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Bissell MYair Pro Air Purifier Review

Never did we ever imagine that Bissell would release an air purifier, let alone one that’s as pocket-friendly as the MYair Pro. Judging by its price tag, you can immediately tell that it doesn’t come with a set of premium features, but that’s hardly an issue since it does its primary job with near-100% perfection.

Bissell MYair Pro Air Purifier Review
Bissell MYair Pro Air Purifier

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110-Square-Foot Reach

One of the first things you’ll notice about the MYair Pro is its compact size. The MYair Pro has a maximum coverage area of around 110 square feet, which is perfect for bedrooms, nurseries, and dorms.

This air purifier was designed for placement on top of tables and desks, due to its tiny footprint, profile, and lightweight build. As such a small air purifier, you’re not going to get the whole-home treatment as you would with bulkier models.

360-Degree Coverage and Distribution

How does the MYair Pro clean indoor air? Its inlet ports nearly completely surround the air purifier’s outer shell, allowing it to suction air from every direction.

Bissell MYair Pro Air Purifier
Bissell MYair Pro Air Purifier

The suctioned-in air then passes through a multi-tier filter setup before being vented out from the top-facing panel. The advantage of this design is that you can place the unit anywhere you like without inhibiting the inlet and outlet vents.

Triple-Tier Filtration

The MYair Pro purifies air by passing it through a 3-in1 filter. The first layer is a pre-filter that traps large particles and strands of pet hair, preventing them from clogging up the second layer—an activated carbon filter. Carbon has natural deodorizing properties that absorb foul cooking, cigarette, and VOC.

The third and final layer is a True HEPA Filter, which can trap particles as small as 0.3 microns in width with 99.97% efficiency. You’ll need to replace the 3-in-1 filter once every four months or so, depending on how long you let the unit run daily.

Filter Replacement Indicator

Or you can rely on the filter replacement indicator light to determine when you need to replace the 3-in-1 filter. It’s crucial that you replace the filter on time since air purifiers tend to capture moisture, which can promote mold growth inside of the filter.

Bissell MYair Pro
Bissell MYair Pro Air Purifier


This Bissel-made air purifier only performs around “slightly above average” by short-range, HEPA air purifier standards. It has CADR ratings of 73 CFM for all three categories (dust, smoke, pollen), which isn’t that bad, but there are better comparable air purifiers out there by more prominent brands.

That said, as long as you keep your MYair Pro in spaces of 110 square feet at max, achieving clean, breathable indoor air isn’t a problem.

Whisper-Quiet Noise Output

The control board on top of the MYair Pro lets you scroll between three fan speeds—high, low, and sleep. On sleep mode, the MYair Pro produces only around 27 dBA of noise, which is as whisper-quiet as it gets.

Please note that putting the MYair Pro on sleep mode, which happens to be the slowest fan speed, will also affect how efficiently it cleans a room. In a 100-square-foot room, the MYair Pro can clean the air up to four times per hour, but on low-speed mode, you’re looking at around one air change per hour.

Bissell Air Purifier Review
Bissell MYair Pro Air Purifier

1/4/8-Hour Timer

The MYair Pro isn’t certified by Energy Star, but that doesn’t mean you can’t save a few bucks on energy costs. The MYair Pro is already an energy-efficient air purifier, but when you activate the 1/4/8-hour timer, you can increase electricity savings by automatically shutting the device off when you don’t need it—e.g., while fast asleep or when you leave your home.

Dimmable Nightlights

The MYair Pro is missing many features that shoppers might be looking for. It doesn’t come with smart sensors that work with an auto-cleaning mode that activates the fan only when needed. However, what makes this unit unique is how it doubles as a nightlight to scare away boogeymen.

What’s impressive about the nightlight function is that you can adjust the brightness to your exact specifications. Simply press and hold the nightlight button until you’ve achieved the ideal brightness to comfort your child throughout the night. You can also turn it off completely if dim LEDs distract you.

Bissell MYair Pro
Bissell MYair Pro Air Purifier

Verdict: Should I Get the Bissell MYair Pro?

For a short-range air purifier that costs close to nothing, there’s really nothing to complain about. The Bissell MYair Pro covers all of the bases—ample coverage area, an all-in-one multi-tiered filter, and adjustable nightlights. We miss more premium-grade features like auto-mode with smart sensors, but for what the MYair Pro costs, there’s really not much you can reasonably ask for.

BISSELL MYair Pro Air Purifier with HEPA...
  • Every Purchase Saves Pets. BISSELL proudly supports BISSELL Pet Foundation and its mission...
  • Small Room Filtration. Perfect for small to medium rooms, including nurseries, bedrooms,...

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