Tacklife Wet Dry Vacuum 5 Gallon Review

The Tacklife PVC01A Wet Dry Vacuum 5 Gallon is masterfully designed to provide the strong suction for your various cleaning projects in your home, garage, shed, workshop, basement, car, or other spaces. You will see that those messes will get cleaned up quickly. This vacuum is ideal when needing a powerful vacuum for hefty wet and dry cleaning projects when an ordinary vacuum will not do.

Tacklife Wet Dry Vacuum 5 Gallon Review

Once you use this great wet-dry vacuum, there is no going back. You will not want to use any other vacuum ever again. It will surely do the job that you need, and you will be impressed at how well it works for you. So, it is now time to look at this wonderful device in more detail.

Powerful suction

You will be getting true powerful suction for all your cleaning needs, whether you are cleaning up a lot of dry debris or whether you are sucking up a big mess of water. Nothing gets left behind, and thus your space will be clean and dry the way you need it to be when you use this great and reliable wet-dry vacuum cleaner for your various clean-ups.

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Tacklife PVC01A Wet Dry Vacuum 5 Gallon

High performing motor

The motor in this awesome vacuum cleaner functions at real top peak performance as it is made of top quality copper. It produces excellent power and is designed with longevity in mind for all your cleaning projects, both wet and dry. Thus, you know that this motor will keep your wet dry vacuum working in tip-top shape for many years.


This vacuum certainly offers versatility as it can suck up dry debris or wetness, such as snow that melts off the car or water that leaks into an area. Further, this vacuum cleaner amazingly functions as a blower as well, such as when you need to blow leaves off your walkway or patio.

Tacklife PVC01A Wet Dry Vacuum

Good holding capacity

The Tacklife wet dry vacuum 5 gallon is certainly designed with a lot of capacity to hold debris and liquid when you are doing your vacuuming chores. The tank is five gallons, which is a good amount of capacity for sure. Thus, you will be able to do a lot of cleaning before it is necessary to empty the tank. This is obviously convenient, so your clean-up time is not unnecessarily interrupted with the need of emptying the tank out many times before a cleaning job is completed.


This vacuum cleaner is very durable with its construction of the tank being made of quality polypropylene and the motor being formulated of dense copper. Thus, this impressive wet dry vacuum cleaner will truly be able to function for you for a long time without becoming easily damaged. It will indeed be your trustworthy companion to see you through many cleaning jobs.

Tacklife Wet Dry Vacuum Review

Far reaching

This great wet dry vacuum offers you a fairly reasonable distance range for your cleaning needs as it can extend as far as twenty feet due to the thirteen-inch electrical cord and the seven-foot hose. That means that you will be able to clean your area comfortably before having to move it to plug it into another outlet. You will surely get a lot of cleaning done.

Tacklife PVC01A Wet Dry Vacuum 5 Gallon Review

Excellent filtration system

When you use this sturdy and powerful vacuum for your wet and dry vacuuming needs, you know that you will be getting excellent air quality due to the four-layer filtration system. The air cyclone diversion filter allows for the easy storage of wet and dry materials in the storage tank. The dust filter is thick to ensure that it filters large particles of dust with relative proficiency. And it can be cleaned often to ensure the best air possible on an ongoing basis.

Tacklife PVC01A Wet Dry Vacuum 5 Gallon Review

Final words

When you use the Tacklife PVC01A Wet Dry Vacuum 5 Gallon for your various wet and dry cleaning projects, you will notice most assuredly how powerful the suction is and how reliable this machine is. It makes those clean-up jobs so much more efficient.

The great news is that when you are in need of a blower for your various projects, you will not have to go to purchase a separate device as this vacuum also functions as a blower for your utter convenience. Truly, this is a vacuum that you will rely on time and time again for you wet and dry cleaning needs. It is great for cleaning the car too.

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