Vacuum Brands

Below, you’ll find a list of the most popular vacuum cleaner brands.

Dyson V11 Torque Drive


Dyson manufactures all sorts of home appliances, from hairdryers to bladeless fans. However, this company is most known for how much it sucks, or rather, how robust its vacuum cleaners are. If you want the best of the best in nearly any category, Dyson is your go-to brand.


Bissell is best known for its pet-friendly carpet cleaners, mops, and vacuum cleaners. The cleaning and suction technology that goes into every Bissell is unlike any other. If you live with pets that shed fur like crazy, Bissell-made vacuum cleaners are for you.


Like the animal the company is named after, Shark vacuums maneuver beautifully while also gobbling up dust, dirt, pollen, and nearly any fallen particle on your hard floors and carpets. They’ve also got an ingenious lineup of detachable canisters for quick and easy cleaning on the go.

Shark Vacuum
Shark LA322 Navigator


Miele canister vacuum cleaners are the cream of the crop. Inside of every Miele canister is a heavy-duty motor that produces unparalleled suction power to remove large debris with every pass. Choose Miele if you want a canister vacuum cleaner that lasts a lifetime.


While BLACK+DECKER is mainly known for its power tools, please don’t sleep on its lineup of handheld and wet/dry vacuum cleaners. If you want a vacuum cleaner that picks up metal shards and sawdust, a semi-industrial-grade BLACK+DECKER should do the trick.

BLACK+DECKER Handheld Vacuum


There’s one brand all robotic home appliance manufacturers look up to: iRobot. This company specializes in creating the most feature-packed robots for maximum convenience and reliable performance.

Roomba Robot Vacuum
Roomba i7+


Roborock robotic vacuums are a close second in terms of performance, convenience, and premium features. With their sleek, low-profile designs combined with great suction power, there are no floors that a Roborock can’t clean.

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