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Dirt Devil Power Max XL Bagless Upright Vacuum Review

Floor care just got easier with the Power Max XL Bagless Upright Vacuum. Designed to make full-floor vacuuming fast and efficient, this Dirt Devil vacuum cleaner boasts a one-touch handle release and an extra-wide brush roll with dual-bristle action. Plus, you can adjust the roll brush’s position to several heights, so you can clean all types of floors.

With this vacuum, you get several useful attachments to expand your cleaning reach, such as an extension wand and 2-in-1 tool. In addition to the helpful attachments, the vacuum has two washable filters to trap dirt and allergens.

Dirt Devil Power Max XL Bagless Upright Vacuum Review

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The mega-size dirt cup is easy to detach, and you can dump it without making a mess. With the long power cord, extendable hose and ergonomic handle, you get all the maneuverability you need to clean an entire room from top to bottom. Thanks to the Dirt Devil vacuum’s powerful cyclonic suction, pet hair, ground-in dirt and debris get swept away with ease. If you are looking for a sturdy, solid vacuum cleaner that can do it all, the Power Max XL is the perfect vacuum for you.

Spin4Pro Premium Brush Roll

Dirt Devil’s Spin4Pro Premium Brush Roll is the driving force behind the vacuum’s ability to lift tough dirt and clingy hair from carpets and hard floors. This brush roll features two types of bristles that give it the versatility to efficiently clean every floor in your house. Unlike other floor nozzles that cover a significant portion of the brush roll, the Power Max XL utilizes CleanPath technology, which has a much larger open inlet.

Combine CleanPath with the 14-inch-wide power nozzle, and you get a vacuum cleaner that can handle any type of dry mess, including heavy and large debris. For enhanced cleaning ability, you can change the four-position adjustable brush roll to vacuum hardwoods, tile, linoleum, berber carpet, rugs, traditional carpet, plush carpet and even shag carpet.

Attachments Galore

You aren’t limited to only cleaning your floors with the Power Max XL. The various attachments on this upright vacuum cleaner give you the option of cleaning furniture and more. Use the turbo tool and wand to take care of stairs, drapes, mattresses and upholstery. If you need to tackle baseboards, tables, blinds, lamps or crevices, the duster-crevice combo tool makes these chores easy.

To use any of these attachments, you don’t have to disconnect the hose from its port like you must do with other vacuums. Just push the release lever; the D-shaped handle and 12-foot hose pop out in an instant. Since the quick-release power cord is 24 feet long, it’s highly unlikely that you’ll need to change electrical outlets when cleaning a large room.

Dirt Devil Power Max XL Bagless Upright Vacuum Test

Half-Gallon Dust Cup

When it comes to capacity, the dirt cup on this vacuum cleaner is huge. It can hold 2 liters of dirt, dust and debris, which means you’ll make fewer trips to the garbage can. When you do need to empty the bin, carry it to the trash can, push the button and the bottom will open, allowing the debris to fall straight down into the can. In comparison to bagless vacuums with a top lid, this bin’s design reduces the amount of dust and dirt released into the air.

Additionally, the two filters in this vacuum help keep dust and allergens from polluting the air. To maintain the exhaust filter and HEPA filter, simply wash them after every six uses.

12-Amp Motor

Although amperage is not the only factor to consider when purchasing a vacuum cleaner, it is an important feature. The Dirt Devil Power Max XL contains a 12-amp motor, which is strong enough to suction all dirt and debris in one pass. Furthermore, a motor this powerful is less likely to clog than vacuums with weaker motors.

Dirt Devil is so confident in this 15.5-pound vacuum’s reliability that it offers a 2-year warranty on not only the motor but also the other parts of the vacuum cleaner.

Dirt Devil Power Max XL Bagless Upright Vacuum

Dirt Devil Power Max XL: Great for Every Home

Most vacuum cleaners are designed to appeal to a narrow consumer base, such as parents or pet owners. While upright cleaners are excellent for general floor cleaning, many do not offer the versatility needed for whole-house cleaning. The Dirt Devil Power Max XL is a vacuum that is well-suited for anyone who needs the sturdiness and suction power that only an upright model can provide in addition to reach and flexibility that comes with a handheld vac.

With this vacuum, you get an extremely wide brush roll and suction outlet as well as three quick-connecting attachments. Plus, the 12-foot hose, extension wand and 24-foot power cord provide you with the reach you need to clean up high and down low. With the Dirt Devil Power Max XL Bagless Upright Vacuum, you have all the vacuuming power you’ll ever need in one appliance.

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  1. I have a Dirt Devil powermax XL it was very clogged and I missed a section to unclogg I continued to vacuum and the engine has shut off and the vacuum will no longer come on. Is it shot?
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