addition, 3 lbs weights are included with this model to allow you to work your upper body while riding the bike.


Another important aspect to consider when buying an indoor bike is the warranty. In this case, it comes with a 10-year frame warranty and 2-year for parts and 1-year for labor.

Who Should Buy the NordicTrack S22i?

The NordicTrack S22i is fit for a wide range of users and fitness enthusiasts looking for a stationary bike that can provide an outdoor riding experience.

It is also an option for those looking to have a wide range of features and exercise options.

In the case that those features aren’t important for you, other stationary bikes are available for a more affordable pricing.

How did users rate the NordicTrack S22i?

Reviews are overwhelmingly positive for this stationary bike.

People enjoy the incline/decline feature which is not available with other stationary bikes.

Other positives include the ease of assembly and quietness, the iFIT app, and the warranty that comes with the bike.

On the downside, some users report some issues with the screen including wobbling, buffering and flickering.

Some reviewers have also complained that the saddle is uncomfortable.

Final Words

According to users and reviewers this is hands down one of the best stationary bikes on the market despite the high cost.

The tons of features, ease of use, and interactive workout classes are just some of the reasons as to why this bike gets so many positive reviews!

But just in case this doesn’t suit your needs or budget, you can always opt for cheaper alternatives.

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