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Eureka NEW200 All in One Corded Wet Dry Vacuum Review

The NEW200 Wet/Dry Vacuum by Eureka is a one-of-a-kind vacuum cleaner that tackles both wet and dry messes with ease. It’s built like a carpet cleaner but is as straightforward and easy to use as an upright.

Check out our review of the NEW200 to learn about its wide range of amazing features.

Eureka NEW200 All in One Corded Wet Dry Vacuum Cleaner and Mop for Multi-Surface Lightweight, Self-Cleaning System, for Hard Floors and Area Rugs, 2-in-1, Black and White
Eureka NEW200

Mops and Vacuums Simultaneously

One thing that might astound you about the NEW200 is its ability to vacuum and mop at the same time. Unlike traditional wet/dry vacs, this unit relies on a microfiber brush that draws in debris while massaging floors and soaking up wet spills. The end result is streak-free floors in just one or two quick passes.

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On-Demand Solution Dispenser

On the handle is a trigger to dispense tiny amounts of cleaning solution. This system draws fluid from the clean water tank.

One benefit is that users get to decide how much or how little solution to use to remove minor or tough stains, instead of relying on a constant flow of a cleaning solution that can oversaturate carpets when used incorrectly.

Eureka NEW200 All in One Corded Wet Dry Vacuum Review
Eureka NEW200

Dual-Tank System

Like any good wet/dry vacuum, the NEW200 has a dual-tank system that completely separates clean from dirty water.

Since the tanks are so far apart, there’s virtually no risk of cross contamination, so you can rest assured that only clean water and cleaning agent shoots out every time you pull the on-demand solution trigger.

Eureka NEW200 All in One Corded Wet Dry Vacuum
Eureka NEW200

Swivel Steering

To get around obstacles without any trouble, the NEW200 is equipped with a swiveling neck. This lets you glide the unit and make sharp turns with the slightest touch.

In addition, you can pull the handle all the way back to poke the floorhead underneath furniture, ensuring no part of your floor is left untouched.

Eureka NEW200 All in One Corded Wet Dry Vacuum Review
Eureka NEW200

Multi-Floor Cleaning

Earlier, we mentioned that the NEW200 could be used to clean carpets. How is that so if this unit dispenses cleaning solution? Well, because of the on-demand solution trigger, you can always withhold spraying your floors (or carpets) while using the NEW200 exclusively as a vacuum cleaner.

However, for extra carpet protection, you can turn the solution dispensing feature off completely by playing with the buttons on the control panel.

The buttons are used to determine whether you’re cleaning hard floors (with soap) or carpets (without soap). While the microfiber brush won’t do much to extract debris in between carpet fibers, it’ll do a fantastic job at removing surface debris.

Eureka NEW200
Eureka NEW200

Self-Cleaning Brush Roll

At the end of the day, how do you get rid of any contaminants stuck in the microfiber brush roll? Simple—place the NEW200 on the dock and press the Self Clean button.

This will spin the brush roller at high speeds, dislodging any debris trapped in between the fibers, and have your wet/dry upright vacuum ready for the next cleaning challenge.

Eureka NEW200 Wet Dry Vacuum
Eureka NEW200

Verdict: As Power and Reliable as a Wet/Dry Upright Vacuum Can Get

All things considered, the Eureka NEW200 Wet/Dry Vacuum seems like it has everything anyone would want from a deep-cleaning machine.

The fact that cleaning the brush roll—which is honestly the most tedious part of owning a wet/dry vac—is self-cleaning makes the NEW200 a must-have tool.

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