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Bissell Powerclean 2035A Wet/Dry Garage Vacuum Review

When you need to do more than what your standard home canister vacuum can do, this is what you buy. It has been made to work harder than typical household vacuums hence it is great for use in places like your garage, basement, and other such environments.

Bissell 2035A Power Clean WetDry Garage Vacuum Review

It is tougher than the average household vacuum and more affordable than most shop vacuums hence making it the perfect compromise for someone looking for a vacuum to use in demanding non-commercial environments. In fact, you can also use it in a shop if your cleaning requirements are not too tough.

Unlike the inside of your house, these environments are usually exposed to more dirt and grime. As a result, your household vacuum might not be able to do a good job cleaning out these messes. That is why you need a vacuum that is stronger and more powerful like the Bissell 2035A Power Clean Wet/Dry Garage Vacuum.

Let’s take a closer look to find out whether or not you should buy this vacuum.

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Most shop vacuums come with a plain stainless steel drum that forms the main part of the design. This is not the case with this vacuum. Instead of the common shiny stainless steel appearance, this one comes with an elegant black and blue exterior that blends perfectly with the hose, cords, and attachments which are strategically placed on the unit.

The main component has not changed. It still remains to be the drum, but it has been painted with an elegant shade of blue that will make it look great even if you store it on a corner of your garage or workshop.

Bissell 2035A Power Clean Wet/Dry Garage Vacuum

Powerful 11 Amp Motor

The motor is a vital part of any vacuum cleaner because it determines how much suction you will be able to get from the vacuum. This model comes with an 11 Amp motor that delivers powerful suction that can easily pick up all sorts of debris from lightweight dust particles to heavier items like pins and nails.

Large 6 Gallon Capacity

This is a large vacuum cleaner and making back, and forth trips to the trash just to empty the tank can turn out to be a bother for anyone. Fortunately, this is not something you have to worry about with the Bissell 2035A Power Clean Wet/Dry Garage Vacuum.

The tank on this device comes with a capacity of 6 gallons. This means that whether you are cleaning a small or large area, you will never need to worry about emptying before completing the job.

Bissell 2035A Review

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Multi-Surface Cleaning Tool

Cleaning floors that have both hard and carpeted areas can be quite a bother if you have to change the tool every time you make the transition. Carpets need a tool with hard bristles that can go deep into the fabric to dislodge any dirt particles present.

On the other hand, hard floors are relatively easy to clean, and they will only require light brushing on areas that have stubborn dirt. The rest of the floor can easily be cleaned with suction alone. Using hard brushing on hard floors can leave ugly marks on the floor that will mess with the looks hence the need for a specialized tool for each of these floor types.

This vacuum comes with a 2-in-1 cleaning tool that has the hard bristles for brushing carpets, but you also get the option of easily retracting them by flipping a switch and using the same tool on hard floors. This saves you a lot of time when cleaning hard floors with area rugs and carpeted sections.

Bissell 2035A Wet/Dry Vacuum

Wet Floor Tool

Wet messes are a nightmare for most household vacuums, but this one will easily power through them. It comes with a special wet floor tool that effortlessly cleans spills on all hard surfaces. When working on large wet messes, it’s easy to create an even bigger mess when the tank in this vacuum gets full and spills over. This vacuum has an indicator light that goes on when the tank is full to ensure that this never happens.

Blower Function

No need to purchase a vacuum cleaner and a leaf blower separately. You will be able to kill two birds with a single stone when you purchase this vacuum cleaner because it comes with a blower function that converts the device to a blower. Just remove the wand and use the hose as the output nozzle to blow away leaves and any other messes that need a blower.

Long Hose

This vacuum comes with a 5.4 ft. hose which is long enough to give you a degree of freedom when using the vacuum without being too long to affect portability. Speaking of portability, the unit comes with two large wheels and two swivel wheels that make it easy to move around as you clean.

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Final Words

In summary, the Bissell 2035A Power Clean Wet/Dry Garage Vacuum will be perfect for you if you are looking for an affordable vacuum that is tougher than your household vacuum but more affordable than heavy duty shop vacuums. It is best suited for light applications like in garages and small workshops. However, if your shop will require frequent and heavy vacuuming, you would be better with an industrial grade shop vacuum.

If you have any questions or comments, please add them below in the comment section. Similarly, please let us know if you spot any mistakes or omissions. Thanks!

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