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Airmega 300 vs. Airmega 300S: Smart Air Purifier Comparison

Most of us assume that the air within our home or office is safe to breathe. The prevalence of airborne allergens or bacteria, however, should make you think twice. Often, the air we breathe air is full of pollutants that can take their toll on the health of our family members, especially when it comes to allergy sufferers or small children. To ensure that the air within your living spaces is as safe as possible, an advanced air filtration system is key.

Airmega 300s
Airmega 300s

The Airmega 300 and Airmega 300S both promise to make your air safe to breathe again. Thanks to an advanced filtration system and a host of extra features, they provide you with superior user experience and allow you to breathe easy all flu season. Despite being outwardly identical, several important differences should be considered before purchasing either unit.

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With a sleek, white appearance, the Airmega 300 and Airmega 300S are both highly functional devices. Designed for rooms up to 1,256 square feet in area, these advanced machines quietly and effectively filter out particles and bacteria that taint air within your home, office, or other living spaces.

Not only do they make the air safer and cleaner for you to breathe, but they also are surprisingly quiet and promise not to interfere with your daily life.

To ensure that you are always kept up to date about the air’s purity, both of these devices feature an advanced air quality sensor. At the top of each model is an attractive LED ring, which illuminates and lets you know the real-time quality of the air within your living space. This great feature allows you to monitor how fresh the air is that you are breathing.

When it comes to functionality, both the Airmega 300 and Airmega 300S provide you with fresher, cleaner air. To ensure air quality, they also provide you with real-time air quality updates thanks to the LED light display at the top of the device. In this category, both of these models prove to be identical.

Airmega 300 vs Airmega 300S
Airmega 300

Extra Features

Both of these air purifiers have great extras that provide the user with an advanced, quality experience. Each of these models has three separate modes that are highly intuitive. An Auto Mode adjusts the filtration of your unit to match the current air quality within your rooms.

When the air quality has been satisfactory for over 10-minutes, the Eco Mode conserves energy until the sensor once again detects less than optimal air pollution levels. A Sleep Mode switches to a lower fan setting so that the device runs at a quieter level. On the Airmega 300S, the Sleep Mode automatically turns on when low levels of light are detected.

Also, multiple fan speed options give every user the power to control how loud and effective their device is at all times. There are four fan speed option on both the Airmega 300 and the Airmega 300S. A timer also lets you schedule exactly when your device should be working. On the Airmega 300, there are 1, 4, and 8-hour intervals to choose from. On the Airmega 300S, however, there are not only 1, 2, 4, and 8-hour intervals, but also a convenient scheduler that allows you to customize the device to your specific schedule and needs.

Airmega 300s Review
Airmega 300s

When it comes to extra features, it’s clear that the Airmega 300S has more options than the Airmega 300S air Purifier. Not only does it have more time intervals to choose from, but a convenient scheduling system also takes this extra to the next level.

Also, this unit can automatically detect when Sleep Mode should be activated, whereas the Airmega 300’s Sleep Mode needs to be manually turned on. Overall, the Airmega 300S proves to be the more intuitive device.


The connectivity of these devices is undoubtedly where the largest differences lie. The Airmega 300S connects to the Coway IoCare mobile app, which can be accessed from any smartphone, tablet, or another wireless device. This convenient app allows you to monitor the unit’s filter life instantly and set a schedule. Additionally, it can provide you with notifications and real-time updates about the current air quality within your home. Not to mention, the AIRMEGA 300S syncs with Amazon Alexa, allowing the device to be controlled simply by the sound of your voice.

The Airmega 300 has none of the advanced features that are included on the Airmega 300s. Because the Airmega 300s can wirelessly connect to your smartphone and tablet via a convenient app, it is superior in this area.

Airmega 300
Airmega 300

Filtration System

Each of these units includes an advanced, multi-stage filtration system, allowing them to rid your air of 99.97% of contaminants and allergens. A micro-mesh pre-filter is put in place to capture particles such as hair, dirt, or other large debris.

Easy to clean, it ensures that the device’s impressive Max2 filter can work at an even higher level. The Max2 filter combines activated carbon and a True HEPA filter, ensuring that nearly all unwanted fumes and volatile organic compounds are effectively removed from the air you breathe.

To ensure that your unit’s filtration system is always functioning at the highest level possible, the Airmega 300 and Airmega 300S both include a convenient Filter Indicator. Located directly on the device, it determines how much air has been processed and lets you know when the Max2 filter needs to be replaced and when the pre-filter need to be cleaned.

When it comes to filtration, both of these devices prove to rid your air of nearly all dangerous contaminants and allergens. Perfect for allergy sufferers, both the Airmega 300 and Airmega 300S include a pre-filter and a dual stage Max2 filter that removes almost all dangerous particles as small as 0.3 microns in size. You can’t go wrong with either of these models when it comes to making your air safer to breathe.

AIRMEGA 300s vs Airmega 300
Airmega 300s

Airmega 300 vs 300S: Conclusion

It’s clear that both the Airmega 300 and Airmega 300S will effectively improve the air quality within your living spaces and will rid your home of unwanted airborne allergens and bacteria.

With that said, the Airmega 300S Air Purifier has a host of advanced features and also wirelessly connects to your tablet or smartphone, providing you with advanced control over your overall air quality. Presently, the Airmega 300S also has a slightly lower price than the Airmega 300, making it the superior model in nearly every way.

Airmega 300 Review
Airmega 300

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