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Best Water Filter Vacuum Cleaners in 2023

For those of you who suffer with allergies, a water filter vacuum cleaner could be your saving grace. If you’re starting to look for the best water filter vacuum cleaners on the market right now, we’ve got just the selection for you, so let’s discover everything they have to offer and how they can make your home feel fresh, clean, and super hygienic.

Best Water Filter Vacuum Cleaners
Best Water Filter Vacuum Cleaners

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Did you know: water filtration vacuum cleaners can help you keep on top of your allergies and leave your home smelling and feeling fresh and clean

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What is a Water Filter Vacuum Cleaner?

A water filter vacuum cleaner is very similar to a regular vacuum cleaner. However, in place of regular filtration systems such as a HEPA filter for example, these vacuums use water to filter air particles.

Simply put, the vacuum will store the water in its transparent compartment, where the air and dirt particles that are sucked in through the nozzle will be stored and filtered. Once filtered, the air will be released back into the room. You’ll be able to see how much dirt and air has been processed through the water filter because the water will change color as you clean.

Always do your research before investing in a water filtration vacuum cleaner – models can vary in size and weight, and some are better at tackling long pile carpets whilst some are better suited to short pile and hard floors

What Are the Advantages and Disadvantages of These Vacuum Cleaners?

water filtration vacuums
Best water filtration vacuums

Advantage #1 – They’re Great for Allergy Sufferers

As we already stated in the intro, these vacuum cleaners are perfect for households where you or your family members suffer from allergies. That’s because a water filtration system is much more equipped to trap those smaller dust, dirt and dander particles and even that pesky pet hair than some vacuums with a regular filtration system. Once the particles are trapped inside the water filter, they’re not getting out.

It’s also been noted that water filtration systems are great for purifying your home’s air – so not only will it eliminate your home of those nasty particles, but it’ll keep your air clean and smelling great. In regular vacuum cleaners this is only a possibility with an added carbon filter or additional scent disks that help release certain scents into the air to mask odors, so this is an extra advantage.

water filtered vacuum
water filtered vacuum

Advantage #2 – They Can Tackle Wet & Dry Messes

The second advantage of a water filtration vacuum cleaner is that they can deal with both wet and dry messes on your carpets and hard floors.

Of course, this makes them the perfect machine to grab when spillages and other wet messes occur suddenly, because usually in these cases time is of the essence. How many times has something stained your carpets or floors when it could’ve been dealt with much quicker? These vacuum cleaners are perfect for these moments, which means they’re great for houses with clumsy pets and young children who are more likely to leave these messes in their wake.

Advantage #3 – You’ll Never Have to Change the Vacuum Bag

Our third noted advantage is that you’ll never find your vacuum bag full and unable to fit any more dirt in it – because a water filtration vacuum cleaner doesn’t have a bag to change.

Because the dirt is trapped in the water, there’ll never be a time when your vacuum cleaner loses suction or has a filter that’s too full of dirt to work properly. These vacuums can go and go until you’re finished. Simply change the water at the end of your cleaning session to keep it fresh and clean and you’ll never have any problems.

water filter vac
water filtration vacuum

Disadvantage #1 – These Vacuums Can Be Pricey

Of course, there are always disadvantages to deal with, and with a water filtration vacuum cleaner, the first thing you need to keep an eye on is the price. In fact, even your more standard model can set you back way more than you’d pay for a top of the range regular vacuum cleaner.

For your safety – these vacuum cleaners are heavy. If you have trouble lifting heavy items, ask someone to take your water filtration vacuum cleaner up and downstairs to avoid unnecessary injury

Disadvantage #2 – They’re Big & Bulky

These vacuums are heavy. In fact, they’re a hassle to even carry up and down the stairs. This is of course due to the fact that you’ll be filling it with water each time you use it. For those of you with less strength, these vacuum cleaners can be difficult to move around the house – they’re not the most portable devices.

Coupled with this is their size. Again, due to the water filtration system itself, you’ll find that both the canister and upright versions of these vacuum cleaners are pretty big, which again means they’re not very portable and they’re more difficult to store between uses than a regular vacuum cleaner.

Caution: Don’t allow your children to play with your water filtration vacuum cleaner – they can be incredibly heavy, especially when they’re full of water

water filtration vaccum
vacuum that uses water

What types of Water Filter Vacuum Cleaners Are on the Market?

Much like a regular vacuum cleaner, water filter vacuum cleaners come either as uprights or canister vacuums. Naturally, each type has its own benefits and disadvantages, which we’ll look at in more detail in a moment.

To find your perfect vacuum, you should always take a few things into consideration.


Firstly, think about your budget. Whilst some water filter vacuums are affordable, there are a few on the market with pretty hefty price tags. This depends entirely on any extras that may or may not come as standard with your vacuum. It’s always good to have a price range in mind before you take the plunge though to make sure you’re not going to over pay and get more than you need.

vacuum that uses water
water filter vacum

What Type of Floors You Have

Secondly, take your floors into consideration. There’s a big difference between your needs if you have long, high pile carpets or hard floors and the occasional rug.

For one, you’ll need different accessories to be able to deep clean carpets than you will if you need to give your hard wood floor a good steam and clean. Without a motorized brush, you may find cleaning your carpets impossible. By the same token, if you only have a motorized brush, you may find your hard floors looking a little worse for wear the longer you use your water filter vacuum cleaner.

Furthermore, you also need to think about whether or not you only want to clean your floors, or whether you’d like to be able to clean your sofa and other spots that are known as ‘above floor areas’. Not all water filter vacuum cleaners come with the correct above floor cleaning accessories like the crevice tool or dusting brush. Of course, you still need to keep your budget in mind this whole time too.

water filtration vacuum
water filtration vacuum

Water Filtration Vacuum Cleaner FAQs

Does my water filtration vacuum cleaner need fresh water every time I clean?

Yes, due to the amount of dirt you’ll pick up during each cleaning session, you’re advised to empty and re-fill the filtration tank once you’ve finished. Once you get using your water filtration vacuum, you’ll notice just how dirty it becomes anyway. We guarantee you’ll want to change the water after every cleaning session!

How do I keep my water filtration vacuum cleaner clean?

Keeping your vacuum clean and well-maintained is an important step to make sure it lasts as long as it should. You’ll pay enough for this type of vacuum to want it to last a long time!

Luckily it’s simple enough. Make sure you empty the water tank after each use, and rinse it out to make sure all the particles of dirt you’ve collected are washed away. Furthermore, you should always check the brush head for trapped hairs or dirt, and make sure you get rid of it before it becomes a hindrance to the brush and stops it from working at its full power.

Is a vacuum like this really better than a regular vacuum cleaner?

There are plenty of pros that make a water filtration vacuum cleaner handier than a regular vacuum cleaner. For instance, there won’t be any recurring costs for filters and vacuum bags once you’ve made the initial investment. Waste disposal is as simple as emptying the water out of the vacuum, and these vacuums are also capable of keeping your air purified. Don’t forget that they’re the best for cleaning up wet and dry messes too!

Water Filtration Vacuum | Recommended

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