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Blueair Blue Pure 121 Air Purifier Review

At almost 2.5 feet tall, the Blue Pure 121 Air Purifier is designed for use in extra-large rooms like living rooms with vaulted ceilings, shared office spaces and dorms. With this air purifier, you can get rid of mold, bacteria, dust, smoke and dander in the air. Even nasty smells are no match for the 121 thanks to its activated carbon filter.

Blue Pure 121 Review

It even comes with two pre-filters in different colors, so you change the purifier’s look to suit your mood. There is only one button on the air purifier, making this appliance easy to operate. With this button, you can select the fan speed and get visual filter-change alerts. You will also appreciate the extended warranty, the whole-room air circulation and the low sound volume.

Blue Pure 121 Air Purifier

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Pleated Polypropylene HEPA Filter

Polypropylene is a strong, abrasion-resistant media, which makes it perfect for use in air purifiers. The Blue Pure 121 contains a polypropylene HEPA filter that is capable of trapping bacteria, allergens, mold spores, dust, pollen and dander at least 2.5 microns in size.

In addition, the purifier has a highly absorbent activated carbon filter, which virtually eliminates volatile organic compounds as well as unpleasant smells from smoke, food, people and pets. The sole control button on the air purifier lights up when it’s time to change the filter, which is necessary only about twice per year.

Energy Star Certified

On the surface of the 18.2-pound purifier, there is a blue fabric pre-filter that you can slip on and off with ease to wash or interchange with the included black pre-filter or separately sold pink, gray and yellow pre-filters.

Blue Pure 121 Air Purifier Review

Between the pre-filters ability to capture large particles and the steel cage cover underneath the filter, you don’t have to worry about ozone output or inefficient purification. The 121 is certified by Energy Star, and it produces 61 watts of energy, which is equivalent to the power used by a single light bulb or fax machine.

High Clean Air Delivery Rate

The Association of Home Appliance Manufacturers gives this air purifier a 400-cubic-feet-per-minute rating for dust, pollen and smoke when used in a 620-square-foot room. Considering that the maximum CADR number for dust is 400 and smoke and pollen is 450, the Blue Air 121 is extremely efficient at delivering clean air to a large room.

The 360-degree vent draws in the room’s air with the help of a mechanical fan. Using the only button on the purifier, you can choose one of three fan speeds. On the lowest speed, the purifier creates 31 decibels of sound. On its highest fan speed, the air purifier generates 56 decibels sound, making it non-obtrusive when you’re sleeping, watching television or entertaining guests.

Blue Pure 121 Air Purifier with Particle and Carbon Filter

Blue Pure 121 Air Purifier: Overall – It’s Impressive

Even though there are many large-room air purifiers on the market, few can boast a high CADR rate like the Blue Pure 121. This purifier features a polypropylene HEPA filter with numerous pleats that make it adept at catching small particles.

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Additionally, it has a carbon filter for odor control and colorful, reusable pre-filters that are easy to change. Since it only has one button, the air purifier is easy to use. The 121 comes standard with a 1-year warranty; however, you can get another year of coverage by just registering the appliance. For a simple-to-use air purifier that works, get the Blue Pure 121 from Blueair.

Blue Pure 121 Air Purifier with Particle and Carbon Filter Review

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