Your dog may be your favorite travel companion, but that trusty hand vac just doesn’t cut through the layers of fur he leaves on the seats. What about the times when you spill your coffee after hitting the brakes? You can’t use a handheld vacuum to clean up those disasters. Make your car mess-free with a utility wet/dry vacuum.

Armor All 2.5 Gallon, 2 Peak HP, Utility Wet/Dry Vacuum Review (AA255 Model)

Unlike the oversized ones that people keep in their garage, the Armor All Wet and Dry vacuum is compact, making it perfect for cleaning the interior of your car. While the motor is strong, the sound is quiet thanks to diffusion technology.

Even though it’s small, the tank can hold over 2 gallons of debris, and the vacuum automatically turns off when the tank reaches max capacity. It comes with plenty of accessories and a flexible hose. Plus, you can convert the vacuum into a blower, so you can use it to spiff up your driveway and walkway.

A 2.5-Gallon Tank

The tank on this wet/dry vacuum can hold up to 2.5 gallons’ worth of debris, which means you won’t have to dump it midway through cleaning out your vehicle. The utility vacuum comes with a cloth filter to use for suctioning dirt, hair and other dry particles. If you need to remove liquid messes, replace the cloth filter with the included foam sleeve.

Any debris collected by the wet/dry vacuum will stay secure until you dump it. The tank is constructed from safe polypropylene plastic. The pair of latches keep the tank securely closed, so you never have to worry about the contents spilling out if you accidentally drop the vacuum.

Armor All 2.5 Gallon, 2 Peak HP, Utility Wet/Dry Vacuum

Six Attachments

What can’t you clean with this vacuum? This Armor All model has six tools, one of which is a dual-function attachment. With the AA255, you get a detailing brush and a crevice wand. There is also a utility nozzle, a blower-conversion nozzle and a nozzle made just for automobiles.

You can store all six tools on the wet/dry vac, so they’ll always be on hand when you need them. The wet/dry vac also boasts a 6-foot-long hose with a 1.25-inch diameter, which allows you to snake through awkward spots.

Armor AA255

50-Plus CFM Airflow

Inside of the Armor All AA255, there is a 6-amp motor. This size motor may be light in the world of wet/dry vacuums, but don’t be fooled by the amperage. The vacuum’s motor boasts an output of 2 horsepower.

Rated at 53 cubic feet per minute, the wet/dry vac’s airflow is powerful enough to lift stubborn debris like pet hair. Despite its suction strength, the flow of air is quiet due to the inclusion of a diffuser, which dampens the sound level.

Armor All 2.5 Gallon Wet/Dry Vacuum

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Space-Saving Size

You won’t struggle to tote this wet/dry vacuum or find a place to store it. The vacuum weighs a mere 7 pounds, which is easy for almost anyone to handle. It’s also small in size with a depth and height of about 14 inches and a width of only 10 inches.

As far as putting it together is concerned, well, there is no putting it together. The Armor All AA255 comes fully assembled. Yes, even the carrying handle on top of the unit is already attached. No screwdrivers; no headaches.

Armor All Review

Other Notable Features

The same handle on top of the wet/dry vac that you use to lift the unit serves another purpose as a cord wrap. At 10 feet, the power cord doesn’t go on forever. However, any cord can easily tangle if not wrapped properly, making the handle a valuable feature.

You’ll also notice that the power switch is located on the handle. The switch is completely sealed, meaning dust won’t penetrate the vacuum’s internal components such as the auto-shutoff mechanism that stops the tank from overfilling and clogging the suction line.

Armor AA255 Wet/Dry Vacuum Review

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Armor All AA255: Small Yet Powerful

You’re just trying to vacuum your car, not detail a huge workshop, and the Armor All AA255 is the ideal wet/dry vacuum for the job. The compact, lightweight wet/dry vacuum has a surprisingly large tank complete with secure latches and a strong motor that produces an above-average airflow.

This model has dry suction, liquid cleanup and blower capabilities that you can take advantage of with the multitude of tools and the bendable hose that come with it. The smartly designed handle also acts a cord wrap, and there are premium features like a sealed power switch and auto-shutoff mechanism. Make your car’s interior look showroom new with the Armor All Wet and Dry Vacuum.

Armor All 2.5 Gallon Wet Dry Vacuum

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