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FANGOR Projector Comparison

Anyone who’s used a projector before knows how much of a challenge it is playing around with long cables. However, thanks to recent developments in projector technology, we can rely on Bluetooth and Wi-Fi to project images from our computers and tablets without worrying about cable management.

Today, we’re going to show you 8 such wireless projector models by FANGOR that we think you’ll be interested in.

Read our comparison of the 8 FANGOR projectors and see which one belongs on your desk.

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FANGOR F-206A HD Bluetooth Projector

The box that the FANGOR F-206A comes with doesn’t reveal much about the projector in terms of specs, but what you’ll find is that it’s a wireless projector that displays images and videos at 1280 x 720 resolution and at 6,000 lumens on a flat surface.

The F-206A connects to your device via Bluetooth 5.0 but can also connect via an HDMI cable, so going corded isn’t out of the question with any of the 8 FANGOR projectors.

Something we found neat is that the F-206A has built-in dual speakers, though you can certainly connect it to a pair of Bluetooth speakers or headphones. As is, the sound is good enough to watch movies without any annoying tinging sounds.

FANGOR F-206A Video

FANGOR HD Bluetooth Projector - Portable...
  • 🎇[YOUR MOBILE PRIVATE CINEMA] With upgraded LCD imaging technology and LED light...
  • 🎇 [HD IMAGE WITH BRILLIANT COLORS ] Using liquid crystal transparent display screen,...

FANGOR F-301 Bluetooth Projector

Next up, we have the FANGOR F-301, which is almost the same as the previous model. It projects at 1080p and plays audio via built-in speakers. It connects to your computer or tablet via Bluetooth 5.0, but you also have the option to use an HDMI cable (not included).

But the F-301 and the F-206A are actually worlds apart, at least in terms of technical specs and features. For starters, this Bluetooth projector can project images and videos at 7,200 lumens, making it a lot easier to view from all angles and in different light settings.

The projection quality is also a lot better at 1920 x 1080 pixels with a contrast ratio of 8000:1.

The second major difference, though whether it’s an upgrade is debatable, is that it has a built-in DVD player, which lets you play video or audio from a DVD, VCD, or CD.

FANGOR F-301 Video

FANGOR 1080P HD Projector, WiFi Bluetooth...
  • 【NATIVE 1080P FULL HD RESOLUTIONS】 With native resolution of 1920*1080 and contrast...
  • 【WIRELESS WiFi CONNECTION】 Latest WiFi connecting function is compatible with IOS and...

FANGOR F-405 Native 1080P Projector 5G

The FANGOR F-405 is similar to the previous FANGOR projector in many ways. For instance, they both display images at 1920 x 1080 resolution and support, they’re bot compatible with computers and smartphones via Bluetooth 5.0 or cables (HDMI, VGA—sold separately).

However, what you would expect from a higher-tier wireless projector is better visual quality control, and that’s exactly what you get. This unit can project at up to 4K at a brightness of 8,500 lumens and with a contrast ratio of 10000:1.

Not only that, but the F-405 connects via Wi-Fi, too! It even has 5G support, so if you want a portable projector that supports the fastest portable speed possible, the F-405 is definitely a great place to start your search.

FANGOR F-405 Video

FANGOR 5G WiFi Bluetooth Projector 1080P...
  • 🔥【1080P Full HD Projector】FANGOR F405 outdoor movie projector original resolution...
  • 🌈【5G Projector with Dual-Band WiFi for Screen Mirroring】 This wireless wifi...

FANGOR F-506 1080P HD Projector

The FANGOR F-506 uses a series of 6 glass layers to project a 1920 x 1080-pixel resolution on a surface of up to 230 feet, though FANGOR recommends sticking to a 60-foot surface at max for the best results. It also comes with built-in HiFi stereo speakers, the ability to mirror your smartphone’s screen via Wi-Fi and 5G, as well as Bluetooth 5.0 support.

Something neat we noticed about the F-506 is that it has an automatic shutdown timer that kills the motor after a preset number of hours. That way, you can conserve not just electricity consumption but also get the most use out of the lamp’s 65,000-hour maximum lifespan.

In terms of brightness, the F-506 is limited to “only” 6500 lumens, which definitely isn’t bad. Some users report that it works just fine in the outdoors.

FANGOR F-506 Video

FANGOR 1080P HD Projector, WiFi Bluetooth...
  • 【NATIVE 1080P FULL HD RESOLUTIONS】 With native resolution of 1920*1080 and contrast...
  • 【WIRELESS WiFi CONNECTION】 Latest WiFi connecting function is compatible with IOS and...

FANGOR F-601 WiFi Projector Bluetooth 8400mAh Battery

The FANGOR F-601 doesn’t differ much compared to the previous model in terms of brightness, resolution, and versatility. You’ll still get the same astounding levels of each with this unit but also receive the benefit of battery-powered portability.

This FANGOR projector comes with an 8500-mAh battery that, according to some users, can last anywhere from 120 to 180 minutes, depending on your brightness settings. At most, this projector outputs 1080p images at 6,000 lumens of brightness and works optimally at a distance of 20 feet from a viewing surface.

As a portable model, you’ll be glad to learn that it retains the same Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and 5G support as other FANGOR wireless projectors. If you want an entertainment system in a tiny box for hiking trips, the F-601 is arguably the best one you can get your hands on.

FANGOR F-601 Video

FANGOR WiFi Projector Bluetooth 8400mAh...
  • 1【BUILT-IN BATTERY IN THE MINI PROJECTOR】 In order to meet customer needs, we have...
  • 2【SUPPORT UP TO 1080P HOME PROJECTOR】 FANGOR F601 support resolution to 1920*1080P,...

FANGOR F-701 5G WiFi Projector 4K Supported

Let’s get the technical specs out of the way since you’ve heard them before. The FANGOR F-701 outputs images and video at 1080p quality with a maximum brightness of 8,500 lumens. It works on surfaces of up to 300 feet, though ideally, you’ll limit your viewing surface to around 60 feet for the best quality.

The biggest change that some users noticed is its anti-dust and low-noise design. The F-701’s components are completely sealed from the elements, ensuring the projector’s internal workings are completely free from dust (not water). Because of the sealed design, the fan doesn’t generate as much noise, making it a great projector for Netflixing and chilling.

FANGOR F-701 Video

FANGOR 5G WiFi Projector Bluetooth 4K...
  • 【Anti-Dust And Advanced Low Noise Design】The advanced fully sealed optical components...
  • 【FULL HD Native 1920*1080P Images】With 10000:1 contrast ratio and native 1920*1080...

FANGOR F-802 WiFi Projector

Last but not least, we have the FANGOR F-802, another BluetoothWi-Fi projector that shoots out 1080p images (720p natural resolution) on surfaces of between 40 and 200 feet. It’s not the most powerful projector in FANGOR’s lineup, but it definitely does more than a decent job of making moving images come to life.

It provides the same cable support as the others (VGA, HDMI, USB) while playing incredible audio quality in its dual HiFi, surround-sound speakers. At 6,000 lumens, it’s not the brightest, but viewing projected images in the daytime isn’t a problem with this wireless projector. And we can’t ignore the swiveling rubberized handle that makes carrying and placing the unit down simple and safe.

Out of all the FANGOR projects in today’s comparison, the F-802 received the most best-value comments from its customers.

FANGOR 5G WiFi Projector, 300" Display&1080P...
  • Excellent Design: The appearance of the Fangor series of portable projectors is designed...
  • 300" Display and 1080P HD: The latest FANGOR 802 wireless 5G projector uses advanced LCD...

FANGOR Projector Comparison Comparison Table

Resolution1080P Support1080P SupportNative 1080PNative 1080P1080P Support1080P Support
Contrast Ratio4000:18000:110000:16000:16000:14500:1
WiFi ConnectionN/A
Production Dimensions (inches)8.99 x 5.9 x 3.237.99 x 6.57 x 3.8512.09 x 8.9 x 4.539.25 x 6.61 x 3.268.27 x 6.22 x 3.9410.2 x 7.2 x 6.46

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