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Shark ICZ362H Vertex Pro Powered Lift-Away Cordless Vacuum Review

If you’re familiar with vacuum cleaner brands, you’re probably aware that Shark makes some of the most innovative vacuum cleaners on the market. Today, we’re going to show you one such model that comes with more features than you would’ve imagined from a cordless vacuum cleaner. Read our review of the Shark Vertex Pro to see how much you could benefit from this Cordless Lift-Away!

Shark ICZ362H Vertex Pro
Shark ICZ362H Vertex Pro

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DuoClean Brush Roll System

Let’s focus on the floorhead since that’s where most of the magic is located. Underneath the floorhead is a pair of brushes known as the DuoClean Brush Roll System.

This system consists of two brush rollers—a soft roller that draws in debris of any size while gently massaging bare floors. This brush constantly makes contact with your floors to ensure a deeper clean with every pass.

Shark ICZ362H Vertex Pro

Self-Cleaning Powerfins

The second brush roll is located just behind the soft roller. This is called the PowerFins, which is studded with silicone fins that dig deep into carpet fibers to extract tiny and large particles from within.

This brush roll is also self-cleaning, so hair and pet fur have a near-zero chance of tangling around the brush roll and choking the inlet.

Powered Lift-Away Module

If you’re put off by the bulky module that’s attached to the thin handle, we have good news for you. That’s actually a detachable Lift-Away Module, which is Shark’s way of making upright and stick vacuum cleaners a lot more versatile.

By detaching the module, you can use Vertex Pro like a cordless canister vacuum to clean drapes, shelves, in between cushions, and virtually any above-ground surface you can imagine.

Shark ICZ362H Vertex Pro

60-Minute Runtime per Charge

What sets the Vertex Pro apart from most traditional vacuum cleaners, other than its convertibility from stick to handheld canister mode, is that it’s a cordless unit.

Not only that, but it sports a massive battery that supplies as much as 60 minutes of nonstop cleaning. Based on users’ experiences, the Vertex Pro can quick-clean entire homes and deep-clean apartments on a single charge. No cord means less fuss and enhanced maneuverability in tight spaces.

Shark ICZ362H

Real-Time IQ Digital Display

You’ll notice on the Vertex Pro’s handle that there’s a digital display with numbers and symbols. These indicate how much power is left, which cleaning mode is currently active, common maintenance problems, and performance reports in real-time.

The IQ Display is a nice feature that keeps you in the loop regarding everything you need to know about your high-tech stick vacuum. However, the novelty of the innovative feature wears off pretty quickly.

Anti-Allergen Sealed with HEPA Filters

A stick vacuum cleaner wouldn’t be worth a thing if it didn’t sport a reliable filter, and that’s exactly what you get with the Vertex Pro. Inside this vacuum is a True HEPA Filter that has the ability to capture over 99% of particles as tiny as 0.3 microns in size.

Furthermore, the entire unit is allergen-sealed to prevent microscopic contaminants from shooting out of the exhaust.

Shark ICZ362H Vertex Pro

Verdict: One of the Best Cordless Vacuums Available Today

There’s virtually nothing about the Shark Vertex Pro that users won’t love. It delivers astounding suction, is highly versatile, has dual brushes for enhanced cleaning performance, and is cordless to boot! Anyone looking for a cordless stick vacuum should start right here!

Shark ICZ362H Vertex Pro Powered Lift-Away...
  • POWERFUL PERFORMANCE: The power and cleaning performance of a full-size vacuum (tested in...
  • UP TO 1 HOUR OF RUNTIME: Removable battery with up to 60 minutes of runtime (measured at...

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